Sunday Times: Steorn Raises More Money, Sales in Small Quantities Have Begun (Update: Orbo Powercube Webinar Announced for October 28th)

UPDATE #2 (September 29th, 2015)

For people interested in what Steorn’s Orbo Powercube is all about, there’s a free webinar that has been announced that will take place on Wednesday, 28 October 2015, at 07:00 pm GMT.

The website Freeenergytruth explains what will go on at this webinar:

“During the webinars Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy will talk about Orbo, demo the Powercube technology, answer questions and you will get a first look at the Orbo Powercube. The various components of the Powercube will be shown and how they work together will be explained.”

I’ve signed up (registration link here), and will be interested to see what is presented.


An article appearing in the Irish version of the Sunday Times newspaper reports on the progress of Steorn, the Irish Company developing a battery charger based on its Orbo techhnology which is claimed to produce energy from magnetic interactions.

The article by Vincent Ryan is titled “Steorn’s battery boosted by €2m” and can be located here, except the full text is only available behind a paywall. I have been able to read the full article, but can’t reproduce it here for copyright reasons (News Corp owns the Sunday Times) — but here are key points:

— Company filings last week show that 2.1 million Euros was recently raised by Steorn from individual investors and an investment trust.

— CEO Shaun McCarthy states that they have begun to sell small quantities of Orbo devices, and anticipates Steorn will generate a small profit this year.

— The company’s focus is to license its technology in the consumer electronics market. McCarthy is quoted as saying, “You put this in your product and you never have to recharge it. A ballsy statement, I know.”

If anyone knows of a way to get hold of one of these early devices for sale, I would love to be able to get my hands on one, and carry out some long-term live testing to stream on this website to see if Orbo technology really does what Steorn claims.

UPDATE: Thanks to SG for the link to the following. Of course an anonymous Reddit post can’t be verified, so this can only be classified as a rumor, but here’s a claim posted on that site:

“I’m probably going to get destroyed for saying this but I’ve seen one of those orbo thingies in the real world!”

“It was very very interesting…”

“Well I’ve never seen a battery shorted then recharge itself. It was hooked up to an oscilloscope, positive and negative terminals were connected, saw it flat line as the energy discharged then it jumped back up to fill the battery again. Admittedly the capacity of that one was very low but I hear they have improved the power density since. Could it have been faked? I’m sure it could as I’m no expert in these things but the above is what I saw.”

  • Sanjeev

    Yes, let see who has bought it and what their experience is. Is the sale only to selected people who will not talk about it ? If yes then its still in doubtful zone for me.

  • Ivan Idso

    I would like to know how many watts it produces, were there any specs in the article.

    • ecatworld

      No, not in the article. The person at Slattery’s in Dublin who did some field testing said that he was told the power cube they had was able to do two full charges of a phone in 24 hours.

      • Ged

        We can calculate its power output, then, based on the known battery energy capacity specs of a tested phone. I hope you can get your hands on one of these and give it a try.

  • How do they interpret the wording “sell”?
    Does it mean that contracts were signed and money flew?
    They didn’t say anything about actually delivered devices working at the customers residence?

    • i hope it is just wind…
      This is food for Mary unless they give good evidences.

  • Y2K

    They could possibly harvest electromagnetic field from environment. Hence so small output. Like recent wi-fi charger demo.

  • I do not believe anything this company says. I don’t think they are worth reporting on unless and until they actually produce something that works. They must produce definitive third party tests that show their gadgets work.

  • This reminds me of that flashlight that just went on the market from Adgex – I think that it is called the ELFE. It is probably based on different principles, though. (I think that they said that the ELFE works with Schumann Resonance in the Earth’s atmosphere to charge the flashlight)

    Oh, well, if Steorn have really done this, then congratulations are in order. I think that I posted this on other sites, but if this actually works, then I think that this should be the Steorn theme song:

  • SG

    Some user named nixmixed claims to have seen one out in the wild:

  • Daniel Maris

    They say it’s on sale. Where?

    • nietsnie

      Exactly. Steorn says it’s been sold on a small scale? To whom? Maybe it was to people in that remote African village that got the Orbo-powered well.

  • When I read independent reports of hundreds of people actually buying their gadgets, then I will believe they are on sale.

    When I read independent reports of hundreds of consumers claiming the product actually works, then I will be interested. Right now I see nothing to back up any claim they have ever made.

  • Oystein Lande

    I don’t understand why this site keeps reporting on Stoern which has nothing to do with LENR.

    This is hundred times more controversial than cold fusion ever was. Does not benefit this site.

    Extracting free energy, ZPE or wathever we call it, from permanent magnets have been tried for centures without success.

    In this case an extraordinary claim made by Stoern demands a really really extra extra extraordinary Proof, not merely “It’s for sale”

    • Fun Fact: The dude that first said: :”Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof” was Marcello Truzzi, and he lived to regret it.

    • Guru

      Brian Ahern has hypothesis, that so called LENR is in fact magnetic or nano-magnetics effect, so it is possibility that You attack the same phenomenon in different revelation

    • Omega Z


      “Extraordinary Claims merely need Ordinary Proof.
      Ordinary, but confirmed just as any other claim.

    • Ryan

      Powered heavier than air flight was tried for centuries and written off by those declared the absolute authorities and yet they were proven wrong. The only questions you need to ask yourself in matters such as this are; Has this cost me anything? Are they demanding I acquiesce to their hypothesis without evidence? In both cases the answer is no. You are not being cost anything by these people doing what they are doing and they aren’t trying to force you to believe their hypothesis without evidence. They are making a claim, plain and simple and it will either bear out or not. I will watch but otherwise not make a decision one way or another until further evidence is provided. It costs me nothing to wait and observe and I see no reason to bloviate about how it can’t be possible as again they aren’t trying to force me to believe nor are they costing me anything. Lots of things people thought were impossible were found to be quite possible and every society has thought in its time that it was at the ultimate, leading edge that nothing could really get better than, which time after time was proven wrong by later societies. Our civilization will be no different and I doubt very much that the things we think impossible now will not be overcome in the future. Also, no extraordinary claims do not need extraordinary evidence. They only need evidence, like everything else. There is no such thing as super evidence, only evidence, period. If they have an effect that bears out eventually the evidence will come to light and we will have a better understanding of the phenomena, if there is any, no super evidence needed.

  • GreenWin

    Steorn has been vilified by consensus science and pathos for years. But like other alternative energy technologies they keep coming back. Funny that. Just another step in the paradigm change that bachole and others have long predicted.

    • Barbierir

      I think being vilified was perfectly justified and I’m not a pathoskeptics by any stretch, they can’t make such claims without showing or explaining anything. It was exactly what they deserved.

      • SG

        While I generally agree the burden is on the claimant, the problem in my opinion is the tone of the attacks. We’re all on this planet trying to find our way and really the kind of attacks that were leveled against Steorn were pretty wild and uncalled for, particularly since they seemed sincere and there has been little evidence that the investors have turned on them–in fact, the investors seem very supportive even all of these years later given some recent statements in the press.

  • HiggsField

    This should be interesting. As many here are aware there was a report in May of them doing a field trail:
    You do not get 2.1 million Euros which some serious indulgence being carried out on the part of the investor(s). I think you have to give this at least a 75% chance of being legit. The interesting thing to me is this a mechanical or solid state device. If you were to put it into a cell phone or flash light I would think solid state. Unlikely investors would be interested in something mechanical?

  • Blue Energy

    Mark, I know it’s a little ugly, but I pretty much reserve my scorn just for Steorn. I followed them and gave them the benefit of the doubt for years. I participated in an experiment to prove the existence of it. But there has never been anything but smoke and mirrors to repay it. For me, there’s just a limit to how long you can intimate that proof is just around the corner – and then not produce it. It’s is astonishing to me that they can still talk money out of new investors after all this time.

    Now they intimate that a product has been sold. You suggest the use of search engines to find where Orbo is on sale and/or who it has been sold to. I have Googled that. All I’ve come up with are vague claims of anonymous sales having been made. Nothing substantive so far – and that doesn’t surprise me in the least. That’s Steorn’s M.O. None of the hundreds of hours I have spent trying to track down a Steorn claim about Orbo have ever panned out. Ever. I would love to have been right in supporting them eight years ago. Give me something substantive if you have access to it – I would love to change my mind. Scorn is so ugly!

    • I hear what you’re saying – I really do. They screwed up, and they owned up to it. They should have never done things the way that they did in announcing what they did when they did. The same can be said of Rossi. He tried to rush the E-Cat on the market too fast. Remember when Rossi was saying that Rossi was hoping to have the E-Cat in The Home Depot in 2012? Well, the Steorn folks have just announced that The PowerCube is on sale (not that they have actually sold any, yet) and this was reported by that article behind the paywall. The only thing substantive that I can say, for now, is that Frank wants to try to get his hands on one and run a test on E-Cat World. We should all try to see if we can get in touch with someone at Steorn who can make it happen. The Steorn folks may be worried about Frank being a debunker, if they do not know who Frank is and what he does, so there may need to be some further convincing. What I can suggest to Frank is to try to get in touch with the folks at I have read a number of their Facebook posts which seem to suggest that the folks may have some inside information on the Steorn thing. They may be able to convince the Steorn folks to allow Frank to run the test. If you don’t want to participate in this effort, Blue Energy, then I would understand where you are coming from. You may just have to wait until the PowerCube goes on sale to everyone. Unlikely things do happen, every now and then:

      • Blue Energy

        I’m a sucker for the potential of unlikely things. And the truth is that I would be much more circumspect if Shaun even makes his device available to fairly test by the public and it doesn’t flop dramatically.

        Yes. Frank should get one – and then open it and see whether it is filled with electrical storage devices; or whether it contains circuitry to create electricity out of nothing. If it’s just batteries or capaciters, then it’s a hoax as most of us expect and he can stop there. But, if not he can continue. Truth is – it is very unlikely that Steorn will make the insides of the device easily available for view due to the probability of fraud detection before collection of more funds.

        An in-between potential is that the contents include both a smallish battery and unusual circuitry. The manufacturer of the battery can be used to obtain max storage specs for it. These can be used to determine the total expected charge capacity of the battery so that in the next phase of testing that can be exceeded.

        Then, he should charge things with it pretty much continuously for an extended period of time. Say – two phones a day for a month or two.

        If Orbo, tested by Frank (not Steorn…) has reportedly done that successfully then I would pay a lot more serious attention to it again.

        Although there are some parallels between McCarthy and Rossi, Rossi has been public for much less long; Rossi’s public demonstrations were each at least partially successful; and Rossi’s third part tests were successful. Whereas, McCarthy has been at it publicly for much longer; McCarthy’s public demonstrations have all failed (with the possible exception of that well pump in the undisclosed location somewhere in rural Africa); and McCarthy’s panel of independent testers unanimously declared it didn’t work. Add to that – no-one, even with Steorn-supplied (for money no less…) insider knowledge has been able to duplicate the effect. Whereas e-cat has been duplicated several times now. Big differences there. Not to say that there isn’t room for Rossi to fail miserably still – but that seems less and less likely to me all the time. I keep waiting for those MFMP results to get back…

        • You’re making an awful lot of assumptions that might not be true. Well, whatever. I guess that we’re going to see. I hope that Frank manages to get one, so that he can test it, and you can be convinced. I do not, however, think that Frank needs to look inside. He just needs to run it longer than any known battery can account for, in my opinion. What do you think, Frank?

          • ecatworld

            If I can get an orbo, my focus will be on long-term testing to see what it is capable of.

          • Blue Energy

            I suppose that testing it long enough will eventually surpass what a quick peek inside would confirm more quickly. And, for that matter, confirmation of no massive battery is not proof that it will still work next week or even tomorrow.

  • hempenearth

    Webinars announced in about 30 days, with possible Orbo Powercube sales. If you get the option Frank, can you buy one for me please?

  • Bob Greenyer

    You can get 500milliwatt WIFI, most are up to 100milliwatt

  • Omega Z

    Hey Mark

    Can you provide a link on that. 🙂

  • Omega Z

    What is your mind set? I can’t power my Electric car with this or my home therefore this is just a bunch of hoaky crap.
    I don’t know if this Orbo cube works or how it’s supposed to work. I know crystal radios do work & this Orbo may be a play off of that.

    Most everyone here is of the mindset of large quantities of power. I fully understand that. But I will continue to watch this technology. If this should work, even if it produces only small quantities of energy, It has a lot of potential.

    I’ll explain why-
    It’s that time of year again. The annual Changing out the battery in my Thermostat. Yes, The battery is still going, but I don’t want to wake at 3:00 AM freezing because the battery decide it was out of power & the heat doesn’t come on.

    I have 3 clocks in the house that use a single AA battery. Yep, I’ll change them while I’m at it. Like shoestrings that break at inconvenient times, the clocks will quit at inconvenient times as well.

    Modern TV’s & computer monitors that draw small amounts of energy so we have that instant on. I’ve seen some are now using as little as 1/2 a watt.

    Ever have a power outage, rummage around for that flashlight in the dark & stub a toe only to flip the switch & have the oh crap moment. OK, where’s those spar batteries. Oh yeah, done used them. Meant to pick some up.

    All these small energy drains & batteries add up $$$. If the Orbo cube or something of that nature can work, even at low energy levels, it has a lot of potential. It becomes a question of how much energy & how cheaply can they be mass produced.

    We don’t give these little things much thought. The market is HUGE.

    • SG

      If the power cube works, then it seems likely that it could be scaled up. The Steorn folks have talked about developing built-in car chargers in the past.

  • HiggsField

    Final design apparently. I’m hopping that the people who sign up for the webinar get first chance to buy one.

  • Slad

    A problem: How big does an antenna have to be, to properly receive a 30Hz or less signal?

  • Omega Z

    There is nothing wrong with being skeptical as long as one is not closed minded.

    • closed minded is hard to define.
      You can be very conservative, this mean have a preference to conservation when in doubt, as you can be optimistic and hopefull , but :
      – when you cannot conclude, even if you have a clear statistical bias to say one hypotheis is more credible, you have to admit you are not sure.
      – when there is evidence that are solid enough, you have to accept them, and at worst just claim there is still room for doubt if you have an improbable theory to explain another hypothesis…

      what the yeah-believers like the nay-believer do, is ignore evidence that dissent, and take doubt as evidence that please their bias.

      you can be optimistic, pessimistic, biased, racist, idealist, conservatists, liberal, but once there is evidence, evidence of an hypothesis, or of a doubt, you have to integrate it.

      the real crime is bad risk management.

      if mainstream people were simply skeptical and managing risk correctly, they would simply invest few billion in cold fusion in case it is real, knowing it is probably not, reading every peer reviewed and non reviewed paper, eventually reviewing those who are not reviewed.

      forget it, if science was rational you would call that engineering.

  • Blue Energy

    Let’s consider the opposite also, Mark: those people who continue to believe no matter how much evidence piles up against Steorn and Orbo. What shall their punishment be? Most will probably not publicly pillory themselves. I suspect that some will continue to field excuses for Steorn; find logical loopholes in which a millimeter of doubt somehow remains. But, the vast majority of former believers will simply become less vocal. Somehow Steorn will probably emerge without a scratch, financially. But, they will suffer in public opinion again. Really, this doesn’t take much prognostication. It’s already happened.

    But, if Steorn fields a product that actually does what its buyers hope it will do? Well, nothing quiets skeptics and scorners quite like incontrovertible evidence of truth. Steorn has a little further to go just because of all its public failures – but all that bad karma is certainly overcomeable. As a disbeliever myself, I would definitely get back on the bandwagon and joyously admit that I was wrong. All it would take is publicly available proof. Thousands of PowerCubes out there in the wild doing what people expected them to do when they bought them would be plenty good enough. Word of free energy for sale (pun intended…) would travel fast.

    There might be a few people who have personally invested in disbelief to the extent that they would prefer that a wonderful outcome for mankind be smothered rather than admit that they were wrong. Probably roughly about the same percent who have invested in belief no-matter-what. But, these people, who are not swayed by evidence, are in the minority. In general, truth will out – one way or the other.

    • Blue Energy

      As a demonstration, when I was a kid there was a very common phrase that people in the US Midwest said when they wanted to indicate that something was ridiculously unbelievable. You heard it several times a month. They would say, “That’s about as likely as a man on the moon.” It vanished from lexicon altogether overnight in 1969.

    • Uhhh…the assumption of the hypothetical thought experiment was that the PowerCube is the real deal. Obviously, if that turns out to be wrong then the whole scenario falls apart. It was just a hypothetical thought experiment, and I think that similar scenarios play out with a lot of other subjects. If you want to hypothesize about another scenario, like the opposite scenario, go for it. I can’t say that I’m eager to participate in that, but maybe you’ll find some others who will be more interested.

      Also, if you will change with evidence that will change any reasonable person, then you are, by definition, NOT a pseudoskeptic, and NOT one of the people that I was talking about in the hypothetical scenario. If you want more information about the kinds of pseudoskeptics that I am talking about, check out this article:

  • ecatworld