Mark Gibbs Covers the E-Cat Test Report for Networked World

Networked World, an industry website for networking and IT professionals has published an article by Mark Gibbs titled, “Could ultra-cheap, clean energy be just around the corner? The return of Rossi and the E-Cat.”

Gibbs used to write for Forbes Online, and covered the E-Cat and LENR quite extensively on that site. It’s good to see him covering the topic once again at a different venue.

In the article, Gibbs gives an overview of his past coverage of Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, and highlights Rossi’s past demonstrations and the first third party test. He then goes on to give a description of the most recent test that was released yesterday, providing some of the most pertinent information (COP for extended testing, and the isotopic changes in the ash from the reactor)

He concludes:

This is the most convincing data so far to support Rossi’s claims and, assuming that all is as it appears, we can start to ponder a future where transportation costs are trivial, every house, business, data center, you name it has it’s own power and heat generation system, every power company becomes obsolete, every third world nation gets to play with the big boys economically, and Andrea Rossi becomes the richest person in history by orders of magnitude.

This is very much a “watch this space” event … stay tuned.

I’m glad that Networking World allowed Mark Gibbs to featured this topic, even though it’s not exactly in the field of IT or computer networks. I am sure, though, that if LENR becomes a bona fide power source it will be discussed widely in the publications of any industry that uses power — which is pretty much every industry out there.

  • hempenearth

    Hi Frank, the article is not easily found in that link.
    P.S. Its here in the Infrastructure Management section:

  • winebuff67

    All those server farms to support the cloud go through tons of energy this is very important to his readers

  • Veblin

    Hank Mills
    Pure Energy Systems News
    Apocalypse Revealed – The Four Horsemen of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat
    Lithium Iron Nickel Hydrogen–The-Four-Horsemen_of_Andrea-Rossis_E-Cat/

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Is it iron-58 that they found in the ash?

    H(1) + Ni(61) > Co(58) + He(4) 0.489 MeV

    Co(58) > Fe(58) + e+(positron)

    Did they see any 511 keV gamma rays from electron-positron annihilation?

    • Omega Z

      If it’s a 9 iron let me know.
      I misplaced 1. 🙂

  • ecatworld

    Hi JC — I haven’t been deleting your posts; they stay in the moderation queue until I approve them. I’m sorry that I am not able to get to them sooner, but there are many coming in, and lots of things to occupy my attention right now. And *thank you* for the links you have sent! Very interesting and useful.



  • Redford

    “and Andrea Rossi becomes the richest person in history by orders of magnitude.”
    This man knows little about capitalism. People doing useful stuff get rewarded, sometimes rich. The main money is rewarded to those who diserve it the most: not the gifted ones, not the smart ones, not the hard working ones, but the ones who owns a lot more than they need and have invested it.