Sunday Times: Steorn Raises More Money, Sales in Small Quantities Have Begun (Update: Orbo Powercube Webinar Announced for October 28th)

UPDATE #2 (September 29th, 2015)

For people interested in what Steorn’s Orbo Powercube is all about, there’s a free webinar that has been announced that will take place on Wednesday, 28 October 2015, at 07:00 pm GMT.

The website Freeenergytruth explains what will go on at this webinar:

“During the webinars Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy will talk about Orbo, demo the Powercube technology, answer questions and you will get a first look at the Orbo Powercube. The various components of the Powercube will be shown and how they work together will be explained.”

I’ve signed up (registration link here), and will be interested to see what is presented.


An article appearing in the Irish version of the Sunday Times newspaper reports on the progress of Steorn, the Irish Company developing a battery charger based on its Orbo techhnology which is claimed to produce energy from magnetic interactions.

The article by Vincent Ryan is titled “Steorn’s battery boosted by €2m” and can be located here, except the full text is only available behind a paywall. I have been able to read the full article, but can’t reproduce it here for copyright reasons (News Corp owns the Sunday Times) — but here are key points:

— Company filings last week show that 2.1 million Euros was recently raised by Steorn from individual investors and an investment trust.

— CEO Shaun McCarthy states that they have begun to sell small quantities of Orbo devices, and anticipates Steorn will generate a small profit this year.

— The company’s focus is to license its technology in the consumer electronics market. McCarthy is quoted as saying, “You put this in your product and you never have to recharge it. A ballsy statement, I know.”

If anyone knows of a way to get hold of one of these early devices for sale, I would love to be able to get my hands on one, and carry out some long-term live testing to stream on this website to see if Orbo technology really does what Steorn claims.

UPDATE: Thanks to SG for the link to the following. Of course an anonymous Reddit post can’t be verified, so this can only be classified as a rumor, but here’s a claim posted on that site:

“I’m probably going to get destroyed for saying this but I’ve seen one of those orbo thingies in the real world!”

“It was very very interesting…”

“Well I’ve never seen a battery shorted then recharge itself. It was hooked up to an oscilloscope, positive and negative terminals were connected, saw it flat line as the energy discharged then it jumped back up to fill the battery again. Admittedly the capacity of that one was very low but I hear they have improved the power density since. Could it have been faked? I’m sure it could as I’m no expert in these things but the above is what I saw.”