Parkhomov Replication attempt of Jean-Paul Biberian

Thanks to Sanjeev for finding this blog by French nuclear engineer Jean-Paul Biberian, who writes here about his efforts to replicate the Alexander Parkhomov experiment.

There are no results reported here yet, but apparently his replication efforts are underway. He writes here (translated from French):

“Parkhomov conducted a similar experience to that of Rossi, but much simpler. This high temperature heating an alumina tube containing a mixture of nickel and LiAlH4 powder. It is this experience that I’m trying to reproduce, but with a mass flow calorimeter, and a steel tube instead of alumina”.

When asked by a reader about the problems that come with heating steel to temperatures of 1110C and above under high pressure (saying the steel becomes like a sieve for hydrogen), Biberian responds:

“I know about the diffusion of hydrogen into the steel. However, my calorimeter is more sensitive than that of Rossi, I hope to have an early production of excess heat at a lower temperature and lower pressure.”

Biberian wrote on January 30th that he hopes to report results in the ‘coming days’.