Foodini 3D Printer Could Show the Future of Food Preparation

This is not really LENR-related (except it requires energy like almost every product), but since we all eat and most of us cook, I thought this might be interesting. An article from the Washington Post today, titled “One device will change how we cook forever”, looks at food preparation of the future (almost the present now) — cooking done by a 3D printing. The article focuses on a product called the Foodini — a product being developed by a Spanish company called Natural Machines which will apparently be available commercially later this year.

The Foodini’s specialty will be customization of food, and the ability to create dishes to precise specifications.
The article quote Alex Lightman, a futurist who sits on the board of Natural Machines.

From the article:

The future Lightman sees is one that takes Burger King’s long-held slogan, ‘have it your way,’ to a much more literal place. Once the price of 3D printers has fallen enough that large food companies, like Starbucks or McDonald’s, have them at stores around the country, and the machines are advanced enough that they can handle a nearly endless list of food items, traditional menus will serve only as inspiration.

“Eventually, you’ll be able to get a custom meal that looks exactly as you want it, that meets the most ridiculous and precise requirements,” said Lightman. “I mean, the sort of asks you’ll be able to make are things that would get you kicked out a restaurant today. But they’ll be completely normal, and pretty cheap to prepare, too.”

Here’s a marketing video from Natural Machines which shows the Foodini in action.