Rossi on 'Duty to God and Mankind'

Andrea Rossi has provided a bit more of a picture of his team’s goals and strategies in some recent comments on the Journal of Nuclear physics. When a reader asked if his American partner “has the will to give this technology to Humanity?” Rossi replied:

Of course yes: the Team I am working with is a team that already dedicate enormous resources upon targets inspired by the sense of duty toward God and Mankind. The motto of the USA is “In God we trust” and we are working ( vibrating) within this field of energy as particles in a Universe in evolution.

I followed up with a question about what the overriding goal of his team was.

Andrea Rossi
September 15th, 2013 at 9:36 PM
Frank Acland:
Make energy at much lower cost and without pollution.
Make jobs.
That’s why our Team is working and making a rigorous cycle of a very long term validation, to get the maximum possible reliability, efficiency, safety. I have the honour, in this period, to work not only with high level scientists and engineers, but also with workers with outstanding capacity and skills. We are making every day a progress, but I must warn that our technology is still in a phase of R&D and validation and that we will share any information, positive or negative, when we will have completed the validation in course. As a matter of fact, we have in course two validations, one made by a third indipendent party, that is carrying on the work initiated in March 2013 and that will continue in 2014, one by us. The two validations are in course in two different plants, each indipendent from the other. I think that the publication of all this work will be very interesting, indipendently from the results, positive or negative as they might be. The third party validation will be published indipendently from us on a scientific magazine, while the report of the validation made by us will be published in a Report of the Company.
Warm Regards,

This is the first time I have heard Rossi mention that the partner will be publishing a report. If two positive long-term validation test reports, one internal, and one one from an independent body are published simultaneously, it could get some attention and provide compelling evidence of the validity of the E-Cat.

It’s interesting to hear Rossi speak of his work in terms of doing it out of a sense of duty to God and mankind. That’s not typically the way corporate executives speak about their corporate goals these days, but I don’t doubt that Rossi is sincere in his expression. I believe, too, that he would not have signed up with a partner who was not of the same mindset — he says they share his philosophy. When asked last year why he decided to take the plunge and enter into partnership with the new company, Rossi said, “We made tests with the consultants and the engineers of the Partner after the signature of a contract with strong guarantees for both parties. I trusted them, they trusted me: their intentions were honest and my instinct told me they were not here to spy, but for real will of working with our technology. This fact cracked the nut.”

It looks now like we are going to be waiting until 2014 before these reports are released. I’m here for the long haul!

  • artefact

    Sterling about the Brillouin interview:

    “Robert told me by phone that the HHT is a lot more complicated to control and run. It will require a technician, at least for first several years, to keep an eye on it while running, which is fine for power plant applications. It would be ideal for repurposing coal power plants …”

    “…They also recently met with a group from LENR-Cars and LENR-Invests, primarily of Switzerland, including my friend Nicolas Chauvin, who were impressed with the technology.”

  • alejandr0

    The customer sounds like Google[x]

  • georgehants

    Very much like to thank Admin for asking the right question.
    A question that is concerned with people of the World.
    It is not money or profit etc. that is of concern, but how these things lead to the corruption that delays the Research and implementation of the technology.
    We Should be spending all our time on these Websites highlighting the corruption and incompetence of science for doing nothing but debunk and deny Cold Fusion for 24 years, while Mr. Rossi and others with no backing of taxpayers etc. are forced to take on the responsibility of the university’s and all of academic science etc.
    While NASA etc. play’s it’s silly games of sending toy’s to Mars and lassoing asteroids millions of people suffer and die.

  • Thomas Ammons

    As I understand the Godes explanation the input required is 2.4 Mev to create the 3 neutrons needed to create helium, quatrium, tritium, deuterium and 29.1 Mev released by creating these products. The input, as I understand it is delivered by the q pulse to the lattice. If this is true then the COP should be about 12 but Godes claims over 100 for his hot tube reactor. If this is so the something more must be going on in his reactor, perhaps regenerative effects, chain reactions. in which the release of one energetic reaction triggers others. If that is so then perhaps it is not as stable as Robert wants us to believe. Or perhaps none of it is true. Hard to say at this point.

  • clovis

    yep, I agree

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Good report Admin. This quote put a smile on my face, when Rossi used “vibrating”, I think referring to his effect. “The motto of the USA is “In God we trust” and we are working ( vibrating) within this field of energy as particles in a Universe in evolution.”

    • Maybe there’s a clue.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Right, or DEKA

  • GreenWin

    Good query Frank. Proceeding according to plan.

  • Omega Z


    I find it doubtful that DEKA is Rossi’s partner.
    Rossi put out the request for possible Stirling Engines to link to the E-cat.

    DEKA already has their own Stirling Engine Research & Development Division.
    So unless this was a Total Misdirect by Rossi, this would make no sense.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Omega Z, maybe but I asked Rossi if he would match E-Cat to DEKA water purifying system and he replied with one word, “yes”. The Stirling engine episode might be that DEKA’s Stirling engine, I think, is designed for the purifying system and might not be a good match for the E-Cat. Also, at one point Rossi said the CEO of his partner actually had hands on experience with the E-Cat, if true that would eliminate a large number of companies, but not DEKA. DEKA’s outlook, background, experience and philosophy matches what Rossi has been saying for three years. But I agree Google is also a good candidate, they could be involved in all three.

      • BroKeeper

        Exactly: DEKA + Rossi = Dream Team + Google = Super Dream Team

  • eernie1

    Godes describes his reaction as utilizing controlled electron capture. When I asked Rossi if electron capture was involved in his reaction, he gave me a definite no.

  • Boris Ivanoff

    Mr. Rossi has written that he has been selling megawatt plants on a four month delivery schedule since October 2011. He has also had small ecats under test for even longer. He is building a robotic factory to make them. It is puzzling that he needs additional validations.

    Could Admin ask him why he can not get the validations from existing customers? Just to be sure we’re all speaking of the same thing, could Admin also ask Mr. Rossi precisely what he means by “validation” in operational terms? What he’s testing and how?

    It also would be interesting to ask him how long the customers have had their plants, if they have validated their operational safety and power production, and what they are doing with the heat energy they produce. Aren’t megawatt plants made up of smaller (10 kW) ecats? Wouldn’t validating the plants by customers validate the smaller ecats?

    Sorry that’s a lot of stuff but at this point, further validation seems a bit strange to me. Maybe it’s time for another interview with Mr. Rossi if he will grant it. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your suggestions, Boris. Asking questions of Rossi these days is delicate art — I will see what I can do, and try and find the right time to do it.

    • Andy Kumar


      You ask too many questions. It is less taxing on the mind to just believe the great man working for the mankind’s good.


  • Roger Bird

    “The motto of the USA is “In God we trust” and we are working ( vibrating) within this field of energy as particles in a Universe in evolution.” That sort of quote is also akin to many people who see the universe, homeopathy, life, consciousness, matter, etc. as being vibrating energy.

    This forum will work better if we do not refer to previous comments indirectly or with pronouns but make clear in one’s own comment what we are referring to.

  • Roger Bird

    I suggest that anyone trying to figure out who the Partner is should be looking for a CEO who is conservatively leaning and religious, probably a Catholic, but not necessarily, perhaps some other kind of Christian. This is exactly my impression of Rossi.

  • Roger Bird

    Boris, about the longer validation tests, remember that LENR has NEVER existed since the beginning of time, unlike our current furnaces and heat sources. It is probable that part of the test would be testing over the long term for gamma rays and particle radiation. Before people will be rushing to Home Depot, they have to be absolutely, positively certain that they are going to keep running for long periods of time and that they will not harm anyone.

    • Warthog

      We don’t know that “LENR has Never existed since the beginning of time”, just that naturally occurring instances have not yet been identified. I suspect they will be.

      Once upon a time, I thought the same was true of fission….but it turns out that there was once a natural, functioning fission reactor that ran for thousands of years. See “Gabon Fission Reactor”.

      Now for human developed and controlled technology, the statement is (was?) true for both fission AND LENR.

  • georgehants

    Reply to GreenWin gone to wrong place.
    Scientists rally protesting alleged muzzling
    The Evidence For Democracy says more transparency needed

  • artefact

    Radio interview with Frank Znidarsic: Quantum Transition, Cold Fusion, and Antigravity

  • Boris Ivanoff

    I’m sure everyone appreciates your efforts to clear things up with Mr. Rossi.

    Unless something went wrong that we don’t know about, he should be well on his way with commercial/industrial sales. Defkalion and Brillouin seem to be further than Mr. Rossi is from selling any production type device. If he has been able to keep up with demand, I’d expect that by now, there are many megawatt plants in customer hands and many more on back order. Maybe that’s another question for him– how many of each. Surely, that’s not something that needs to be kept a secret.

    Absent immediate competition, it isn’t clear why asking Mr. Rossi entirely appropriate and reasonable questions, as Admin has, should be viewed as “delicate”.

    Edit: hmmm… maybe responses are going to the wrong place. This was intended to respond to Admin a couple of messages below.

    • Jim

      “Delicate” makes perfect sense to me. Rossi is doing us a tremendous favor by providing any information at all, and all credit to Admin for that. Rossi has been burned in the past by people pushing him to reveal more than he felt was prudent. And he has reacted by not responding to them, ever again. We don’t know where the line is. Hence, “delicate”.

      • Right, Jim. I have heard of people who have been permanently spammed from the JONP, people who aren’t hostile to AR at all. I have had comments spammed before, too, and don’t want to push too hard.

        Plus there are questions that I know that AR won’t respond to, so it’s pointless asking those.

        • Fibb

          [Hand goes up]

    • Richard Hill

      Quoting:If he has been able to keep up with demand, I’d expect that by now, there are many megawatt plants in customer hands and many more on back order.end Quote.
      People keep forgetting that Rossi has priced the low temperature ecat plants at a level that makes them uneconomic except in very special circumstances. He claims a COP of 6 for low temperature hot water Or one MW of heat at about 100 degrees C for one million dollars. By design or by chance this almost exactly matches the toal lifetime cost of waste heat recovery from a 3-500KW diesel genset. Few commercial enterprises could justify a $1M capital expense for hot water from 160KW of electricity versus spending about $300K for a diesel genset and getting electricity as well as the hot water. (this is at current costs for diesel fuel).So the expectation should be for a very low sales volume.

  • Dr. Mike

    My guess is that after the reaction gets started a lot of the energy needed to create neutrons comes from the phonons of the hotter lattice, rather than the Q pulse energy. As long as some pulse energy is required to keep the reaction going, the reaction would remain controllable by the Q pulses. The 300W of Q-pulse power may take a few minutes to get the reaction up to a temperature at which 30KW could be extracted. If so, the COP would probably be <12 at start-up, but rapidly approach 100. I don't believe Godes has achieved anywhere near a COP of 100 yet, but he is in the best position to estimate future results.
    Dr. Mike

  • Deleo77

    How about just asking him what U.S. State he is currently located in. Florida, New Hampshire, California, Texas, North Carolina, Maine, Hawaii? How can something be so secretive that people don’t even know where in the world Andrea Rossi is today?

    I understand top secret R&D projects, and that we should never be allowed to know who is even employing Rossi these days, but how about a U.S. State, any State. Otherwise, how do we even know he is in the United States. This isn’t Area 51 here.

  • BroKeeper

    Not only being an engineer and scientist Rossi is also a philosopher with a degree in philosophy. Those that are free thinking philosophers usually do not toe-the-line of their church’s dogmas.

    AR searched out a partner with similar proven altruistic philosophies like that of Dean Kamen (Jewish). Many attorney firms with strong social philosophical ethics consist of both Catholic and Jews.

    Outside of making money everything you see as products and innovations within the DEKA research web site reflects both Dean Kamen’s and Andrea Rossi’s humanitarian goals. “A dream team”.

  • Roger Bird

    BroKeeper, I was not referring to dogmas. I am referring to vibes. Sweetness will attract sweetness. And please don’t come back at me about how the Catholic hierarchy is not not sweet. I doubt if Rossi is in the Catholic hierarchy. But being a sincere Catholic often results in being a sweet hearted person.

    • BroKeeper

      I was not referring to anyone’s unsweetness just philosophies in general separated from church connections.
      Catholics I know are sweet people – very giving. There are sweet people within most churches/religions. We are to love them all.
      Sorry for any misunderstanding.

  • Roger Bird

    Another problem with this forum today and yesterday is that I will get emails about a comment, but when I click in the email on the link to the comment, I do not go to the comment and I can’t even find the comment with my search feature in the post. Also, replies don’t end up under the comment that the replies are targeted for.

    • I think the reply issue is fixed now. Replies should now be going to the intended comments — at least that’s what it looks like from my end. Please let me know if things don’t work for you.

  • Roger Bird

    I also get multiple emails about the same comment.

  • winebuff

    What pray tell is happening with DGT? Will we find out what was going on with their measurments during their test at ICCF18. how about another try.

  • Udi

    First of all, this mentioning of god in every other email by Rossi is quite troubling.
    So many awful things were done in the course of history in the name of god, that I really wish he would drop this topic, and concentrate on reality.

    Second, I have great respect for Rossi and his discovery and determination to go through with it, but I must say I’m very much relieved to hear that he is now part of a large and capable team of scientists and researchers.

    • Bento

      Me too, it gives me the shivers when he uses the word ‘god’ in every other sentence.

      • m.fisher

        To those who are bothered when people use “God” in their discussions, maybe Rossi is a religious man. Maybe Rossi is caught up in just how big he feels LENR will be for mankind and only great sweeping invokations are capable of delivering the profound nature of his vision…Regardless, I recommend letting it go because he is completely free and right to use the word “God” as much as he would like and with no need to worry about other people’s comfort with it’s usage. I mean…We could be on the cusp of the next energy revolution which could drastically reduce the destruction of the planet via fossil fuels among other things and somebody is whimpering about Rossi using “God” in a sentence? Sweet Jesus…!

    • Roger Bird

      Bento and Udi, your reaction to this word G0D is due to the fact that you have focused on all of the bad things that have been done in the name of organized religion and not on the good things that happen when one practices spirituality. I love all religions and I see the bad that they have also done. I will defend Rossi on this. History tends to focus on the bad and on the big picture. If I used the lens of history to look at religion, I would probably feel exactly like you-two do.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Come on you guys he does not mention God that often.

    • Omega Z

      Udi & Bento

      The same could be said of Science or any other institution.
      Most are of good intent, but all susceptible to the few who try to manipulate them to their own agendas.

  • Omega Z

    I have a question should Ryan Hunt, Bob Greenyer, or anyone from MFMP be lurking.

    I’m aware that Celani was involved with some of Rossi’s tests.
    Have you had any discussions with Celani about these tests or with others who’ve had close involvement with Rossi’s E-cat.

    It would be interesting to hear a sort of insider perspective.

  • underachiever

    I want to burn MY finger

  • Roger Bird

    Dear georgehants, your post showed up in my email but not on the comment webpage, so I reproduce it here so that I can comment on it, since I have spent a great deal of thought on this matter:

    By the way, why is Nikel not spelt correctly as I have done here.
    Why do people continue to follow ridiculous rules. Why king and why cat, just interesting.”

    The problem is that our’s is a vocally oriented written language rather than say an idea oriented written language like Chinese. In Chinese, there is a symbol for water. That symbol is the same now as it was 1000 years ago, because neither water nor the symbol have changed. This means that I could read Chinese of 1000 years ago as easily as I could read Chinese of today. And I could read Mandarin as easily as I could read Cantonese.

    But with vocally oriented written languages, pronunciation drifts over time. “though” was pronounced much differently 1000 years ago. We probably could not even pronounce it correctly. So not only is the word itself pronounced differently, but our capacity to pronounce it has been lost because our mothers have not even said that sound for generations.

    So why don’t we just change the spelling? Spelling does change, but slowly. If we change spelling too fast to keep up with pronounciation, then people would have trouble reading what others have written. President Theodore Roosevelt suggested this, and people laughed at him. I thought that it was a good idea. “though would become “tho”. However, if u rot everythin phonetically suddenly, then peepl wood hav trubl reedin wat u root. That last sentence isn’t even right because there are some pronounciations that simply can’t be written without new letters and in some cases I just chickened out. Then there is the problem of multiple letters needed for one sound, like ‘th’. But the worst, and the one that flipped me out when I was learning to write, is the final ‘e’ changing the pronounciation of the previous vowel. In Spanish, there aren’t these problems, and they have no spelling bees because spelling is no problem whatsoever.

    Now, we can heap condemnation on English (and on ourselves by implication), but the problem is mostly having to do with the age of the written language. We have been a literate people (something we should be proud of) for a very long time, and this contributes to the big lag between pronounciation and spelling.

    It is a conundrum. And if you are too frisky about spelling phonetically, then you spell checker will party all over your page. (:->)

  • Fabio


    Hi all, I’m a scientist in an unrelated field to physics, and I’ve been casually reading about Rossi’s E-Cat for the past hour or so. I must say that I’m very skeptical and I agree with those that say that this shows all the signs of a hoax. There is one thing though that bothers me, and maybe some of you can answer my question or give me pointers to forums where my question has been discussed:

    If Rossi is hoaxer, then surely his competitors (I’ve heard about Defkalion and Brillouin) are hoaxers too, right? In particular Defkalion is a direct spin-off of Rossi’s ideas… so as a logical consequence of the hoax theory, someone in Defkalion must know about the trick behind the e-cat and must be repeating it in its own demonstrations. And what about Brillouin?

    If it is a hoax, how come that the trick is spreading from company to company without being exposed by the (many!) who are interested in this?

    • Todor

      May be it is not a hoax. May be it is reality. At least I hope so. We’ll see.