Norwegian Technical and Scientific Association reports on LENR Seminar — Preparing for LENR Emergence

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An article on the Norwegian website Tekna — published by the Technical and Scientific Association serving over 64,000 professional members — reports on the seminar held last November in Oslo to discuss the significance of LENR technology, and how it could affect Norway’s future. Tekna was one of the sponsors of the seminar.

The meeting was first reported by Dr. Michael McKubre in Infinite Energy magazine, and this article adds more details and perspective.

A few excerpts from the article (Google translated):

During the 25 years since 1989, hundreds of peer-reviewed articles about LENR been published in reputable journals – most journals for chemistry. A number of theories are put forward, without any of them has won general acceptance . . . In leading physics environments, also in our country, it is claimed that the steadily LENR for theoretical reasons can not occur, so that allegations of experimental detection and practical utilization therefore must build on instrumentation error, any attempt to financial fraud.

The theoretical controversy has not been the topic of the seminar.

1st Speaker: Professor (em) Hans Haakon Faanes, NTVA, SET/Tekna

If commercial products under development is a success, we will be confronted with an energy revolution – positive for the global environment, but perhaps detrimental to the Norwegian economy. It is very important that the development followed both that the effects on the economy should not come as a surprise and that industrial possibilities realignment means to be exploited.

2nd Speaker: Dr Sten Bergman, Stone Power AB

Overview of possible related natural phenomena. History for applications before Fleischmann and Pons. Patents. Overview of scientific and industrial main players today, with special emphasis on the development of commercial energy sources. Conceivable applications of LENR studied industrial: Heat, electricity production, propulsion of vehicles, ships, aircraft and spacecraft.

3rd Speaker: Dr. Hanno Essén KTH

Report of tests funded by Elforsk and conducted by academics from the University of Uppsala, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the University of Bologna, as well as other independent tests of different designs of hot water generator E-CAT manufactured by the Italian inventor . . . E-CAT generates “excess heat” that have not chemical explanation, while element conversion confirms a nuclear reaction.

4th Speaker: Dr Michael CH MckKubre, SRI International

Fleischmann-Pons Effect Heat (FPHE) shown in over 100 trials at SRI, and over one thousand globally . . . The existence of LENR – Fleischmann-Pons Effect Heat can scientifically not be doubted. Doubters can not be satisfied by the data, but only the process in the market. Companies are well underway.

5th Speaker: Dr. Oystein Norgeng, BI Norwegian Business School

The development of industrial products based on LENR is in an initial phase where significant work remains. This will require time, both for technical completion and approval and acceptance in the market . . . Consequences in Norway of any breakthrough LENR technology: Further declines in oil and gas, further weakened government budget balance, impaired balance of payments, further reduction of offshore activity and supplier industry. Cheap energy will stimulate the world economy and other parts of Norwegian industry, oil fund’s investments will become more profitable. For Norway as a major exporter of energy is vital to keep abreast of LENR.

This seminar and follow-up article give a strong indication that key professionals in Norway are taking LENR very seriously, and are now trying to inform the professional community there of its importance. Norway has seen great economic development and national prosperity because of its naturals oil resources, and it seems now they see that the days of dependence upon oil for their wealth are behind them. For Norway, LENR could have extremely important economic and political implications, and they appear to be waking up and considering how they should adapt to its emergence as a new energy source, one that could in time supersede oil, and others currently in use.

  • Ged

    So, Russia and Norway, huh? Counterintuitively, it seems those countries highly dependent on oil exports are much more receptive to LENR and the potential to replace oil with it; rather than trying to protect oil to make more money. Pretty wise given the vulnerability of economic trouble for those oil countries in a world market of oil price manipulation.

    Very cool to see how serious they are!

    • Fortyniner

      As has been noted before, oil producers may actually be fairly safe for the forseeable future, as very little is used for industrial heating or power generation – the areas in which cold fusion is likely to displace all other sources. Coal is of course already under threat as a result of ‘climate change’ policies, and as long as this fake paradigm persists, its use will fade away in any case – at least in countries like the UK that are foolish enough to shut down modern and efficient coal power stations to meet the demands of the EU eco-fascists.

      Probably the major threat is to natural gas, and only Russia’s economy is almost totally dependent on this product. Perhaps they are responding in a straightforward way (as opposed to the geopolitical shenanigans of OPEC and the US) by planning to use some of their continuing profits to get a place at the CF table, so they can at least continue to meet their own energy needs. If they can find a way to convert NG into acceptable road fuels they could probably continue to generate revenue from this source for 20 years or so.

  • Jouni

    Poor us Finns. Russians do it, Swedish do it, Norwegians do it. Perhaps Estonians also soon, but not us 🙁

    • Gerrit

      Finland got Etiam Oy. That’s more than many other countries in Europe can show.

      • Jouni

        Rydman-loikkalla, hope so too.

        • Frechette

          I miss Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim one of the greatest Finns.

      • Chris, Italy

        Gaaaash I thought they had Linus Torvalds too.

  • Alain Samoun

    ” If he does not perform, if he looks like an incompetent fool, he will be gone from his position”
    Right,if you mean that performance and incompetence are linked to the economic system they are supposed to serve and accommodate.
    Why do you think that people trying to develop CF/LENR have been judged incompetent fools so far? Even that there are proofs that it worked at least since 1989 and why do you think that things are starting to change now? My short answer “Economy stupid”

    • bachcole

      You are looking at the world through Marxist economic determinism glasses. That assumption does not fit very well with the obvious Marxists who work in our colleges and universities and have no fear that they are going to be tossed. It took a supreme effort to get rid of Ward Churchill, and we could not use the fact that he disagreed with 99.9% of the electorate in order to toss him or that he was a Marxist. We could only use the fact that he was a lying, plagiarizing phony (and an embarrassment to the human race).

      I disbelieve in economic determinism as the only explanation for everything. It is simplistic and assumes that capitalism isn’t working nicely, even with all of it’s imperfections. You might bother to compare North and South Korea, and then get back to us. North Korea has a perfect system by your belief system, other than the fact that the people near and at the top are corrupt to the very core of their being. The South is also imperfect, but I don’t see anyone from the South risking their lives to “escape” to the North, but I see lots of people from the North literally risking and losing their lives to get out of North Korea.

      It is curious that only communist countries go to such lengths to build fences and walls to keep people in. I just don’t understand why you “progressives” don’t understand that.

      Actually I do. I think that it is because you insist upon using the objective method, even when dealing with and understanding human beings. You (generic you) look at large groups of people, since you are collectivists, instead of looking at individuals. And because of this you have a very shallow understanding of human beings and what motivates them. Socialist Idealism does not motivate too many people. Pure capitalism is like a wild horse without reins, and pure communism is like a horse whose spirit is completely broken and won’t do any work.

      • Alain Samoun

        Hum, Bachcole,I would love to answer to you in details but I don’t think that this Blog is the place for it. I will just thank you for mentioning Ward Churchill, who I did not know, and just reading Wikipedia and what happened to him I think, myself, that there are a lot of similarities with what happened to F&P and that it illustrates very well what I said above – You do not have to live in North Korea, Colorado sometimes behaves the same…

  • Alain Samoun

    Like I said,not the place to talk about it ,but if you wish ask my email to Frank – I give him my permission to share it with you.