Carl Page on Most Significant Science News for 2016: "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Work And Could Supplant Fossil Fuels"

Thanks to those who have posted about this interesting post on the Edge website by Carl V. Page, a board member of Brillouin Energy, and brother of Google founder Larry Page who is now CEO of Google’s newly formed parent company Alphabet:

On the topic of interesting and important scientific news for 2016, Page states that “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Work And Could Supplant Fossil Fuels”

Here’s an excerpt:

In many experiments with LENR, observed excess heat drastically exceeds known or feasible chemical reactions. Experiments have gone from milliwatts to hundreds of watts. Ash products have been identified and quantitatively compared to energy output. High energy radiation has been observed, and is entirely different than hot fusion.

Dr. McKubre at SRI International teased out the required conditions out of the historical data. To bring forth LENR reactions that produce over-unity energy, a metal lattice heavily loaded with Hydrogen isotopes, driven far out of equilibrium by some excitation system involving proton flux and probably electromigration of lattice atoms as well.

Being a board member for Brillouin, it’s not surprising that Page cites work by Michael McKubre (also on the Brillouin board), and Brillouin founder Robert Godes. This is the work that he is most familiar with, and I am sure he wants to see it succeed.

Of course with his family ties to Google, one wonders how much his younger brother Larry might be paying attention to LENR now. The Alphabet company was formed to let Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin broaden their horizons and explore topics outside the traditional web/search field. Right now they have efforts going in areas such as longevity research, robotics, drone delivery, and capital investment. One wonders if they might see LENR as an important new area of innovation that should be explored.

  • Owen Geiger

    Google buys up companies all the time. They could easily afford to buy Brillouin and turn it into a major LENR company that could one day pass Rossi/IH if they don’t get products in the market fast enough.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      I think no matter how spins this, this is VERY good occurrence.

      Anything that causes larger companies to think, or consider LENR technologies is much welcome news.

      With such large resources available, then a company like Google could really get this LENR ball rolling.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • SG

      Of all companies willing to attempt this moonshot, Google would be one of the best, if not the best.

    • Thomas Kaminski

      Google also gobbles lots of power for their server farms. It also requires massive amounts of cooling. Management has stated that their goal is to use green power wherever possible. LENR might just fit into their desires to “Do No Evil”.

  • Sanjeev

    Good that he went public about his stand on LENR. I hope Google will pour a ton of money in it.

  • Owen Geiger

    How Big is Google? It’s way bigger than most people realize.

    • Skip

      Want some interesting info on Google? Do a search for “is Google evil?”

      I suggest using

      No wonder they don’t use that motto much anymore…

      Also this:

      • Owen Geiger

        I read a long article last year about the source of google funding. Alphabet agencies made huge cash infusions and even provided special code for tracking, backdoor access, etc.

  • builditnow

    Carl Page, is friends with and socializes all the big players here in Silly Con Valley, his brother Larry, Elon Musk etc. etc.
    Carl likely sits around the table like we do, telling our disbelieving friends about LENR.
    Our friends and Carl Page’s friends won’t be convinced until they can touch and feel some kind of LENR device that definitely works, even it it just keeps boiling a cup of tea for months without being plugged in.
    Rossi could do it, but, he’s not in any hurry, too busy getting way ahead of the competition.
    Brillouin might be able to do it but also consider it a distraction from refining their product.
    Gates seems to know about LENR, what’s he up to with his clean energy initiative. If history serves as a guide, he, along with like minded billionaires (zuckerberg), want to steal LENR and dominate it, based on the way they have behaved in their existing businesses.

    It’s remarkable how entirely useless the lamestream media and the NONscience community is.
    The only thing the lamestream media has to report today is Bill Cosby, now, that’s really important isn’t it.
    When I watch the lamestream media, I’m looking for what they failed to edit out, some little things sometimes squeak through, like on CNN, the guy yelling at the back of the first press briefing for the Boston marathon bombing. He was yelling, “why was there a public announcement some 15 seconds before the bombs went off saying “remain calm””. Opps, got the timing wrong.
    Or, the MSNBC interview with the “sister” of the mass shooters in LA, can’t explain where the baby disappeared too, Opps.
    If you watch carefully to realtime broadcasts, a little of interesting stuff leaks through and is later edited out. Other than that, very lame and a solid waste of time.

    • Jarea

      I agree with your vision of steal LENR and dominate it. That is the typical business.

      • HS61AF91

        Only they have not got his secret sauce. That makes Dr. Rossi the boss, and he can take his time to overwhelm competition, and entrenched bureaucratic/academic hesitation.

  • georgehants

    Censorship war: Website unmasks links Google is blocking from search results
    In a mark of protest against online censorship, a new site
    ‘Hidden From Google’ has begun archiving links censored by search
    engines intent on complying with ECJ demands. The site was set up
    by US web developer and transparency advocate, Afaq Tari

    • HS61AF91

      Thanks for that link, and for Afaq Tari. I’d want to see what Google decides to censor. Very informative.

  • Bob

    I find the difference between Rossi / Leonardo Corp and Brillouin quite interesting….
    Brillouin has a board member of significance (Page) that makes a public statement that is very to the point about LENR and how big an impact it could make in this world. Evidently Page is being kept very up to date and is convinced that LENR is real and he is not afraid to state so.
    Leonardo Corp has no board member of significance (at least that I know of) nor have they publicly endorsed LENR in this way. Industrial Heat, last reportedly a licensee, has board members of significance, but they have elected to remain very silent on the technology and specifically Rossi. Rare posts state that research is being done, but little else of content.
    Brillouin has a major science and third party entity (SRI / McKubre) publicly endorse them and just as importantly, CONTINUES to work with Brillouin. Some will say that the fact SRI is paid by Brillouin taints their support. I would argue that SRI is a major testing /RD firm. Monetarily, Brillouin pays so little, that SRI would not jeopardize their reputation on a unconfirmed, hotly contested technology if they did not have good data and reason to support it.
    Leonardo has no third party or highly respected entity that publicly supports them and continues to work with them. Fabianni may very well be capable, but does not have near the reputation or credentials as McKubre. His full employment is from Rossi, which would have much more impact than the small percentage Brillouin pays SRI. Other respected scientist (i.e. Lugano group) have remained completely silent for some reason about Rossi.

    Brillouin has a relative standard business approach. They have two models of reactor, a target market and have business managers directing their approach with a plan.
    Rossi’s product changes frequently, eCat, Gas Cat, Hot Cat, 10KW eCat, 250K eCat back to a 1KW eCatX. Home units were the first target, then industrial, remote site desalination, off grid use and now the vision to change world commerce and back to distributed power. His business model lacks commitment and he seems to control the business plan instead of an expert in the area.
    Brillouin makes a presentation to Congress and an occasional news release. Normally in conjunction with respected SRI / McKubre at their side and their confirmation. They publicly state their LENR effect is real and over unity. No F9 negative or positive disclaimers.

    Rossi makes many posts, all with F9, posts ranging about being very confident about jet engines while simultaneously stating that he cannot even confirm the Rossi effect. Robotized factories over the years and most recently, a bit of a fiasco of a New Years “big release”. All with no support or joint support of significant others.
    It is of little surprise then, that so many do not take Rossi seriously.
    None of the above guarantees that Brillouin is more advanced than Rossi.
    All the the above certainly lends to giving Rossi a bad public image.
    Nothing Rossi has done guarantees that he has exactly what he says he has. He even keeps stating that the skeptics may be right. (Why he states this is strange indeed)
    On one hand, it may not matter…. if he delivers, then as Rossi himself has said….” the market will confirm that the eCat works and will vindicate him” when he starts selling units commercially and not to “secret customers” only.
    On the other hand, if he only sells to secret customers and no public reactors ever come to light, no one will take him seriously in the future either..
    A new work week approaches and …… I continue to wait to see which of the two scenarios will unfold.

    • bkrharold

      Brillouin do inspire confidence. They do not make extravagant claims. They have identified and targeted hot water boilers, as a realistic target for production today. Though hot water boilers are not sensational, they consume a large measure of our energy budget, and can directly replace non sustainable alternatives relatively inexpensively. It is a market worth hundreds of $billions.
      Mike McKubre has an encyclopedic knowledge and experience of LENR. He is able to explain his work in a simple accessible way that even I can understand. The race between Brillouin and Rossi is like the story of the Rabbit and the Snail. Rossi has a completely different temperament. It seems his mind races ahead of his ability to catch up with himself. This gives the appearance of being unprofessional, but there is no doubt he is brilliant and once he has set himself a goal, he will not give up. He is not to dismissed lightly. It takes all types of personality to make up this world, and with two such gifted men, we are all indeed blessed