An Essay on the Unifying Theory of Natural Forces (Philippe Hatt)

An ECW reader today has sent me a document from an author named Philippe Hatt that was written in 2013. I don’t know anything about the author, nor do I feel qualified to comment on the contents of the essay, except to say that it deals with topics that have been discussed here at length in connection with the theoretical bases of LENR phenomena.

I post a link to the essay here not to endorse it, but for the information and consideration of readers here.

The essay titled “An Essay on the Unifying Theory of Natural Forces” can be read here:

To get a flavor of what the essay is all about, I quote first from the author’s website, and then from the essay’s conclusion:

“The initial process I called “massification/demassification” is an iterative one allowing us to discover the link between the nucleon and the various atom nuclei as well as three of the natural forces, i.e. the electro-magnetic and the two nuclear energies. As regards the gravitation, it is linked to the behaviour of the mass and is a consequence of the massification/demassification system of each given mass towards all other masses.”


Unitary theory of material universe

In the preceding pages, we saw that an immaterial and atemporal initial process induces the material phenomenon under the form of the materialisation of the neutron, which transformed itself into proton.

We have also observed that gravitation, electro-magnetism and nuclear forces derive from the same process, the appropriation of mass in space-time.

We are therefore in the presence of a unitary theory of the material universe.

So we observed that the “materialisation process” or “appropriation of mass” was induced and underpinned by an immaterial process. We have only slightly touched this process, but if the present theory was confirmed by experience, the immaterial and atemporal process which underpins the phenomenon of materialisation/dematerialisation would itself be also truly real. This perspective offers a dimension to human knowledge far more important than the one we possess at present. It is the next stage of our understanding of reality.

The author’s website is

  • pg

    Sorry, pass

  • pg

    Sorry, pass

  • f sedei

    This is too mystical, even for me. I’ll stick with Rossi’s “Magic Sauce” thank you.

  • f sedei

    This is too mystical, even for me. I’ll stick with Rossi’s “Magic Sauce” thank you.

  • Gerard McEk

    A lot more explanation would have made this readable. It just starts to assume that a neutron contains the mass of 1800 electrons plus something more. No explanation why…. The author seems to jump in huge steps through his idea, just explaining some uncorrelated details here and there. Maybe he is brilliant or just a freak.

  • Gerard McEk

    A lot more explanation would have made this readable. It just starts to assume that a neutron contains the mass of 1800 electrons plus something more. No explanation why…. The author seems to jump in huge steps through his idea, just explaining some uncorrelated details here and there. Maybe he is brilliant or just a freak.

  • Axil Axil


    Analogue Hawking radiation spotted in the lab

    They say seeing is believing, I actually saw a photo of the Hawking radiation produced by Prof. Daniele Faccio. It showed as clear as day unmoving waves of radiation coming off of a optical analogue black hole that he had created using lasers.

    The vacuum is not nothing. When virtual particle pairs are created one has positive energy and mass and the other has negative energy and mass. This pair of virtual particles are not a positron and an electron, instead, they are a positive particle and a negative particle. When they recombine, that that positive and negative particle recombination reverts back into nothing.

    When a dark mode Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP) emits a positive photon as Analogue Hawking radiation, a negative photon enters the SPP. This nano black hole grows more negative in energy as time goes on. The SPP will eventually fill up with negative energy.

    This negative energy is said to make time and light move faster. There are many physical laws that assume that EMF has a constant velocity. But what happens to that EMF if light speed is increased. Are there anyone here that can explain to me what happens inside the SPP to the EMF that is trapped inside the SPP when the speed of that EMF is increased?

    Does anybody know what happens to the gas atoms if any that are inside that SPP? What happens inside the nucleus of those gas atoms?

    These are the things I would like to know.

    Next, when a Bose Einstein condensate of these SPPs is formed. what is it like inside that space that the condensate occupies, and what is it like just outside?

    What would happen if we put a person inside that condensate or just outside it where the vacuum energy is positive? Would he travel in time?

    See Negitive Energy

  • gdaigle

    Here is the opening of a book review that I wrote and which will appear in the Journal of Space Exploration next month. It is also a candidate for a “Theory of Everything”, but is based in mathematics, theory and evidence of several experiments. It explains dark energy, dark matter, and other phenomena, but requires that there be two addtional (but very weak) gravitational forces, making a total of 6 fundamental forces in nature.

    Title of the book: 

    Introduction to Physics Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields


    Walter Dröscher

    Institut für Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft Innsbruck, Austria

    Jochem Hauser 

    Institute for High Performance Computing and Communication in Space, Hamburg and Campus Suderburg, Ostfalia Univ. of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Germany

    Publishers, Location, Published year: 
 HPCC-Space GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
 November 2015

    The book Introduction to Physics Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields provides an alternative mechanism to explain the phenomena of dark matter and dark energy. Based upon Extended Heim Theory (EHT), the mechanism proposed introduces novel fundamental particles that explain anomalous experimental results while eschewing the aforementioned extensions to SM. By doing so it also provides a challenge to current orthodoxy that there are four (and only four) fundamental forces in Nature.

    The authors, Walter Dröscher, who collaborated with Burkard Heim, and Jochem Hauser, Professor Emeritus with extensive experience on propulsion and aerodynamic analysis for ESA, describe the existence of two previously unrecognized fundamental gravitational forces in Nature. Experiments cited suggest that gravity- like fields of significant magnitude and predictability may be capable of being generated. The control of such fields may lead to gravitational engineering and a novel era of spaceflight.

    As the authors admit, this is a highly speculative topic and eventually may turn out to be wrong. What they endeavor to achieve in this primer is to bring into one publication all of the theory and supporting evidence to describe an extension of general relativity. EHT is a novel departure from the standard model — one that predicts the existence of additional gravity-like fields derived from the conversion of electromagnetic fields into gravitational fields through symmetry breaking at cryogenic temperatures.

    • Axil Axil

      How do you explain a Bose Einstein condensate light years across at the centers of galaxies.

      • gdaigle

        Not my theory. And, as they impressed upon me, it could be wrong.
        Read for yourself their two most recent articles from a year ago (other than a chapter they wrote in another book):

        • Axil Axil

          I wonder if you would be interested in knowning where those strong asymmetric magnetic fields that Dr. B, Ahern is talking about are coming from?

          The SPP that I referenced in my post here has been determined to produce strong anapole magnetic beams coming out of its central axis.

          See the micrograph and explanation of where the magnetism come from in this article as follows:

          Half-solitons in a polariton quantum fluid behave like magnetic monopoles

          My thoughts:

          If the spin energy of polaritons can be focused into a tight beam that negates the inverse square law for EMF radiation, heat energy pumped into a rotating polariton system(a vortex) can greatly amplify both the power carried by emanating magnetic photons(an anapole field) and the non-resonant EMF field carried by virtual protons. Recent experimental work referenced in the reference done in this area show that a tight magnetic beam can be produced at the points and steep ridges of micro particles proportional to the density of polaritons concentrated by one dimensional superconductivity in action there. Also in like manor, the contact areas in clusters of nanoparticles also act to focus magnetic beams of extreme strength. These atomic level magnetic fields are the most powerful fields produced in the universe. When a EMF field of enough power is produced, mesons and pions condense out of the vacuum. These subatomic particles disrupt the function of the nucleus. Such EMF nuclear disruption is now seen in powerful lasers with 10E20 watts /cm2 power density. The Ni/H reactor produces the same effect using polariton vortexes that form on the surface of Rossi’s nickel particles and in clusters of lithium hydride nanoparticles. There is also the condensation of these polariton solitons that provide super-radiance as another powerful amplification mechanism.

      • gdaigle

        Even though Extended Heim Theory (EHT) does require type 1 superconductor temperatures or extremely strong magnetics fields to create symmetry breaking for gravity-like fields, the three gravitational fields (Newtonian gravity, gp (gravitophotons – attractive or repulsive) and quintessence – repulsive and acting upon spacetime) produce three gravitational constants giving rise to three different propagation speeds of light in a vacuum. One is c, the currently recognized speed of light, while c gp is 1.6 X 10^5 c, and c q is 2.5 X 10^10 c. Also covered in the book are requirements for symmetry breaking and conversion of electromagnetic fields into gravity-like fields