An Essay on the Unifying Theory of Natural Forces (Philippe Hatt)

An ECW reader today has sent me a document from an author named Philippe Hatt that was written in 2013. I don’t know anything about the author, nor do I feel qualified to comment on the contents of the essay, except to say that it deals with topics that have been discussed here at length in connection with the theoretical bases of LENR phenomena.

I post a link to the essay here not to endorse it, but for the information and consideration of readers here.

The essay titled “An Essay on the Unifying Theory of Natural Forces” can be read here:

To get a flavor of what the essay is all about, I quote first from the author’s website, and then from the essay’s conclusion:

“The initial process I called “massification/demassification” is an iterative one allowing us to discover the link between the nucleon and the various atom nuclei as well as three of the natural forces, i.e. the electro-magnetic and the two nuclear energies. As regards the gravitation, it is linked to the behaviour of the mass and is a consequence of the massification/demassification system of each given mass towards all other masses.”


Unitary theory of material universe

In the preceding pages, we saw that an immaterial and atemporal initial process induces the material phenomenon under the form of the materialisation of the neutron, which transformed itself into proton.

We have also observed that gravitation, electro-magnetism and nuclear forces derive from the same process, the appropriation of mass in space-time.

We are therefore in the presence of a unitary theory of the material universe.

So we observed that the “materialisation process” or “appropriation of mass” was induced and underpinned by an immaterial process. We have only slightly touched this process, but if the present theory was confirmed by experience, the immaterial and atemporal process which underpins the phenomenon of materialisation/dematerialisation would itself be also truly real. This perspective offers a dimension to human knowledge far more important than the one we possess at present. It is the next stage of our understanding of reality.

The author’s website is