Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Another thanksgiving holiday is here in the United States — it’s a great occasion for family and friends to get together and enjoy good food and company, without the expense of gift giving.

Going back through the archive of posts on the site, I found I wrote this last Thanksgiving:

We’re well into our second year here, and I have to say that although technologically speaking, things may not have moved along as fast as some of us might have hoped, following this story has been a very educational experience for me — and I mean that in a positive sense. I’m really glad for the many readers who share of their expertise in various fields. I don’t believe there is any book published that could match the information freely shared here about the topics related to cold fusion/LENR — and I believe we are still in the very early stages of this discovery.

I feel the same this year. I enjoy every minute of following this story and working on this site, largely because of the participation of the readers here. It’s a fascinating journey despite all the delays and mysteries involved — perhaps that’s what makes things so interesting. We’re now well into the third year here now and still we wait for some kind of conclusion to it. Sure, we’d all like to be powering our homes on E-Cats by now, but we still have a way to go before that will be possible.

Andrea Rossi himself reports that the work continues. I asked him on the JONP if he would be getting a day off for the Thanksgiving holiday:

Frank Acland:
Sincerely: while I write this to you ( at 9.15 p.m.) I am working in the factory, as well as I will Tomorrow…and all my team with me ! We cannot stop the tests.
Thank you for your permanently kind attention,
Warm Regards,

I send Thanksgiving greetings to all E-Cat World readers around world. We’re growing older together following this story. Personally, I don’t regret any of the time and effort I’ve invested here, and plan on continuing the reporting for as long as it takes.

  • Casey

    From J-O-N-P

    Herb Gillis ask
    Dear Dr. Rossi:
    Although I realize you cannot go into great detail; I am quite curious to know if your understanding of the Rossi Effect is sufficiently advanced to enable effective mathematical/computational modeling of the phenomenon- – and reactors based on the phenomenon? Such computational modeling is very effective for other nuclear processes (ie. fission), and useful for the design of devices (fission reactors). Have you reached the point yet where highly reliable computational modeling of Rossi Effect devices is possible?

    Kind Regards; HRG.

    Andrea Rossi
    To Herb Gillis:
    I would say yes, even if we are still working on the computational modeling.

    Warm Regards,

  • Buck

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well as the rest of the LENR followers here.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Buck. Enjoy your holiday!

    • GreenWin

      Happy Thanksgiving Frank, Buck, Peter & George (loyalists in exile) and all who contribute here in good faith!!

    • Fortyniner

      We don’t generally celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but I’ll take opportunity anyway to thank Admin and all those contributors who make this site a daily and enjoyable ‘must’ with their knowledgeable, insightful and stimulating comments (even when the actual ‘news’ remains rather thin at best!).

  • pg

    OT: Nevanlinna on Cobraf cites this fusion patent: “https://www.google.com/patents/US8436271
    Is it anything worth a discussion?

  • pg

    OT: Nevanlinna on Cobraf cites this fusion patent:”https://www.google.com/patents/US8436271
    Is it worth a discussion?

  • greggoble

    LENR Energy and Engineering Needs be adopted Fast, Faster, and the Fastess YET!!!

    One Hundred and Thirty Eight U.N Delegates Walk out on Climate Energy Conference

    Go to the Phillipines (virtually) and befriend (realistically)

    Meet Naderev Sano and the other 138 delegates who walked out in protest. Our dear Mr. Sanos could possibly introduce to LENR Energy and Engineering Companies to most of them.

    Each delegate is as hungry as the Honorable Sano for LENR Energy news.

    Remediation will follow.

    Blessings be… Always!


    Philippines delegate refuses to eat until action on climate change ‘madness’
    By Matt Smith and Susannah Cullinane, CNN
    updated 6:23 PM EST, Tue November 12, 2013


    Naderev Sano, a member of the Philippines Climate Change Commission, said he was fasting “in solidarity with my countrymen who are now struggling for food back home” — including his own brother, whom Sano said “has been gathering bodies of the dead with his own two hands.”

    “What my country is going through as a result of this extreme climate event is madness. The climate crisis is madness,” he said. “Mr. President, we can stop this madness, right here in Warsaw.”

    Sano leads the Philippines delegation to the 19th Conference of the Parties in Poland’s capital. He got a standing ovation after he spoke, four days after Super Typhoon Haiyan struck his island nation with estimated winds of 315 kph (195 mph). The storm has left nearly 1,800 people at the latest count.

    “Despite the massive efforts that my country had exerted in preparing for the onslaught of this storm, it was just a force too powerful, and even as a nation familiar with storms, Haiyan was nothing we have ever experienced before,” Sano said. But he said the Philippines refuses to accept that “running away from storms, evacuating our families, suffering the devastation and misery, counting our dead, (will) become a way of life.”

    Meet the Philippines’ climate crusader Philippines delegate: We can fix climate. How?


    U.N.: 25 million

    U.S.: 20 million

    UK: 16.1 million

    UAE: 10 million

    Australia: 9.5 million

    Canada: 4.8 million

    European Union: 4 million

    Norway: 3.4 million

    Denmark: 3.1 million

    New Zealand: 1.75 million

    Ireland: 1.4 million

    Vatican: 150,000

    China: 100,000

    Source: U.N. OCHA

    Sano said he will refrain from eating during the 12-day conference “until a meaningful outcome is in sight.”

    He called for “concrete pledges” to the Green Climate Fund — a U.N. fund aimed at helping developing nations reduce their climate change emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change

    — and said he will continue to fast “until we see real ambition on climate action in accordance with the principles of the convention.”

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    Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US. Thanks also to Frank for continuing commitment to e-cat world. Enjoy the holiday. Here in the UK, we’re about to run down a few turkeys of our own so save some cranberries for us.

    • ecatworld

      Thank you, blanco — it cheers up late November which can be quite bleak where we are. Turkey for dinner here!

  • Andre Blum

    Thank you, Frank. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all readers.

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      Thanks, Andre!

  • ecatworld

    Thanks, Bento. I agree — more convinced of the new fire this year than last, and I was convinced then.