Help Wanted at Industrial Heat

If anyone is interesting in getting a foot in the door working in the LENR industry, it would seem that working on the E-Cat for Industrial Heat would be a good place to start. I don’t think there’s any outfit that is as far advanced in LENR technology as they are, and who have the funds to hire people.

Steve High asked Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics if that there might be a chance that his son, an apparently accomplished nanophysicist, could be considered for employment on Rossi’s team. Andrea Rossi responded.

Your son can send his c.v. and credentials to
[email protected]
Our Group will need to hire and all the requests of employement will be duly examined.
Warm Regards,

It should be noted that Rossi says here that his group ‘will need to hire’, which suggests that employment opportunities may be opening up in the future, not immediately. But I guess now is the time for people to get their resumes in, while things are relatively quiet. If the news from the report is impressive there could be a great number of interested applicants.

Rossi has always stated that one of his goals was to create jobs, and it could be there will be good opportunities for qualified people at Industrial Heat if they expand operations.

  • I’m just started my master study for computer science.
    Maybe they need also young IT enthusiasts working on control software and electronics. Would be great to work on such a project which will change the world.

    • Ophelia Rump

      It seems more likely they will need IT people for genuine IT roles.
      Role changes are much easier once you are on the inside.

      • You mean network admins and so on?

        • Ophelia Rump

          I would think with your training, in a startup you might qualify as an IT Manager and to start you might be the only IT guy they have.

          I have about 25 years in IT myself. That would be my expectation.
          They would need a capable, eager, energetic, person who can do it all without a net.

          I doubt they have IT yet.

    • Barry8

      Ah… I f I were a younger man. Go for it barty.

      • Yes, but I’m from germany and my english isn’t that good I think 😉

        And my study just began. So I need to wait at least 1,5 years to begin my master thesis to give that a try 🙁

        • Andreas Moraitis

          Good luck with your studies, barty! In retrospective you might say one day that this has been the best time of your life.

          • Thank you Andreas!
            My bachelor study was already a good time 😉

        • Pekka Janhunen

          “Yes, but I’m from germany and my english…” It’s nothing! AR is from Italy and his English…

          • Omega Z

            There is no reason they wouldn’t understand each other perfectly.

            Best brush up on hand language tho. Italians seem to use their hands a lot when communicating.

    • clovis ray

      Go for the gold, buddy, after all, you will have a head start,you have been studying, from the author, Dr. rossi himself, huh,,,, smile

  • steve high

    The Young Dude is a veritable wizard at getting tiny bits of stuff to do what he tells it to do. I am confidant that he could make substantial contributions towards helping dottore Rossi fine-tune his reactor’s nanoscale functionality. Problem is he gets pretty huffy about guys who won’t let others look inside the “black box”. In his world it is all laid out for everyone to see. Also in his world any connection to “junk scientist former convict Rossi” would be anathema to career advancement, so in case you were wondering “stevehigh” is my nom de guerre

    • Ophelia Rump

      Bummer, the world is a series of black boxes they call clouds. The clouds are beginning to gather so thickly that now they have begin to just call it “The Cloud”.

      Sounds like a bad case of perma-huff.

  • You are right. But germany is unfortunately very conservative and is very slow in adapting new technologies. Let’s hope the best 😉

  • Justin Church

    Don’t know but I am sending over my official resume which is updated with a bunch of Hydrogen and LENR goodies…IH declined my job inquiry with them about 6 months ago, lets see if they still remain un-interested…

    • Justin Church

      Update: I sent my resume to the email address listed within this article. I got a reply withing about 30 minutes. The contents of the email reply is as follows:

      Thank you for your proposal, we will take it in consideration.
      Warm Regards,
      Andrea Rossi

      : ) I would say if you have some experience in the field, send them a resume : )

      • bachcole

        Are they looking for a wit, a health consultant, or a philosopher? (:->) Oh, dang, they already have a philosopher in the doctor. And he can be pretty witty at times. (:->)

  • Omega Z

    I was convinced until you said-Trust me.
    Heading for the door… 🙂

  • ronzonni

    Does anyone here know of any persons who work for Rossi or IH on ecats? If so, any idea how they obtained the jobs?