Article in Ukrainian Newspaper Mirror Weekly Calls for State LENR Program

An article published on October 30th 2015 in the Ukrainian Weekly Newspaper the Mirror Weekly (Russian: Zerkalo Nedeli, Ukrainian: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia) calls for the Ukrainian government to fund an LENR research program as a means of securing the country’s energy future. The article is written by Dr. Vladimir Vysotsky, professor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at Kiev National University Shevchenko and is titled “Late again, Gentlemen.” The Mirror Weekly is an influential newspaper and is read widely among political and academic leaders in Ukraine.

Dr. Vysotsky spends much of the article explaining how Ukraine needs to develop a new source of energy because their energy situation is critical, from the standpoint of being independent of Russian fuel supplies. Ukraine’s own coal and gas production is decreasing, and its nuclear program is in decline (Ukraine get 50 percent of its electricity from nuclear plants) — and so there is a dire need for a new source of energy.

Vysotsky reviews that progress that has been going on in the LENR field, including Rossi’s work and Parkhomov’s replication. He notes that Russia now has started a state-sponsored LENR research program, and argues that Ukraine should now do the same.

The article can be read here. Some excerpts:

“In Russia, where the study of alternative energy, for obvious reasons, has always been taboo, there has recently been created, and is under approval at the state level, a very ambitious, “Russian investment program of study LENR” the rationale of short-term and long-term research and implementation in the 5, 15 and 30 years. Full-official (not in the kitchen!) LENR research under this program has already begun in such well-known research centers as the Institute of General Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences.”

” . . . it is obvious that the success of Ukraine as a state can only be achieved through the use of advanced technology. Of course, you can ignore this fact, staying on the old technological base of XIX and XX centuries, at best, delay copying (and often buying) what others have done and once again hoping for a “maybe”. This is hardly a sensible approach, when you consider that in theory, in understanding the physical processes in LENR and processes in the E-cat generator, we are at the forefront, and we know how to build such a generator and even multiply its performance compared the results of Rossi.”

“In the Kiev University Shevchenko such studies have been conducted over 30 years, they are partly patented, the results published in reputable nuclear physics journals and recognized throughout the world, we are invited all the conferences. But without sufficient external funding, these studies can not be brought to practical implementation and, especially, to the actual implementation. The efforts of a few other enthusiasts (E. Andreev of the Institute of Physics National Academy of Sciences, V. Dubinko of Karkhov Polytechnical Institute, A. Hrischanovich of TET laboratory in Zaporozhye) are limited by the same financial challenges. Talking time has passed, we need real action.”

It’s interesting to get the Ukrainian perspective here from someone who has obviously been paying attention to all the developments in the LENR field. There is a natural desire in Ukraine to become energy independent, especially given current the geopolitical situation, and if Russia is starting a state LENR program, there is clearly an incentive for Ukraine to do the same.

  • f sedei

    Only the brilliant Andrea Rossi has the answer all the replicators are seeking. He is a national treasure. Protect him.

  • Mats002

    Funding experiments is the way to go. All talk and theories are nothing without experiments to validate, dismiss or refine them.

    Experimenters, skilled engineers with stubborn minds prepared to fail and repeat for a long time will be highly valued and seeked for.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah. How many “predictions” in the science journals (not necessarily LENR) by “brilliant” theorists were actually after the fact constructions?

      • georgehants

        Or stolen from their students

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Oh please George, the word is “borrowed”.

  • Again the homely ,That necessity IS the mother of invention.

  • radvar

    This is a specific indication that LENR’s specific geo-political implications are being noticed by the energy community.

    The article is reasonably highly-placed and strengthened by the reference to official Russian research.

    Another tick in the carbon bubble time bomb.

  • Zephir

    Due to Russian aggression, Ukraine lost the coal mines at Donbass and oil fields around Crimea, the focus to cold fusion is therefore the main priority for this country.

    • bachcole

      I made a mistake. Today I realized that Russia cannot fall behind in LENR development. There is a race; I was wrong. If everyone develops LENR, who is going to buy their oil? The oil states must know that their cash flow is in jeopardy.

      If everyone in the world had LENR, at least the Russians won’t freeze to death in the fall, winter, and spring.

      • georgehants

        Morning Roger, well done, you seem to be saying you hope everybody in the World has the open advantage of Cold Fusion.
        It is good you think that it will not be monopolized by the few for profit while many suffer without it.

        • Omega Z

          George, Don’t believe all the propaganda. There are those who fall through the cracks, usually for lack of knowing the system.

          I know a family that lives below the poverty line. $16K a year.
          Of that $16K, they pay $1K in taxes. At years end, they received a Government check near $8K in return in whats called earned income credit. Their rent & utilities are about $800 a month of which 50% is paid by the Government.

          They receive $756 a month in food assistance.($9072 a year) Their kids receive free breakfast & lunch at school. They have 2 flat screen TV’s, 3 laptops & a $1200 gaming computer, Internet service, basic cable, 3 cell phones & a Car. They also receive free health insurance. I was visiting 1 day when she picked up a $60 prescription. Her co-pay was $1. Some pharmacies even wave that. They live quite well for being in poverty & yes, they are counted among those in poverty.
          Much of the problem is choices & personal management. For many of these people. They eat quite well 3 out of 4 weeks. Buying ready cooked meals are quite expensive & there is much available in the U.S. Grocery. Thus a $10 cooked meal at home verses a $50 cooked meal that you take home & warmup in the microwave. Food assistance doesn’t last all month. Many people are lazy or opt for convenience. Some just don’t know how to cook.

          I don’t begrudge these people an occasional can of Pepsi & bag a chips, but a grocery cart full is excessive & expensive let alone, not a healthy diet. Also, there’s a market for food assistance funds. 50% on a $1. There are those who will buy “You” $200 in food in exchange that you give them $100. It’s illegal, but common. This is how they obtain drug or pub money. Note food services are also approached often. No food changes hands, just a phony receipt & 50% cash back.

          As I said, Some fall through the cracks. Some don’t know the system & some when told what to do don’t want to or refuse to go through the process. An hour interview & paper work done by others is apparently to much for some people to deal with.

          As to the Couple I know. Neither new how to cook. I Taught them(about 8 different meals/she taught herself many others since) & helped them obtain the necessary cookware. Now they have their assistance suspended for a month about every 8 months or so because They accumulate a surplus in food assistance. Once it was over $1600 when the next months assistance was available. Yeah, I’ve helped save the taxpayer $2K a year by teaching them to cook.

          I know a man who’s seasonally self employed. ($60K a year) 3 months a year, he has trouble making ends meet. Owns his home, business, a $30K boat, 4 wheel drive truck. And, for those 3 months, gets food assistance.

          There was a guy laid up. Behind on property tax & in danger or losing his home. They paid his property taxes to date. A Gal behind on vehicle insurance & at risk of losing her Job. They paid it up.

          There’s a lot of help available in the U.S.(A couple trillion a year)
          But if you set at home & go woe is me, They can’t help you. You at least have to go in for the interview. Otherwise they don’t know you need help or if they can help you. You have to talk to them 1st.

          • georgehants

            Omega, always such grasping people, no excuse to try and argue or hide those Americans in real need.
            You are correct compared to many parts of the World we in the West are much better protected.
            We, only by a whim of birth have ended up where we are and I consider myself a citizen of the World not just one country or region, all those that are disenfranchised for any reason, anywhere, need a sharing and caring society and not those people in better positions always ready to jump in and blame them, to hide their guilt.
            Many people in America, UK, etc. just do not have the ability to survive in our competitive society and are mentally cut out for a small village existence from yesteryear.
            That is not a failing but a point to be considered by us all as we are forced to survive in this capitalist nightmare for many.
            Hopefully Cold Fusion, if not stolen by the rich and powerful to bolster their ridiculously privileged positions will help.

    • LookMoo

      When people think LENR they think Rossi and his eCat. They assume that Rossi will be the first to start selling LENR solutions just because he is talking about it and making all the prep-tests..

      But the Lugano test and all theoretic papers released around this subject have resulted in a avalanche of LENR-projects, ranging from laser induced heavy hydrogen to God know what…

      What Rossi makes in 12 months the Chinese will make in 6. The Chinese will not be dangled in bureaucracy and legal issues like Rossi. I will put my bets on the x-factor.. the today unknown company coming from no where.

      • georgehants

        Lets hope it works out as you say, It would seem that Mr.Rossi was welcomed in to the US by giving the military one of his devices, to analyses themselves.
        In return the establishment have probably agreed to, leave him alone as long as everything is delayed as they instruct him.
        It cannot be long before, as you say Russia, China, North Korea, anybody, catch up and overtake IH.
        This must not end up owned by the few, one can only hope Cold Fusion has many avenues so that all patents become worthless.
        As many have pointed out, thank goodness the Chinese etc. do not give a damn about such things, that have cost millions of lives in the drug industry etc.

        • LookMoo

          Anti-trust law will prevent him from becoming to big in USA and EU. Just like Standard Oil was splitted in 34 oil companies.

      • Omega Z

        Technically, Rossi is already selling energy.(F9)

        China is no magical fix. The have issues & regulations like everyone else. They also aren’t going to build LENR devices for you. It will require decades just to fill their own needs which they see as more dire then yours.

        One of their biggest concerns today is a massive labor shortage just down the road. They just lifted the 1 child law, but people question the effect. Tho their standard of living & incomes are at record levels, Most of the Chinese don’t think they can afford a 2nd child. It would require forfeiting there modern lifestyles. Computers, internet etc.

        Higher standards of living. The Ultimate birth control. There are other things to do in life besides make babies & the responsibilities that come with it. There is a world out there to explore. Children requires a 20 year commitment. 10 kids 2 years apart take up 40 of the best years of life. Have 1 child & keep half of those 40 to yourself.

    • georgehants

      Zephir, always be very careful to look at all sides and dig for the unbiased Evidence.
      Global Research
      The Center for Research on Globalization.
      The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine

  • Bob Greenyer

    I respect anything Vladimir Vysotski say – he is a genius and prolific – I hope he is listened to.

  • Mats002

    “Rossi just left the container”, a saying of the AR followers 😉

  • Alain Samoun


    • Mats002

      Can you talk louder – I can’t hear you 🙂

      • Alain Samoun


      • georgehants

        mats, it deserves to be in much bigger letters than that, then maybe somebody in government etc. may actually get over their corruption and act.

    • Omega Z

      I thought this was an Old Rossi post. All Caps.

      It would be nice if more eggheads were to study this phenomenon, but as we know, those eggheads do not believe in LENR. More then likely, they would throw a hand full of nickels in an electric oven, turn it on and Say- See it does not work. Now give us another 50 Billion$ and 20 years for hot fusion.

  • HS61AF91

    Fascinating article. If our US government were serious about Ukraine’s future as a viable land, they would spend some of those defensive weaponry millions on this project and also reap the benefits of success. Perhaps this is some competitive drive that will accelerate LENR acceptance and use.

    • Omega Z

      Somethings require time. Not more money or even people.

  • Omega Z

    I thought it was San Diego. I always get those 2 confused.

  • Omega Z

    I see 3D-print being of much benefit. Specialty items, prototyping & limited runs.
    But mass production will be around for a long time. It;s just cheaper at large scale. There is much it wont be able to do.

    And those Refill cartridges. Oh My$$$$