Bob Greenyer Reports on Visit to Parkhomov in Moscow [Update: Correction — Parkhomov Reports Reactor Failed, Possible Excess Heat Found]

I thought it would be good to start a clean thread to include reports and and discussion about Bob Greenyer’s visit to Moscow to visit Alexander Parkhomov and check out his E-Cat replica experimentation. Bob has said that he will be providing more information and data in the coming days, and he has already provided some information.

Bob had to leave Parkhomov’s lab before the experiment was concluded, and he said it could be some days before the data from the test is compiled and published.

From the MFMP’s Facebook page:

[Bob] says that he made several verifications of measurements and processes and has captured the written notes from the experiment, so that when Dr. Parkhomov presents results, they should be consistent with what was observed real-time.

The way the data is capture simply does not allow for a real time understanding and therefore, one can only determine the result after collecting the data together and analysing it post run

Here’s a picture from the MFMP’s Facebook page.

Dr. Alexander Parkhomov’s new reactor/heater set-up, simplifies reactor core manufacture as the heater is effectively a separate tube furnace. The K-Type thermocouple is attached to the outside of the simplified core . . . The core tube is 10mm diameter, with a wall thickness of 2.5mm, more than twice the wall thickness of our “Bang!” reactor.

I will add more information to this post as it becomes available.

UPDATE: The MFMP Facebook page has an update in which they include the following report from Dr. Parkhomov.

“After Bob’s departure the reactor temperature of 1200 ° C continued to keep steady. As it is impossible to continue indefinitely each 5-10 minutes to add water, at 1:30 I removed thermal insulation and external vessel with water.

The reactor continued work at the same temperature of 1200°C, being in the internal vessel without cover [see attached photo]. At this time I made calculation for an operating mode with a temperature of 1200. The size COP was about 1 (0.96). Therefore, despite good stability of high temperature, continuation of experiment was senseless and at 3:30 I switched off heater power supply after gradual power reduction.

After cooling it was revealed that the reactor had split into 3 parts in the place where there was a fuel (photo I send). It is possible that before achieving a temperature of 1200°C, there was a strong local warming up of the tube which led to its destruction. It is clear that further work happened without excess energy.
I will give fuller information after completion of processing of the obtained data.”

Below is a picture of the ruptured reactor:

ruptured reactor
There’s some interesting analysis on the MFMP Facebook here:

An excerpt:

“It would appear that only the Lugano team and Parkhomov have been successful in seeing excess heat in a Rossi analogue and one of the things they both had in common, was Nickel in their heater coil. Rossi indicated that the heater was ‘doped with Inconel’ which contains nickel. Dr Parkhomov was using NiChrome heater wires, that also contain Nickel.

“The problem Dr. Parkhomov encountered was that the wires failed so readily and could not go higher that 1290ºC, and even then, only for a short period of time. So, by his own direction, for the Friday 27th experiment he had found a Russian maker of a comparable alloy to the Kanthal A1 the MFMP has been using in its thermal verification test. The thing is, it can reach 1400ºC for about 10 hours if lucky, even more necessary considering the new ‘tube furnace’ design, the alloy only contains Fe Cr Al.”

Does this mean that nickel in the wire is a vital part of the E-Cat?

UPDATE #2 (Mar 2, 2015)

Bob Greenyer has published a document reporting about this Parkhomov experiment titled To Russia with Love. It’s a work in progress and can be accessed via Google docs here:

UPDATE #3 (Mar 2, 2015)

I have corrected the title above to say that there was possible excess heat measured in this recent Parkhomov test. Here’s why. The MFMP ‘To Russia With Love’ document has been updated to included date compiled by Alexander Parkhomov. Below is a table and chart from the document:




In this document, Alexander Parkhomov is quoted as saying:

“It is possible that there was localised warming of the tube leading to its destruction before reaching 1200oC. It is clear that further work took place without excess energy.

“The probable moment when there was a warming up which caused destruction is shown on the chart by a red arrow. There was a rapid growth of temperature between 1110 to 1130 oC which was automatically compensated by deceleration of power of the electro heater.”

MFMP states:

It must also be noted that a COP of 1.12 for the 1100-1200 temperature range is just a little outside error as calculated by his other dummy runs. Having said that, Dr. Parkhomov’s calculation period does include the time after failure if his assumption about failure time is correct. This would have the effect of depressing COP figures.

  • hornster

    I would like you to revisit prior discussions of another tech breakthrough which was 3D printing. Has anything been learned of the physics of LENR which is rapidly moving that can be applied? Figures if someone knew the physics they could print energy lol.

    • Nicholas Cafarelli

      I recently printed energy by hand. I took a standard pencil and drew a 10mm square on a 20mm square of plain paper. I filled the 10mm area by rubbing the pencil inside completely filling it with multiple layers. I then folded a 60mm x 10mm rectangle of paper in half – to serve as a stand. I placed the 20mm square atop the stand at the center of my microwave oven. The graphite gets very hot when the oven runs.

      Thus you can “direct” microwaves with a pencil.

      Why do it? To win a bar bet? Or to make CMNS reactor components. You decide.

  • Mike Ivanov


  • Did I understand this right? Parkhomov is now working with other scientists in professional labs with an improved reactor design? And in this lab was Bob yesterday?

    • Nicholas Cafarelli

      Sorry. The facts are otherwise. Patience my friend, patience. I too find it challenging to pace myself. — join the daily LENR skype discussion

  • georgehants

    Wonderful to see Dr. Parkhamov and people like Bob Greenyer of MFMP working on Cold Fusion to help the World.
    Would anybody disagree that virtually every University in the West should be Researching with their brilliant and hopefully free-minded students, to help speed Cold Fusion into use and understanding?
    Could anybody explain, why with the mass of clear Evidence this is not happening.
    I have people on page saying they will not investigate until Cold Fusion is proven.
    Being a little naive I thought it was scientists from the Establishment etc.funded by the taxpayers that where supposed to do the Research on subjects to find just that Evidence if genuine, for the benefit of those same taxpayers.

    • Nigel Appleton

      There is no need for “every” university to be researching this – just some good ones. There is, after all, much else to be researched

      I would much rather see much more development of means to turn heat into electricity, whether that be small supercritical CO2 turbines with innovative heat exchangers and recompressors, novel practical thermionic generators or whatever.

      Furthermore, we have no idea who is doing what research. Evil Corporate and inimical states are unlikely to tell us just for the asking

      If taxpayers want to ramp up the public effort, they have to make it so. It won’t be made so by excess use of upper caseletters on a forum very few people know about

      • georgehants

        Nigel thank you,
        I did not say “every” but virtually “every”. But I take it you disagree that Cold Fusion is important enough that it should be Researched heavily by the establishment.
        Do you not think that Cold Fusion needs the priority work to confirm it’s usable existence and then as with Mr. Rossi the “other” Research “heat to electricity” etc. could follow naturally?
        You say “we have no idea who is doing what research.” Do you not think that we as the people in a Democracy paying the taxes should “know” what peaceful Research is being undertaken?
        You say “If taxpayers want to ramp up the public effort, they have to make it so” how can they try and make it so if the whole subject is censored and they have no idea about Cold Fusion?

        • Nigel Appleton

          This very forum (and others) negate any supposed attempt at censorship. There have been articles and mentions in the mass print media. The cat is out of the bag.
          In a free society, yes, the taxpayers have a right to know what they pay for, and democratically to demand that tax money be directed to whatever they think of as desirable ends.
          OTOH, there is nothing to prevent (given legality and due attention to public safety) any individual, group, or corporation privately researching whatever the heck they want to and keeping their actions secret as long as they wish.

          • georgehants

            Nigel, many thanks and understanding all you say, you would finish by saying, if I understand you correctly, that you do not feel any strong need to correct the proven Corruption and incompetence that destroyed P&F and Cold Fusion 25 years ago, leading to the delay until Mr. Rossi gave re-birth to the phenomenon.
            You would judge that everything in science is roughly as it should be?

          • Nigel Appleton

            When you show me the planet where “everything in science is roughly as it should be”, I’ll be on the first ship out.

            Meanwhile, we should not be re-fighting old battles, but learning from the past, and moving on.

            Incidentally, I’ve spent a working lifetime in commercial science, and never come across corruption or censorship. (Plenty of (honest) incompetence!) Not to say that they don’t exist, just that they are not universal.

          • georgehants

            Nigel, you will need to read the history of P&F, that many on page can give you, showing the complete corruption involved.
            You say
            “Meanwhile, we should not be re-fighting old battles, but learning from the past, and moving on.”
            You can agree then, that is exactly what I am trying to say, move on and put right the crimes and faults in science, so that the Cold Fusion shambles can never happen again.
            By your reply I take you agree.

          • Nigel Appleton

            Let’s leave it there, shall we? I can’t be that obsessed with the past, but prefer to look forward to a bright, nay incandescent, future.

    • Mytakeis

      Maybe using the same tools to advocate for cold fusion that the detractors used to negate its reality is the way to get more peoples’ attention. If there could be an advertising campaign such as the one the ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth’ engage in to bring an unaware public into the impossibility of the currently accepted means of WTC Bldg 7’s demise, that would work. But it would take someone interested in doing so (Bill Gates?) with the wherewithal to accomplish it. In the meantime inspiration and results slowly bring people into realizing that LENR is here to stay.

  • Ged

    Seriously. I hope Parkhomov and the uninvolved citizens of Moscow will be safe during this turmoil.

  • georgehants

    Albert, am I correct in understanding that you are saying that the establishment does and should only get involved in Research only after those outside of main-line science have proven a phenomenon is genuine?
    Because the ruling bodies of science will destroy the careers of any scientist that goes outside of their censoring of subjects.

  • BroKeeper

    Don’t worry Putin said he would personally investigate.

  • Warthog

    Ludicrous. The existence of such an energy source has been obvious to honest scientists ever since the Pons and Fleischmann “palladium sphere” experiment self-destructed….melting its containment vessel, melting a hole through a Transite lab benchtop, and then burrowing for some depth into a concrete floor.

    MANY LENR researchers in the Pd/D2 systems have had experiments which released huge amounts of energy. We should LONG AGO had a “New Manhattan Project” to research the parameters necessary to reduce that known phenomenon into a “useful and effective” device.

    The fact that the physics establishment succeeded in stalling said discovery for 25+ years “should” be a major scandal in science.

    • Axil Axil

      It toke 11 years for General Relitivity to be accepted by science and 50 years for the Higgs theory. The way to force mass acceptance of an idea is to produce a product that plays a central role in peoples lives. Forget science.

      Take the invention of the light bulb as an example. Electricity was little know or impactful in peoples lives before the lighting of houses, streets, and cities, but to survive in the new electric age, people had to devote their lives to understanding the application and theory of electricity.

      • georgehants

        “Forget science” now that is interesting with a proven effect beyond known science.
        What a sad judgement you make.

        • Axil Axil

          Tomas Edison had a total of 3 months of formal education, yet he changed our world far more than any official scientist.
          He learned his trade in the Lab, he did not pay head when everyone said that the electric light was impossible. But on Christmas eve of 1878, he invited the world to see his lab alight. That small spark in the blackness of the New Jersey countryside ignited the imagination of the world to dispel the dark world of night of those times,
          That demo of the electric light changed the world and the ideas of what is possible forever in an instant.

          • georgehants

            Axil, I could not agree with you more, Faraday was uneducated in science, just a bookbinder but contributed Wonders to science.
            My problem as always is that it seems that many try to cover-up the scientific failures today, or as you, give a very honest appraisal of the situation without actually coming out and saying, Things have to change we cannot keep making excuses that things in the past have also been wrong.

          • Dave Lawton

            It was Swan not Edison he copied Swans work and had to do a deal.

  • georgehants

    Albert, So do you think that system is good for science?
    Who is meant to do the Research to ascertain if the effect is genuine, if not main-line scientists?
    If no funding is given to a proven phenomenon could that not be interpreted fairly as censorship?
    Do you think that Cold Fusion has shown-up faults in the scientific administrative system?

    • georgehants

      hornster, as you say the corporations answer to their shareholders and clearly have no obligation or will to do anything for society except to take as much profit as they can, it is called capitalism.
      Governments in a democracy have an obligation to the people and I am asking why those on page decline to demand that care and attention.
      Unlike you they do not seem to “hear”.
      That interests me, as it is their children and family’s that are effected by these governmental and establishment crimes and decisions.

      • Obvious

        I note the sintered lump of fuel in the photo.

  • builditnow

    Also, don’t forget that those making grants, have the money. Where did this money come from. It came from the existing industries. Those seeking grants don’t want to upset the granting sources “in the slightest”.

    I have a friend who recently worked doing relations with these “granting sources” for a top university. It was like stepping around egg shells exercise. Anything that “could have the slightest possibility” of upsetting a granting source was quickly removed. The result was that only the very normal, accepted and non controversial was proposed (just like wikipedia).

    As a result, many changes or new ideas are heavily suppressed and unsupported.

  • georgehants

    Roger, we are talking about the cream of the Country, I think, very clever and highly qualified scientists educated at great cost to the community.
    Do you think it is unfair, you knowing the History of Cold Fusion, for me and others to say, the system is at fault and ask what can be done to improve it so that a Cold Fusion can never happen again.
    Please I ask respectfully to not come back with some psychology of the human condition, but if you wish an opinion fully connected with my above comment and answer to you.

  • BroKeeper

    “If anything, it is like the thermo-electric effect?”
    Have you forgotten the ‘Fleischmann singularity’ event? I doubt just 1 watt of DC electricity applied would have caused 1 cubic cm of palladium set in heavy water melt through a steel table and 4″ of concrete after a bit of lithium was introduced.

    • AlbertNN

      That has only happened once, and nobody knows exactly what happened. So in science the value is on the level of an anecdote. But if you could describe how to set up an experiment to replicate it, I would be very interested. Especially if you could document the replication of the effect.

      • BroKeeper

        Once is enough.

      • bachcole

        The label “anecdote is just a way for lazy and cowardly scientists to sit on their butts and remain in the dominant paradigm. Curious scientists, i.e. real scientists, would be very interested in that one event. “Proof” is only protection that cowards need in order to avoid ridicule.

        • LCD

          Look you know where I stand but to a certain extent albertNN has a point. All the new people that come to this site to debate have a point from their perspective and they deserve more than the attacks levied on them by some people here.

          Bachcole your reasoning could also be applied to Bigfoot and other “one offs” and the right way to show this is not like Bigfoot is to bring these people through your reasoning.

          No offense Bachcole I’m not attacking you but if we don’t do that for alberNn and the people he represents then that also makes us “lazy and cowardly”

          For you albertNN I would like to question your analysis of the Lugano paper and the other before it. Are you attributing that to foul play, misunderstanding, or also one of?

          • AlbertNN

            The Lugano paper is so short on necessary details that I can’t have an opinion whether there is anything to have an opinion on or not.
            But in general I try to never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.

          • LCD

            Surely you can have an opinion on the isotopic shifts

        • Steve H

          Everyone is allowed an opinion – the Bold and the Brave dare to be proved wrong.
          Let us hope that we all make lots of mistakes along the way – for there lies truth and shared knowledge.

  • artefact
    • Gerard McEk

      Excellent this cooperation between Greenyer and Parkhomov! It is an example how the world should be. I hope the test will be succesful!
      Interactions between the heater coil nickel and LENR seems unlikely to me. Magnetic influences are more obvious. I would suggest to avoid tempertures that can distroy the heater, but make a long wide coil with a lot of copper windings and put that around the reactor to increase the magnetic field strength.

      • Agaricus

        Rather like the external and apparently non-functional (from a heating POV) ‘band heater’ on Rossi’s plumbing fittings prototype then…

    • Oceans2014

      pretty sure there will be more tests planed with Dr. Parkhomov before Bob leaves Russia.

      • bachcole

        I sure hope so.

      • ecatworld

        Bob’s already home.

        • bachcole

          So why such a short visit?

          • Josh G

            Because his wife is about to give birth. And, you know, I guess he has a job.

          • bachcole

            Oh. I didn’t know.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Actually, I spent the whole afternoon at the hospital… back on it now though!

          • Josh G

            So did your wife give birth? Or false alarm?

          • Bob Greenyer

            false alarm

          • Bob Greenyer

            First video posted


      • Bob Greenyer

        In this video, the first dark, sintered ash sample is from an experiment that was calculated to have shown anomalous heat and reached a terperature of around 1100ºC.

        The second blueish powder sample reached around 1000ºC before the reactor heater failed. It did not show anomalous heat.

        • Obvious

          This might not be the ideal place to post this, but before it slips my mind…
          I was googling last night, and in a U.S. Government study aimed at battery technology development, there was mention that lithium is soluble Into nickel to 4.04% at 1200 C, and nickel is soluble into lithium to 1.56% at 1200 C.

          • Bob Greenyer

            That is in line with Ed Storms/Kiva Tech EDX analysis of our ‘Bang!’ reactor ash as published on our Facebook last week.

          • Bob Greenyer

            We have published the schematic of the reactor.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Bob Higgin’s will probably be next to do a Parkhomov inspired experiment. Mathieu Valat is still preparing the Celani dual cells for the Gamma tests (he has had to 3 times change wires etc.)

  • Ophelia Rump

    Preposterous and uninformed. You sir put the ignore in ignorance.

  • pg

    good question

  • rats123

    There is too much to trawl through here.

    Bob, can you please advise if you saw excess heat?

  • georgehants

    Carl, interesting comment, but mostly outside of my agenda and thinking, sure others will be able to add to your concerns.

  • TomR

    If a country clamps down on developments, all they are doing is putting their own country at a severe disadvantage.

  • BroKeeper

    “Will we see attempts to clamp down on developments on national security grounds?” I would like it explained how one country’s national security can veil the truth from other countrys’ development of LENR?
    Would an informed populace accept such a scenario for a government to prevent
    a known major resolution to so many problems to its society? As I have mentioned before, LENR has proliferated far beyond our or any other country’s borders and awareness for any one entity to effect its development. In my opinion it is now inevitable for it to evolve to its fullness.

  • Omega Z

    The 1st light bulbs were of no useful purpose either until Thomas Edison discovered a workable filament that lasted more then a few seconds or minutes.

    At the very least, the P&F experiments should have spurred scientific curiosity & a desire to understand the phenomena (if any) taking place. At worst case, It could have been viewed with indifference.

    What actually took place was an Orchestrated effort to crush & suppress any research in this field of science. A banning of any funding or publishing of any papers & for those who were really persistent, An ending of their careers.

    It is these “intentional actions” that sets it apart & It is these “intentional actions” that makes this a crime against humanity.

    If History tells us anything, it is that nothing will come of these actions taken & no one will be punished, But they should be…

  • rats123

    Sigh … back to square one 🙁

  • Nicholas Chandler-Yates

    the heater wire composition is probably import and because of magnetic induction effects

    • Axil Axil

      What is important is the waveforms of the external electric power that is going through the heater coil. That coil serves as a transmitter of a solenoidal magnetic RF field. The heater controller will produce that waveform.

  • SG

    I’m not sure where you have been for the past few years, but it looks like your outdated perception could be updated to match more fully with reality.

  • SG

    One of the problems of modern society is the effort to de-risk everything. This is not just apparent within scientific circles, but in financial circles as well. The problem is that fundamentally risks must be taken for significant progress to occur. The risk takers today are often vilified or mocked by the establishment. This needs to change.

  • Ged

    Man, that reactor got toasted. Bummer about its destruction messing up the experiment. Keeping these reactors from failing is becoming a difficult problem and a theme now, even with the thicker walls of Parkhomov’s reactor.

  • SG

    You make a very good point toward the end of your comment. Consider that if there were a 1% chance that the problem of scarcity of resources could be significantly solved by a particular effect, would it be worth devoting at least a fraction of the current resources to investigating such effect? In a paradigm of abundant resources, ideas can flourish because the funding gatekeepers will no longer wield the power that they currently wield. I question whether the current funding gatekeepers want such a quantum leap in progress, because maybe it spells the end of what they do.

  • Frechette

    “If there came an interesting, robust result, then the field would grow very fast within the universities.”
    Oh really. Check out the results Michael McKubre from SRI has published on his work in LENR. He has demonstrated plenty of interesting robust results. I’m still waiting for the fast growth within universities.

  • Alain Samoun

    Do you know how many Alexander’s experiments have been successful – Showing COP>1?

    • Bob Greenyer

      I have answered this question in the live doc here

      • Alain Samoun

        Thanks! If I understand it, the 4 successful tests were made with his first type of Ni powder? Hope he can get it analyzed soon.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Yes. I offered to take a sample for analysis, but he said that he has a friend that he had committed to doing the first analysis.

  • Axil Axil

    Now we know what Rossi has been struggling with from the beginning: control. This is why DGT and Rossi parted ways. DGT says that they have solved the control problem by using arc discharge. My guess is that Rossi uses RF to tame the reaction. It has taken Rossi 4 years to solve the control problem to some level. This is why he says that he is far ahead of all his competition.

    • Well put. Personally, I would rather own stock in Defkalion Green Technologies, but I think both companies will be a success and make lots of money.

      I wonder when we will hear from the South Korean company that bought rights to use a Brillouin Energy Corporation reactor design. They have the right to improve that design, and some studies suggest that South Koreans have the highest average IQs in the world. If they market a reactor in South Korea, that will make news in the USA and everywhere.

      • Axil Axil
        In AXIL DIGIT, I explain why DGT failed. I submitted that post to this site and it was rejected. I just what to tell the truth without hype.

        • DGT has had business setbacks, but they are still a living company that is now working in secrecy with real technology that actually works. They have made tests that no other company has conducted and they have a very large LENR knowledge base. They had to develop the spark activation system, not only for better control, but also to avoid lawsuits from Rossi. What good would it be to market a product if all your profits get lost in a court case.? They had a viable chemical activated reactor with a very high COP, but it was too much like the Rossi device to pass the legal test of originality. Defkalion was never angry at Rossi and they always acted like gentlemen. I would invest in them because they have the superior activation system that will allow self looping and an effective infinite COP. They can produce electricity economically without use of natural gas.

          • Axil Axil

            Did you see this post?

            john hadjichristos had the design and theory all in his head. Without these top engineers, their old companies are not worth much.

          • Yes, I knew about that. I believe that Defkalion may have a new silent partner and they are funded. The knowledge base and technology stays with Defkalion and is not transported away when one employee leaves or is let go.

          • Axil Axil

            All the engineers left. john h was the last to leave.

          • Where do you have hard evidence of that?

          • Ronzonni

            Christopher, if Defkalion had a viable technology and, as Xanthoulis said and wrote many times, dozens of the world’s leading companies wanted to buy it (at upwards of $40 million per instance), what sense would it make for them to simply disappear?

          • I would guess that they decided not communicate with the public because they were tired of all the unfair criticisms from competitors and LENR skeptics. It was doing them no good and just taking up valuable time and energy. They never received any money from manufacturers. They want to get a certified reactor that is reliable and usable and then reveal that product to the marketplace. Tri Alpha Energy, a simplified hot fusion company, has the same secretive approach. They have funding, so what do they need public opinion for at this point in time?

    • Gerard McEk

      Lugano test: I agree that due to the low resistance of the heating coils and the high voltage used the current must have generated a considerable number of harmonics. I believe that these harmonics are more magnetic than electrostatic. Do you agree? Do you believe that the control units may have had an internal HF source to produce EM fields in the heating coil (and the reactor)?

      • Steve H

        Looking at the Lugano report again:-
        I don’t believe it is high voltage to the heater coils. The supply is 380V, 3-phase which is then controlled through a Triac.
        There is mention of 40 to 50 amps per phase and a load of 300 to 900 Watts. This means that the applied voltage per phase is actually quite low (less than 10 V rms per phase).
        The Triac is controlling the applied voltage to the heating elements by automatically varying the voltage to the heating coils with feedback from the thermo-couple.
        Total power = 3.Vphase.Iphase (cos phi)
        Variation of the voltage controls the applied power to the heater coils.
        This would bode well for a high magnetic field also – as the applied current is directly proportional to the magnetic field density.

        • Gerard McEk

          Sorry Steve, I was not clear. I meant a relatively high voltage in comparison to the used resistance. No normal proper design would use such a low resistance in combination with a 380 V supply and then run it on 10 Vrms. The result of this particular design is that non sinusodial high narrow current peaks run through the coils, containing considerable amounts of harmonics. This results in a similar magnetic field (still relatively low in strength). I understood that Axil believes that these harmonics may ‘control’ LENR.

          • Axil Axil

            The RF may moderate LENR, or dampen LENR.

          • Gerard McEk

            Thats it! LENR generates very strong magnetic pulses, probably very short. Low impedance heating wires may pick this up and when currents can run, damp the LENR such that hot-spots will not develop very quickly. At the same time may high harmonic magnetic pulses stimulate LENR’s initiation in combination with heat.
            Conclusion: Do not use equipment in the heating circuit that causes high impedance in that circuit like transformers! That limits the harmonics and makes the required damping uneffective. It could be an idea to add a heating coil where you just connect the ends together. This is than the damping circuit. Once hot, you may be able to stimulate/control LENR with magnetic pulses or maybe EM or RF pulses No further heating is required then.

          • Axil Axil

            If you remember just before Rossi hooked up with IH, Rossi ran demos where he demonstrated self sustained operation. He ran for four hours and only used RF to keep the reaction from going super critical.

          • Gerard McEk

            I believe that the E-cat, which is made of steel, may damp LENR by causing eddy currents in the steel housing tube. Question is how Rossi gets his RF inside the steel tube to initiate LENR. Magnetizing the steel tube, using a HF square-wave superinposed on the heating power circuit might do the job.

          • Axil Axil

            Steel and stainless steel are different. Steel is magnetic and stainless steel is paramagnetic. Rossi used stainless steel for his reactor. Stainless will let some degree of magnetism through to the fuel.

        • Obvious

          The supply in Switzerland is 230 V, but I agree with everything else you said. The large cables should eat up most of the harmonics, but you could apply nearly any high frequency signal you wanted over the low voltage (to the reactor) supply.

          • Steve H

            Obvious, 380V was the quoted figure.
            This is the line voltage and varies depending on the local transformer. Can be anywhere from 380 to 440 volts.
            The domestic mains voltage is one phase to earth typically 220 to 240 volts.
            Specifically line voltage/sq rt 3.

          • Obvious

            For each of the three phases, readings returned a value of 230 ± 2V, which is appropriate for an industrial establishment power network.

  • Axil Axil

    The reactor was destroyed, the test failed. No validation data was produced.

  • LCD

    Are you serious dude?

    • Kaz

      I am not joking but the people I am hearing this from could be wrong.

      There is a lot of people now questioning GTR, Big Bang and Black Hole cosmology. If you want to hear more then have a look here:

      For the mathematical error (introduced by mathematician David Hilbert but then repeated), listen to Stephen Crothers.

      For the measurements from satellites then listen to all the presentations by Pierre-Marie Robitaille and Ed Dowdye.

      I also found this video series by Bryan Sanctuary about how locality is easily modeled in quantum measurement theory and this model is consistent with all those so-called non-locality experiments we hear about. No need for quantum weirdness.

      • Kaz

        Update with some additional info and links:

        “In General Relativity a solution to any set of Einstein’s so-called
        field equations must be obtained via a simultaneous solution to an
        associated set of nonlinear partial differential equations. A
        differential equation is classed as linear if the differential
        coefficients which appear in it have powers no greater than 1. If the
        highest power of any differential coefficient is greater than 1, then
        its a nonlinear differential equation. This is different to the order of
        a differential equation which is defined by the number of times the
        unknown function is differentiated. For instance, if the function
        involved is differentiated only once it is a 1st-order differential
        equation, if twice it is second order, and so on. Thus, one can have
        first or second or higher order linear differential equations and first
        or second or higher order nonlinear differential equations. The reason
        why this is important is that solutions to linear differential equations
        can be added together to generate additional solutions. However,
        solutions for nonlinear differential equations cannot be added together
        to generate additional solutions. In physics this manifests as the
        Principle of Superposition. For example, an alleged black hole solution
        to Einstein’s ‘field equations’ can’t be simply added to an alleged big
        bang solution to some set of Einstein ‘field equations’ to get a
        black-hole-big-bang solution. The black hole solution and the big bang
        solution each pertain to completely different sets of Einstein ‘field
        equations’ and so have nothing to do with one another. This means that a
        black hole universe can’t be added to a big bang universe to generate a
        black-hole-big-bang universe. In fact, any black hole universe can’t
        even be added to itself to get two black holes in a universe. So how do
        the cosmologists get millions of black holes and stars inside some big
        bang universe? They always superpose! They do not know what they are
        doing. I have explained all this in a number of my papers and videos.
        Here is a paper that does it with almost no mathematics:” — Stephen Crothers.

        1) Crothers,‭ ‬S.‭ ‬J.‭ “‬Black Hole and Big Bang:‭ ‬ A Simplified Refutation‭”‬,

        Here are a couple of videos in which I explain it:

        (2) Stephen Crothers: The Parallax Effect on Short Hair | EU2014

        (3) Crothers, S.J. Wormholes: Science Fiction or Pure Fantasy?

      • LCD

        Ok Kaz that’s an interesting answer, first of all let me ask you if you have taken any masters/phd level physics courses? Just so I know how to relate to you, not to bash you or ridicule you because you seem like an even keeled guy who wants the truth.

  • Mike Ivanov

    Technically it is all questions of the design. I would use whole metal pipe as a heating element, of course it will lead to much more higher current because of low resistance of such pipe and more expensive control equipment. But this approach will eliminate the possibility of magnetic field created by spiral heaters and also the power will be distributed in much larger surface and the pipe will survive longer.

  • Mike Ivanov

    Yeah, tell this story to people who are building hot fusion reactors… for how many years? 20? 40?

    • GreenWin

      It has now been 64 years since Project Matterhorn was declassified (1951) and hot fusion promised to provide “unlimited clean energy” in 20years. Unfortunately hot fusion projects, programs and R&D have yet to produce even ONE WATT of useful energy. The cost to global taxpayers is at least $250B.

      Meanwhile open CF research has received less than $100M worldwide. Papers covering a few of those projects are documented in Current Science, a peer-reviewed professional journal published by the Indian Academies of Science.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is not known yet if the reactor did not produce excess heat yet, it is only known that in the middle of the night, Alexander did a spot check on its COP and at that time and as it was nearly 1 he decided to shut it down. After that he discovered that the reactor core had been breached. He is going to analyse the data from his computers which log the data. I have a copy of the bulk of his written backup notes for verification of any outcome.

    • Alain Samoun

      Maybe he should have an hydrogen detector near his reactor?

      • Bob Greenyer


  • Chris, Italy

    Well, being there an excellent excuse for the null result (so far), it does not contradict anything. It will be more interesting to hear about his analysis of the logged data and whether the result was null from the onset; however even this could be due to the rupture occurring early enough.

  • @bobgreenyer:disqus: do you know if Parkhomov is doing knowledge transfer with other active scientists in Russia? Or is he just working alone with a few friends in his spare time?

    • Bob Greenyer

      On the matter of knowledge transfer, I shall detail this as I lay down the experience, but the answer is yes, he is working and sharing.

      He is staunchly independent, he has had very many offers to “buy” his technology, but thankfully for everyone, he want to understand and explore it. I understand that his supporter shares this vision but he would not divulge details, given the situation in Russia, this is perhaps wise.

      • Steve H

        do you consider the magnetostrictive properties of Nickel to be important or am I way off track.

        • Bob Greenyer

          It is possible, but it cannot be a matter of opinion. An experiment needs to be designed to test the theory. This will be easier when there is a reliable apparatus and protocol.

          • Steve H

            I’m a practical guy.
            If Durham University were conducting these experiments and required hands-on support. I would be there like a shot, fitting it in between my career in Oil & Gas.

      • georgehants

        Bob, if this man is working and sharing his knowledge for the benefit of all, he must go down in History as an example of the way everything must become, if this World is ever to be a place where everybody cares for others and not just themselves.
        What a Wonderful lesson for us all.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I have published the photos I took of the backup data recorded by Dr. Parkhomov.

    I am off to lunch, I would appreciate it if someone could take it upon themselves to tabulate it (google doc preferably) and shoot me a shared link (can answer here)

  • BobbyD

    U.S. production is causing an “oil glut” leading to a 50% reduction in the price of oil. Or NOT. The production increase necessary for such a drop would have to be ten times larger than it has been. Looks like the Big Boyz are taking these experiments seriously.

    • Omega Z

      LENR has nothing to do with today’s oil price.
      Maybe after Oil well drilling dropped by 50% and OPEC production still exceeding demand by 1.5 Million barrels a day has something to do with it. Or That U.S. oil production is still increasing.

      Maybe China having given it’s economy a 2nd stimulus shot & their economy is still slowing is effecting it as is just about everyone else. Maybe the U.S. having a surplus 400+ million barrels in storage excluding the 700 million in the strategic reserve is an issue. China has a similar surplus as do others.

      There are tankers on the U.S. east coast setting for weeks waiting to unload due to a lack of storage & waiting weeks more after because there is no shipments to haul. Many are now being leased for storage around the world.

      The Real question is why haven’t the prices dropped lower. The Answer is they still have tankers that can be used for storage.Once the surplus tankers are filled up with surplus production, the prices will drop more. But it has nothing to do with LENR…

  • I do not know it for 100% fact, but DGT is a corporation. That means they would have to notify their stockholders if they ceased to exist. None of the stockholders has made any statements about the company going bust. One of the stockholders is Rossi’s old friend, Christos Stremmenos, who is still a Defkalion Board Member. I think he would have said something and the company would have had to file legal papers of dissolution.

    DGT has lots of very valuable intellectual property that they have been offered many millions of dollars for in the past, but rejected. Enough third party companies and organizations have tested their technology to know it works. If they really were in great financial trouble they could just sell out to a bigger corporation with more money. I believe they may now have a silent partner, like Industrial Heat to Rossi.

    I believe DGT got funding from the DOE. I asked them if they knew about the DOE funding LENR, and they replied that they “are on it”, meaning they have DOE funding. That should not be a surprise because the CIA became interested in DGT.

    The last few e-mails I got from DGT were positive and said they were working hard on getting their new reactor design certified for production. After that happened they said they will go public again.

    • it seems that Alexander Xanthoulis have said thet he bought all the shares of the company.

      Stremmenos have probably been ejected from the BoD in 2011 .

      when they say the BoD changed in 2011, with 2 changes, I imagines they ejected Stremmenos and maybe someone else get away (Melich?).

      with shres owned by Xanthoulis only, probably the BoD is empty now.

      Hadjichristos have a new job

      however DGT have still employees with “currently working at DGT” status.

      There is one russian HSE and an an office manage in Athen, and a secretary in Vancouver…

      none are active so maybe is it obsolete…

      • You do not give information on where you are getting these details other than the proven fact of the one scientist leaving the company. They may or may not be true, but we need to know the source.

        • for Alex Xanthoulis having bough the shares it have been published around ICCF18 demo…
          maybe Mats reported that… I don’t remember the details. It was chatting with Xanthoulis.

          for the 2 changes in the BoD it was said on DGT forum when they provided the BoD listing…

          I only speculate that one of the change is Stremmenos leaving…

          For the rest we only have a big silence after Luca Gamberale froze all commercial contacts and later accused them of bad calorimetry with detailed report.

          If they still exist as a company, and still work on their reactor, this silence is hard to understand…
          Peter Gluck about Hadjichristos new work said the work was pursued in others structures (??). I wish it is real but I won’t bet a cent on it until they give evidences.

          • My *theory* of a silent partner fits in with what you have said, but much of what you said is far from proven fact. Time will tell. I am confident that the Defkalion technology will not be lost. Under what name it is brought to the marketplace is not important. I personally wish General Motors, with its 25.2 billion cash reserve, would buy out Solar Hydrogen Trends and pursue a crash program to produce LENR powered cars. Unfortunately, I think GM is skeptical of LENR, unlike Toyota and Mitsubishi. It would be nice if it was a US company who brought LENR to market first.

          • We both speculate I agree, and I wish you are right and a big corp bought DGT, cleaned a little some “errors” spotted by Luca, and gone underground.

            My theory is human, it is that a group of people was convinced to improve promising results, but the results just stayed promising…
            they looked for money to continue and bent the instruments until they were caught by an experienced scientists…

            If you are right, I just wonder why they did not answer to Luca and us.

  • georgehants

    Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business.
    Tom Robbins

    • todd

      You overestimate the analytical powers of humans faced with social pressure. There is another quote about how science will appear as magic to those who do not understand it.

      • georgehants

        todd, it was not my quote or did you not notice.
        If it where mine, I would have added “science” to his things that are silly to believe in.
        Science just like the church makes “consensus expert opinions”, can you think of anything more comical for a discipline that should state only Facts or else, we do not know.
        One of those “expert opinions” is that Cold Fusion is a Fraud

  • Bob Greenyer

    Possibly very important findings from Dr Parkhomov’s full analysis of the data

    • Valeriy Tarasov

      Just some suggestions for the experiments:

      1. It is better to stick to the old version of heater – heater is directly bound to the reactor. This will allow visual control of a possible reactor break.

      2. Since there is a feed back loop by regulating energy coming from external heater it is better to have as less as possible diameter of the reactor. This should provide a less local rate of excess heart from the reactor and better cooling effect by reducing of temperature of external heater. I.e. smaller internal diameter of reactor – better control to prevent a reaction run out.

      • Sanjeev

        It seems the air gap is the cause of local heating. The tiny tube inside is highly insulated and there is no way for any local heat to escape. Parkhomov’s first reactor was the best, it was solid, just like Lugano reactor.
        This is the disadvantage of doing “smart improvisations”, a lot of time and effort is wasted.
        Perhaps, to improve the heat conduction a steel (or nickle) tube should be used as a core and after sealing it (welding or some fittings), it can be covered with Alumina cement. This whole thing can sit inside a heater tube. This will ensure that any local heat bursts get uniformly conducted in the reactor, preventing the cracking and splitting of the core.

        Using metal for innermost tube also solves the sealing problem. But now we have 3 tubes, more improvisation, more variables to troubleshoot.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I think the purpose was to not have to build a heater every time. He was very happy it survived the core breach.

          Perhaps our mini-glow stick (that we used for the leak tests) is actually a very good approach, as it had no outer sheath, the heater is directly on the surface and bare, in this way the wire can go to a higher temperature and cool extremely quickly if power is removed. It is also simpler yet.

          • Sanjeev

            And the trade off is, he is building a new core every time. Look at the pile of broken cores !

            The heater wire must be fully covered to achieve a high temperature at low input powers. But if the whole reactor sits inside an insulated vessel (like in AP’s case), there should be no need of a sheath of alumina on the wire. Insulated vessel also means a large time constant of the system, so in the event of a heat burst, it will not cool down fast, even if the power is cut off.

            It will be a fine balancing act to maintain a high temperature and to also keep a small time constant. Rossi has solved it, a mark of a true engineer indeed. I like Higgin’s forced convection idea also, just dump cold air inside, when it starts to show overheating (assuming the thermocouples react within a second, that’s another can of worms btw).

        • Valeriy Tarasov

          Nickel tube filled with fuel is a good idea. Possibly, there is one more problem with alumina tube cracks – mechanical pressure on alumina tube due to increasing volume (caused by heating) of fuel (not hydrogen pressure). Probably fuel should not be tightly packed in the alumina tube. More empty space inside of alumina tube ?

  • Bob Greenyer

    The COP is not going to get any one excited, it is below what we saw evidence of in Celani wires – but in this case, only transitory.

    The real thing here is that in the next few days, when I have had a chance to lay out all the media and answers I captured, the whole process will be clear for any would-be replicators.

    Parkhomov upped the anti when it comes to grass roots science – he doesn’t do it in a garage, he does it in his lounge, seriously, the entire lab lives in what is also the families lounge.

    • bachcole

      Is he married? Does he have children running around loose? Does his wife fully appreciate that what was going on in her lounge was far more important than what was going on in the streets of Moscow with all the protesting.

      • Alain Samoun

        “Does his wife fully appreciate that what was going on in her lounge…”
        Yeah,you and me we would like to know how he manages that 😉

        • bachcole


      • Bob Greenyer

        He is married. She fully appreciates it, but trusts him and it is obvious why when you understand what an accomplished person he is.

        The dog was around the whole experiment – running around wasn’t really an option for the dog though as the available space was only about 4 paces and the width of the dog.

        The grand kids came to tea and thought nothing of it. Legend

  • AlbertNN

    How was the heat leakage through the insulation calculated?

    • Bob Greenyer

      He had run a previous calibration run with the same set-up but no ‘active’ fuel through heat and cool down cycle.

      • AlbertNN

        Had he then done run four different runs, as there are different values for the four temperatures? And how was the heat leakage calculated? This as the numbers in the table are almost to nice and even to be actual measurements.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I have asked for the raw data.

          There are the paper notes in the live document

  • As I said before, experimenters should try to duplicate the Rossi device, not the unproven Parkhomov device. That means using the Rossi fuel mixture with iron powder and extremely pure nickel powder. Rossi ground his own nickel powder to his own specifications. Rossi once gave exact purity figures years ago, but I no longer have that data.

    Note to Frank – Why not ask Rossi what purity of nickel powder is required. Rossi once posed for a picture with a big name nickel producer from Italy or Greece (I forget which), and publicly gave the exact purity figure required. I did a web search, but cannot find the story and I don’t remember the purity level, but I think it was a pretty long number.

    • Obvious

      We use 5 nines Ni.
      -Sept 27, 2011

      Q: Does the integrity of the Ni lattice have to be maintained — do damage, disruption, and melting impede the results? A: No, it is not necessary within certain limits.
      -Jan 17, 2011

      • Thanks.

        • Obvious

          No problem. I have a Rossi Says spreadsheet I made with considerable effort, while reading all his posts, scanning for useful information. The trouble is, there is a complex discussion of spiking the nickel isotope ratios with increased Ni62 and Ni64, then back to not spiking the terrestrial nickel ratios due to costs of the isotopes, at around that time also. He seems to have used both types of nickel, then decided that the isotope boost was unnecessary. Presumably the ratios boost themselves eventually anyways, but in earlier reactors a little extra Ni62 and Ni64 helps things along. The copper discussion enters around that time also. But he did mention the 99.999% Ni at least twice, and referred to pure Ni a few more times.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Wow. Would you consider making it a google sheet and sharing it?

          • Mats002

            I side that, sounds like a very valuable spreadsheet, adding answers to the puzzle of LENR.

          • Obvious

            I can do that. I haven’t updated it over the last 6 months or so, since he rarely says much that is useful since IH became involved. I should update it anyways, since construction info has been mentioned a few times, and that is one of the columns. I was anticipating sending it to Jed once I was happy with it, for the library. This is how I can scrounge up Rossi quotes so easily, which probably some readers may have wondered how I find the stuff so quickly. For the LENR dubious, it is also a unique chronicle of the E-Cat development. The progression, even with conflicting info sometimes, is the main reason I believe he has something. It is far from complete, being largely cherry picked from the JoNP, but I included everything that seemed relevant, often with the same info repeated over and over, as a test for consistency in his story. I have a link for almost every quote in the sheet. I thought it might be important, in case the JoNP was taken down at some point. It could certainly be improved by additions of quotes sourced from other sources.

          • LCD

            Definitely valuable, god idea. Good effort.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        As I recall, his grinding specialist was 95 years old………so he should be hitting his groove about now.

        • Obvious

          I remember that too. Rossi has said since that IH can prepare the nickel correctly. I don’t know if that means that the old fellow retired, passed away, or if he simply works for IH now…

          • ecatworld

            I asked Rossi about this gentleman last year. Rossi responded:

            Andrea Rossi

            September 4th, 2014 at 3:19 PM

            Frank Acland:
            Yes, you are right: that old master of mine is returned in God’s Spirit, but after his teaching we have industrialized the powders production.
            Warm Regards,

          • georgehants

            Frank, how do you remember these things, you must have a Wonderful reference system?

  • Stremmenos was given Defkalion stock, essentially for free, and was a put on the Defkalion board to get his support during the early years. After the breakup with Rossi, Stremmenos stopped going to meetings. As far as I know, he is still technically a board member even though he does not participate. Stremmenos was angry at Defkalion. Defkalion was never angry at Stremmenos. I admire the cool, thoughtful composure of the Defkalion staff.

  • Sanjeev

    Very good analysis and suggestions here (and Bob Higgins’s new replication plan):[email protected]/msg101810.html

    A good summary by David Roberson[email protected]/msg101826.html

    I agree with them, the air gap and “improved” design is not the best, it seems. The LENR is expected to occur in small bursts, which will cause local heating and if the heat conduction is not fast enough, the tube will break. Rossi/IH solved this by using a solid alumina reactor and regulation of input power. Both of these essential things are absent from MFMP’s and Parkhomov’s new design. Result – failure.

    As more experiments are being done, we come to know why it is so difficult to control LENR experiments, either there is no excess heat or there is meltdown. Now we can understand why Rossi’s reactor failed a few times and why he is so careful while heating it up. This also explains the complicated 30k component 1 MW power plant.

    • Omega Z

      MFMP’s bang reactor & other issues.
      Parkhomov’s pile of broken reactors.
      Rossi providing several extra reactors to Lugano with himself starting up the reactor. That pretty much says it all. This is far from simple.

      Rossi is just good at making it appear simple.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, not simple. Replicators take note and take a refresher course in control system theory and practice 😀

        Piantelli is using Ni rods instead of powders, which avoids the local heating issues. He also uses a H bottle to supply the H2, which means no LAH or sealing issues and he can start/stop the reaction at will.

        This is a paper where his method is revealed. He also gives a method to prepare the rod, how to trigger a reaction and how to stop it. The cells produced 1500MJ in 1 year of continuous run. This is where the E-Cat starts. I wonder why nobody among the 7 billion of us want to replicate this simple experiment openly and share the results.

        Large excess heat production in Ni-H systems
        S Focardi, V Gabbani, V Montalbano, F Piantelli

        • Mats002

          MFMP is about to do it with Piantelli as their mentor, that is what I expect but Bob Greenyer can confirm (or deny) this.

        • LuFong

          > This is where the E-Cat starts.

          I’ve often wondered whose system (or systems) Rossi, while in prison, studied and based his initial replication attempts after he got out. This looks like a good candidate.

          • Omega Z

            It is a fact that everyone builds upon others works before them.
            In this manner, Rossi learned much from books.
            Everyone is building Rockets that blow up on the launch pad.
            I shall study what they do & copy them. Booom
            I’m sure Rossi studied what others have done with no intent to copy them, But to do it differently & avoid their dead ends. it has paid off. They now try to copy Rossi to obtain his results.

      • oceans

        We definitely Thank Dr Parkhomov for taking time out to assist with MFMP and help solve the mystery of LENR, I’m sure Parkhomov realizes the prestige that comes with being on the forefront of this frontier.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      We are seeing why it has taken so long for LENR to establish itself.

      The reaction in itself does not seem to be so difficult, but the control is. It’s a mixture of used materials for the reactor, fuel preparation, sealing and containment of the reactor, saturation of hydrogen, heat cycle startup control, heater power regulator, heat transfer from the coils, and probably lot’s of other parameters some of which can only be guesed at such as possible magnetic fields or radio waves of a specific frequency. It is far from easy but we are slowly getting there.

      • Gerrit

        Just keep whacking at the pinata, we’ll hit it eventually.

  • georgehants

    An Impossible Invention
    Time to dispel the streetlight paradox of energy

  • Gerard McEk

    Bob, I had a fruitful discussion with Axil lately. I am not sure you have followed that on ECW. His idea is that the high short peak currents you would get if you directly, without transformer would drive the heating coil can be benificial for initiating LENR because of the high harmonic content of these current peaks. At the same time he believes that the low impedance heating coils can damp the LENR from runaway, because LENR generates vast very short magnetic fields. In other words: you should leave-out the transformer now being used in the heating coil power circuitry. If that is not possible, you may consider installing a second low impedance heating coil and just connect both ends together. This will be your LENR damper circuit, which should help you to avoid runaway and hot spots in the ‘fuel’. I believe he could be right, especially in respect to the damping of the LENR phenomenon. Perhaps it is worth trying.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We were right there on the low impedance… our fat coils only required 12V – but they are a challenge to drive.

      Parkhomov is using approx 30 ohm, full AC 50Hz

      • Gerard McEk

        There is another possibility: You could place a small capacitor of say 10 pF over the used heating coil. That would short-circuit high peak currents generated in the heating coil by LENR and damp the unlimited development of the LENR hot-spots. The capacitor should be located as near as possible to the coil and suitable for very high frequencies (ceramic capacitor) and capable of taking high currents.

    • Axil Axil

      One more point is I may…

      One of the possible mechanisms that is generated by the nickel particles is the establishment of a Bose Einstein condensate from a very early state within the polariton soliton ensemble. The lack of functional nickel micro particles might be the reason why a decreasing heater resistance is not seen in recent Lugano replication attempts as has been seen in the Lugano test. This lack of condensate development many be causing instability in LENR power production from the dynamic NAE.

      A soliton BEC would distribute LENR based nuclear power evenly over all Nuclear active Sites (NAE) because of quantum mechanical entanglement of the solitons.
      When we see that the resistance of the heater cold is reduced to a third of normal, then we know that a global BEC is in place…that BEC will ensure that power is distributed isothermally by BEC super fluidity.

      • Gerard McEk

        Sorry for my ignorence in this matter, but does BEC also cause super-conductivity, apart from super-fuidity? Under what circumstances would Nickel micro particles not be functional?

        • Axil Axil

          Sorry for my ignorence in this matter, but does BEC also cause super-conductivity, apart from super-fuidity?


          Under what circumstances would Nickel micro particles not be functional?

          When a particle is melted or not properly prepared with tubercles. Poor performance could be explained by the lack of proper sized particles used in the experiment and also the lack of tubercles on the surface of any nickel particle no matter its size.
          Nanostructure on the surface of the particles produce solitons of polaritons. Without these tubercles there is no Polariton BEC formation.

  • LCD

    It is starting to become relevant to say that a goal of a highly reproducible lenr kit should be to be able to see the effect at temperatures lower than typical material breakdown temperatures.
    Cause this crap keeps happening.

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Bob Greenyer

    We have published Dr. Parkhomov’s leakage calculation method in the live doc.

    • AlbertNN

      One comment is that the assignment of power leakage through the insulation is assuming that power is only coming from the heater. I.e. he is implicitly assuming a COP=1.
      I also would have liked to see more points of calibration of the heat loss from the dummy runs than the two given. A small detail is that the calculation he cites actually gives a result of 41 W.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thank you for your review, I will notify him of your correction.

        The calculation is the same for the control runs and he targets temperatures with his heater control.

        I guess when he has a reliable experiment on multiple runs he can start to finesse things

  • Nicholas Cafarelli

    I have yet to see a number on the volume of the reactor. The empty available space inside.

    Anyone have this detail? I know the tube is either 120mm long or 135mm long. MFMP notes vary from Parkhomov report. Inner diameter is 5mm.

    Because the length of the plugs, and their inset, are unspecified, the numbers above can only produce an upper limit guess of reactor inside volume.

    I have yet to find a scale diagram which fits the reported measures. I will make one once I determine the plug length and inset. I will then post it to

    • Bob Greenyer

      I have asked him for the detail and will capture the answer in the live doc.

      • Nicholas Cafarelli

        Thank you Bob. Did you ask Alexander if he felt the volume was a critical element? In an email he wrote to me he implied that the ratio of Ni to LiAlH4 was uncritical. Though anyone reading this is wise, in my opinion, to stay as close to his experiment as practical until “success”.

        • Bob Greenyer

          He says he will try less LiAlH4 not more

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Robert. No problem

    I am going to capture the full sealing method today in the live doc hopefully.

    We reported on our attempts in the Moscow presentation,, it shows results of our attempts in January and principal modes of failure. I describe Dr. AP’s comments and clarifications prior to 26th Feb 2015 in the presentation. There are links to the full Evernotes for the attempts in the slides.

    The pore problem solution was resolved, however, it was not until I got to his home that I got the likely full answer to the wall delimitation problem. The tubes he is using are only 50% Alumina, the rest are different silicates, he does not know the source, but he says it contained magnesium. I have captured this in the live doc. I also discuss how he prevents water getting to the fuel (principally with the pre-made plugs)

    Remember, the heating up of the reactor is 5+ hours and is part of the sealing process. You can access the raw data of our experiment from the live doc, this will precisely show the heating profile for a live run.

  • Bob Greenyer

    For neutron detection, a pre-calibrated Indium foil was suspended in the calorimeter water in line with the level of the reactor.

    Nearing the end of the experiment, this was removed, dried and placed between two Geiger counters, one set to read low counts, the other high counts per second.

    In the calibration, these to count rates were equivalent.

    If during the experiment, Neutrons had activated the Indium, the count rates would change.

    They did not.

    In this video you can see the Indium foil immediately after its removal from the reactor being dried and placed between the two Geiger counters which is attached to the computer that monitors them on channel 1 & 2. The computer also monitors the power meters 1125 joule pulses on channel five.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Nevertheless, this does not mean that there are no neutrons involved. Ultra low momentum neutrons (Widom-Larsen) or neutrons which are transferred by stripping reactions (Gullström) might not be able to reach the detector.

      By the way, did Mr. Parkhomov say anything about theory? I wonder if he favours any of the existing approaches, maybe even an ‘exotic’ one like Yu. N. Bazhutov’s “erzion” theory.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Yes, it is basically reporting no fast Neutrons in the direction of the foil.

      • off topic, but even ULM neutrons can be thermalized , even if infrequently, and given the required flux of neutrons, even an infinitesimal ration of thermalization would be clearly detected.

        this is one big question for Widom Larsen theory.

        for bound neutrons, it seems possible.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Have posted more details and photos on the sealing method of Dr. Parkhomov.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Parkhomov calorimeter assembly

    []=Project Dog Bone=[]

    Where wires were expected to get really hot (like the heater wires and thermocouple leads), they were protected by painting them with some of the same cement as used to seal the reactors and coat their bodies.

    In cooler areas, to avoid shorting to each other and to the pan body, especially as passed under the pan lid, they they were covered in silicone tubing.

  • Axil Axil

    See my new post called SPP condensation.

  • Bob Greenyer

    From Page 21 in live doc.

    Pressure estimate (PRELIMINARY AND SUBJECT TO REVISION) that assumes no leaking from the cell and no ad/absorption by the nickel. It also assumes that all the hydrogen is free rather than being in an ionic molton LiH solution in a dynamic equilibrium.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Vapour quality video

  • Bob Greenyer

    In the centre top of your browser pane, there will be four buttons. Click on the third from left, it is the download button and it will allow you to download the xls file.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Starting to document the second experiment / Lab I saw last week.

    One team, sponsored by a Russian registered entity “LockTherm LLC”, again with no luxury of a glovebox, is taking a very different approach to their experiments and has developed a very ingenious method of pressing pellets for their reactors. The technique is very valuable to would be replicators and has many advantages, it makes powder mixes less likely to

    1. loft (i.e. reduce likely hood of particles in air after pressing, protecting operators)
    2. react with moisture through the bulk

    It also makes them far easier to pre-package and distribute and easier to handle predictably insert into a reactor without distributing powder in other places inside the tube as we have previously encountered. This may make it more possible for the MFMP to send out kits.

    Lastly, it is affordable and accessible because it is about as ‘garage’ as you can do things – it is based on a car jack!