Foodini 3D Printer Could Show the Future of Food Preparation

This is not really LENR-related (except it requires energy like almost every product), but since we all eat and most of us cook, I thought this might be interesting. An article from the Washington Post today, titled “One device will change how we cook forever”, looks at food preparation of the future (almost the present now) — cooking done by a 3D printing. The article focuses on a product called the Foodini — a product being developed by a Spanish company called Natural Machines which will apparently be available commercially later this year.

The Foodini’s specialty will be customization of food, and the ability to create dishes to precise specifications.
The article quote Alex Lightman, a futurist who sits on the board of Natural Machines.

From the article:

The future Lightman sees is one that takes Burger King’s long-held slogan, ‘have it your way,’ to a much more literal place. Once the price of 3D printers has fallen enough that large food companies, like Starbucks or McDonald’s, have them at stores around the country, and the machines are advanced enough that they can handle a nearly endless list of food items, traditional menus will serve only as inspiration.

“Eventually, you’ll be able to get a custom meal that looks exactly as you want it, that meets the most ridiculous and precise requirements,” said Lightman. “I mean, the sort of asks you’ll be able to make are things that would get you kicked out a restaurant today. But they’ll be completely normal, and pretty cheap to prepare, too.”

Here’s a marketing video from Natural Machines which shows the Foodini in action.

  • GreenWin

    Too close to “Houdini” for me to sample its wares.

    • Ged

      All I want is a chocolate milkshake.

      • Omega Z

        You don’t even need to print that. Just drink straight from the printer cartridge. Wonder what the refill cartridge will cost. One of the most expensive shakes you’ll ever have. 🙂

  • georgehants

    Does this mean the Human race can advance beyond killing sentient animals for food.
    My god now I will be able to really enjoy a steak without feeling guilty.
    Could we really be moving toward a civilized World where everybody is equal, no slaves as today growing and producing food in the rich and poor countries just so that those in the rich countries can live in luxury and feel superior?

    • LilyLover

      Given further opportunity to express yourself, you’ll accuse the “rich countries” of manipulating the currency-exchange-rates (efforts-exchange-rates) at the gunpoint of militaristic threats as opposed to genuine skill-based-trade.
      Well, let’s feed’em all, make’em rotund, lull them to happiness and we can become more civilized one Foodini at a time.
      I still think – dish-specific large-scale-robots with flying saucer food delivery is the convergence until we can get to the “Robby” level.

      • georgehants

        Hi lily —-
        How did banks rig foreign exchange markets?
        In basic terms banks have been accused of colluding for at least a decade to manipulate exchange rates for their own gain.
        UBS has fired the starting gun on a fresh wave of fines for banks over foreign
        exchange market rigging, with penalties of up to $6 billion expected to
        be imposed on other major banks later today.

        • Alain Samoun

          George: Don’t be fooled,to pay their fines,the banks print – in fact create – the money. That the way banks work.

          • Omega Z

            Banks get a bad wrap, but there are some bad players.
            And Yes, A few CEO’s in jail could act as a deterrent. Fines & penalties are just passed on hurting the consumer who was already impacted by the bad behavior to begin with. A Double whammy.

    • Short Man

      “Could we really be moving toward a civilized World where everybody is equal”

      I don’t think so, we still have a very long way to go before we see humans accepting to treat other humans as equals. I am having such a hard time being respected by grocery cashiers even though I am the customer.

      Short men get no respect in this world. People only respect what they fear and only do the right thing when they are compelled to do so by force. It’s human nature.

      Do you know how it feels to be laughed at and ridiculed by the grocery cashier for demanding to be respected ?

  • vokzzi V

    It will fit wonderfully well in a kindergarten.

  • Jimr

    Everything will have the flavor of tofu. I’m willing to bet it won’t go over big.

  • Nicholas Chandler-Yates

    My parents always told me not to play with my food.

  • Alain Samoun

    Who is this guy? No food,no sex,no life – NO THANKS!

  • Errr!
    Making my good looking and tasting food into baby mush.
    I still have good teeth and enjoy chewing on a bloody steak.
    Food in tubes does not appeal or mucked about by a machine.
    Now if they could come up with a food replicator I would buy one.

  • Mytakeis

    Should have a sensor built in to reject any goo containing MSG.

  • georgehants

    Migrant Farm Workers: Our Nation’s Invisible Population
    March 04, 2015
    “their hopes and dreams do not always materialize to the degree
    envisioned and promised with 61 percent of U.S. farm workers’ income
    falling below the poverty level. A median income of less than $7500 a
    year leave many feeling trapped with no other viable options outside of
    formwork and with the shame and indignity of returning to their
    homelands with less than what they came.”

    • Hador_NYC

      So you are comparing shame, and at worst a bad choice to slavery. The closest comparison might be indentured servitude that was relatively common in the colonies before slavery. That makes me sad, and I hope you never have to experience the horror, truly an over used term, of being in slavery as so many people experience today. Sure, going home poorer, or no better sucks. Sure shame and even public ridicule sucks, but that is nothing compared to slavery.

      Secondly, it’s easy for anyone to move around in the US, legal or otherwise. plenty of illegal immigrants come to the US and move around it. I have spoken to many who have done so, so clearly you have not. It’s not hard to start in US farm country, and end up in NYC. Further, what about all those Dreamers that the President has helped?

      No, your comments are insulting to those we need to save from primarily sexual slavery these days, and those who have experienced all kinds of it in the past. You sir, need a reality check.

    • Omega Z

      “If you 3D print your own stuff”
      Wait till you have to buy refill cartridge.
      You need to max your credit card or take out a loan.

    • Omega Z

      They fall below the poverty level because they only work a few months a year.(They do have a Union) However, if there legal migrants, they go home when the work is done then return the next year & that income is far above the average when they go home. Note that half of those farm jobs are now gone & many more will be in the future.

      Before saying to much, keep in mind the U.S. allows more legal immigration then nearly all the rest of the world combined. And that about 25% of Mexico’s population have become U.S. citizens.

      In the last 40 years, the U.S. has allowed more legal immigrants then the entire population of the United Kingdom. That’s a lot of poor people to absorb. This creates many imbalances One of which is the strain on the medical system means millions of Americans with health insurance have No Doctor. There are not enough to go around.

      • georgehants

        Omega, many problems but my point is simple, many people are poor in developed and undeveloped countries.
        I do not wish to discuss all the reasons or excuses just the Fact that the system must by definition be at fault.
        One either takes the view it will always be like that with capitalism and so fine, or one looks at the situation, feels it is faulty and thinks about how to change that system to make it equally fair for every human-being.
        It clearly just depends on the view of the person seeing the inequality.

  • GreenWin

    This represents the early phase of food synthesis. While this gadget simply “prints” food stock prepped by Cuisinart, it is a precursor to artificial food synthesis. The advent of GMO kits allows carbon-based food stock to be modified into nearly any organic molecule. Fruit, vegetable and protein food types use a molecular lookup table to synthesize and combine the necessary molecules to “print” an apple, carrot or chicken breast.

    The clue to these new food types will be their short term shelf life. If you were to take home a box of synthesized strawberries – eat them quickly or refrigerate. Synthesized food stuff does not tolerate room temp well. Let the strawberries sit on your counter for 2 days – they will turn to a mushy pulp. Mother nature’s strawberries (i.e. real world) would last nearly a week.

    This is unsurprising. In an artificial world, artificial food stuff is only as good as its artificial programmers.

  • Albert D. Kallal

    I have to agree. The food of course will be cold, but can then be baked etc.

    This machine does not prepare or modify the food in any
    way at all. You get faster speed and more versatility using an old fashioned
    pastry bag.

    In fact the pastry bag can handle FAR wider range food
    products with a far greater range of viscosity in terms of the food you have to
    prepare for such a machine.

    If this machine could take some raw food products and by
    layering etc. result in something new, or something that tastes different as
    opposed you having to blend up and prepare the food BEFOREHAND for such a machine, then we might have something here to talk about. This machine does nothing in the way preparing food for you.

    From using pastry, whipped potatoes, dough etc., you better off to use a classic dough bag – and it going to be faster too!

    The idea that this food printer will revolutionize the kitchen or become popular in home kitchens is laughable.

    The traveling road show with a horse drawn wagon with a picture of some doctor painted on the side along with a slick salesman selling you some elixir in a bottle that cures near every known aliment is alive and well today. The only difference is the horse drawn carriage and sales man been replaced by the internet!

    This food printer in this incarnation is fringe product with VERY little use in the home. I fail to see ANY technological difference here in the output of such a machine compared to that of an old fashion dough bag.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Omega Z

      Actually, This is so the younger generation wont starve after the older generation is gone as they will not know how to prepare or cook for themselves from scratch.

      You can see this transition in the Grocery stores. More & more space is given over to pre prepared food stuffs. Fast food without going to a traditional fast food joint. Just take it home & microwave it.