Parkhomov Replication attempt of Jean-Paul Biberian

Thanks to Sanjeev for finding this blog by French nuclear engineer Jean-Paul Biberian, who writes here about his efforts to replicate the Alexander Parkhomov experiment.

There are no results reported here yet, but apparently his replication efforts are underway. He writes here (translated from French):

“Parkhomov conducted a similar experience to that of Rossi, but much simpler. This high temperature heating an alumina tube containing a mixture of nickel and LiAlH4 powder. It is this experience that I’m trying to reproduce, but with a mass flow calorimeter, and a steel tube instead of alumina”.

When asked by a reader about the problems that come with heating steel to temperatures of 1110C and above under high pressure (saying the steel becomes like a sieve for hydrogen), Biberian responds:

“I know about the diffusion of hydrogen into the steel. However, my calorimeter is more sensitive than that of Rossi, I hope to have an early production of excess heat at a lower temperature and lower pressure.”

Biberian wrote on January 30th that he hopes to report results in the ‘coming days’.

  • Agaricus

    With due respect for Parkhomov, Biberian and even MFMP, I can’t help feeling that Rossi may be smiling quietly in his lair (wherever that is), secure in his belief that he knows something that no-one else does, or is likely to discover from their simplistic replication efforts. I hope to be proved very wrong as quickly as possible.

    • artefact

      Oh, you changed your name again? You can not hide. The mushroom tells the truth.. or was it what one wants to hear?

      • Agaricus

        Ah, the mushroom… I thought it might have been my timeless prose and profound wisdom that gave me away.

        • artefact

          mhhhh… .. yes, ..also 🙂

        • It was the accent.

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            These days I feel less like a prospector and more like an agaricomycete.

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          • GreenWin

            I would be delighted to know that is true! Robert has been a major contributor to the early days of ECW and LENR. Wasn’t aware there are both edible and poisonous species in your genus. Am I to assume you are a member of your local mycological society?

          • Agaricus

            I think the ‘yellow staining’ is the only (mildly) poisonous mushroom, so some caution is necessary when picking local crops of field mushrooms, A. campestris. That’s about the limit of my mycological studies I’m afraid.

  • ecatworld
  • Gerard McEk

    Is a bit weak of Jean Paul to use steel. I have been looking around, but it is quite easy to buy Al2O3 pipes. I am sure steel will change the LENR behaviour (lower H2 pressures). But maybe steel will contribute to LENR as well. Who knows?

    • as an experienced scientist , his position is that he cannot go as hot as parkhomov or Rossi, but his calorimeter is far more sensible, so he will detect excess heat at lower temperature…

      • Gerard McEk

        Question is if LENR takes place at all. If it is small than questions about calibration, measure mistakes etc will put doubts on the test. Maybe Jean Paul hopes that steel will e the basis for the Low Temperature Ecat.

    • bachcole

      I love the “Who knows?” part.

      • Gerard McEk


  • Oceans2014


  • Alan DeAngelis

    Maybe Parkhomov could be the first in flight with LENR if he could retrofit one of these model jet engines (no kidding they’re real turbine jet engines) with his reactor
    And then get together with these guys.

    • builditnow

      They might need to have a multi stage compressor and high temperature exhaust de compressors to get the efficiency of the turbine up. Perhaps someone makes such a micro jet.

      If air flow is used to control the reactor temperature, only power for the control systems may be needed once the reactor is up to temperature.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yeah, there must be a way to do it. What made me think of this was the 1950’s direct cycle nuclear powered jet engine. I’ve posted this before but in light of Parkhomov’s replication it might be worth posting again.
        It seems like R/C jet plane air shows are really popular (both a young and an old audience). This may be the best way to introduce LENR to the world.

        • Agaricus

          I hope the lunatic who came up with that idea has been safely locked away since then.

    • I would prefer to install it on an E-fan

      • Alan DeAngelis

        That is pretty ambitious Alain. But then again it might be cheaper than some of those fancy R/C planes. Maybe I should go back to thinking about if it’s somehow possible to get a Hot-Cat to work in pulse jet engines (something quick and dirty).

        • E-fan is a small plane, but easier to retrofit than a miniaturized model.
          you just need to put an E-cat with a turbine of less than 80 kg in a cube-meter to replace a passenger… power is not so important as battery are enough for taking off an landing, and flying does not consume so much.

          you idea to make a tiny Nanor device is fantastic, but harder.
          this may be a door opened for drones.

  • Sanjeev

    I found the link on lenr-forum, so thanks to Alain for reporting the news. JPB is a senior researcher and I guess he is connected to MFMP also (?).
    The coming days are going to be fun.

  • Agaricus

    Sorry Bachcole, my US-UK translator has fallen at that one..

    • bachcole

      You would need a UK-bachcole-ese translator. And all along I thought that you were a silly goose.