"The E-Cat Has Been Replicated" — Mats Lewan Summarizes and Synthesizes MFMP Revelations

I have been hoping that we could get an easy-to-digest summary of the information that has been revealed by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project of the last two days. I think it’s important to be able to communicate the findings of the MFMP to people who may not be as familiar with the world of LENR as many close followers are. Thankfully, Mats Lewan has done an excellent job of pulling all the information we have so far together on his An Impossible Invention blog in an article titled: “BREAKING: The E-Cat has been replicated—here’s the recipe!” here:


Here’s an excerpt:

The main evidence for the effect in MFMP’s experiment is a combination of ‘excess heat’—i.e. thermal energy released from the reaction, beyond the input energy—and x-ray radiation—i.e. the same kind of low energy radiation used in medical radiography. Important is that the x-ray emissions were observed only together with excess heat.

The character of the x-ray signal is, according to MFMP, the best way to detect that the replication is successful. The energy of the x-ray photons are between 0 and 300 keV (medical radiography typically uses x-rays between 5 and 150 keV), and there’s a brief but massive burst of x-rays when the reaction starts. This was observed also at the first semi-public demonstration of the E-Cat by Rossi in January 2011.

The heat from Rossi’s devices comes directly from the reaction and from the low energy x-rays which are thermalised—turned into harmless heat—by shielding materials such as lead.

Thanks to Mats for this very useful reference!

  • Jonnyb

    Another giant leap, well done.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Mats insists on “brief but massive burst”, but I understood that time resolution was about 2 hours at spectrum 7. Did I miss some data showing that it was really a burst and brief such?

    • MFMP commented that they suspect the “burst” was toward the end of spec 7 and leaked a bit into spec 8… but that further analysis was underway to see if they could nail down the timing any better. They have another cruder detection device that may be able to bracket the event but the data is still under analysis.

      • Bob Greenyer

        It was somewhere in 7

        Celani’s experience of ‘turn on’ at Rossis first public demo had an off the scale for 1s and a 2 minute fade to background after which Rossi came out. This is similar to our Celani wire repeatable emission signal lengths in France in 2012.

        Additionally the high missed samples data from the spectrometer (showing where the scintillator got saturated) indicate it was burst like.

        Piantelli talked of turn on being fast.

        It was burst, someone else if not us will confirm that soon.

        • It sure would be nice to know exactly when it happened. I find it strange that there’s no hint of anything dramatic happening in the temperature or pressure data during that time. Maybe higher resolution data would show something.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Time constant – it could be that it was radiation absorbed in the HUGE lead bricks back radiating – and so the rise was slow given the distance and lack of direct coupling.

          • You’re saying the lead bricks got hotter than ambient and reduced the temperature difference between the active side and the air around it (thus making the active side stay hotter than control)?

            The photon counts don’t seem to support that level of temperature rise.

            Seems like a reach.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Perhaps it is not all photons – who knows – I think a reactor in lead will have a far higher COP – Parkhomov had 2 X 4mm of enamelled Iron pots, water and a reflector over top with sand on the bottom and on bricks.

          • Your next run will be of high interest. Any kind of schedule forming yet?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Don’t we know it!

            We hope to order 60mg of 96% pure 62Ni with the donations we received yesterday from the same supplier that supplied Rossi.

            Approx. 56mg should quadruple the 62Ni and possibly triple the 61Ni and 64Ni in the 1g load.

            4mg will be kept for Isotopic analysis.

          • Bob Greenyer

            We saw environmental object back radiating and messing up our Celani cell data even when there was no excess heat or putative driver for it.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            X-rays have no delay. If you saw radiation without source, it was some other effect, for example slightly radioactive dust from the natural environment which some gentle breeze brought to the attention of the detector.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I am talking about IR in to a thermal sink or large body. If the reactor was hotter on one side it might accumulate in the lead brick and back radiate/present a warmer body. Additional minute effect of thermalised x-rays in the lead may or may not play a role.

  • Since the difference between X-rays & gamma radiation is quite blurry, at what point do the MFMP X-rays become dangerous to the human body? I wonder if they cross that threshold.

    • Bob Greenyer

      You will see from the video I will publish later today.

  • R V

    Hmmmm. The X-ray chart looks like the background chart. I don’t see a compelling spike.

    Also, what was the total heat output vs. the total heat input including all the processing of the fuels?

  • Bob Greenyer

    Actually – it could be Neutron stripping from 7Li leading to bremsstrahlung radiation.

    But – now we know what we are doing – the rest will come.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The initial emission at turn on explains for the first time what Celani saw in the first public test. The energies are exactly in line with Rossi and DGT claims – the design of the reactors is made obvious by them and there was only emissions with significant excess and not when there wasn’t.

  • So, Rossi says his E-Cat X reactor produces alpha particles??? So that is how he gets electricity, and the way he layers the fuel may be the key to that production of usable DC electricity. Layer the fuel one way and your get high heat. Layer the fuel another way and you get lots of DC current. Getting to where Rossi is now in terms of design and performance is a long way off for the replicators.

    What are Toyota’s replications like? They are not going to publish much, and their work is probably top corporate secret, only to be revealed when they have a finished product,…I suspect.

  • bfast

    I do wonder about the safety of this thing. It seems to be producing x-rays, gamma rays, alpha particles etc. What is required to make it safe for my family? I do really need to know.

    • Mats002

      How can you go to the dentist? Or better: how can the dentist servive with x-rays around every work day until retirement?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Actually, my dentists husband (also a dentist) died of breast cancer – but he was sloppy.

    • Bob Greenyer

      5cm lead.

  • NT

    “It would probably make more sense to just say that the reactor emits photons from 0 to 300keV.”

    That kind of statement would help eliminate the nuclear radiation scary factor for many folks…

  • US_Citizen71

    FYI the first several generations of CRT TVs produced radiation at levels very close to what is being described.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Yes – I was thinking this over the past week.

      • Omega Z

        Couple things,
        The radiation from early CRT’s were lower. The quality of glass at that time was less pure & the contaminates blocked some of the radiation. The radiation was directed downward to the floor within 2-3 foot of the screen. And last, The head slap from parents who said don’t set so close to the TV. It will make you go blind.

        A few decades earlier, people took x-rays of body parts due to it’s novelty at the dime stores and x-rays for fitting shoes all at extreme radiation doses. And We’re the intelligent species. 🙂

        So, Have you updated your safety protocols. If not, you should. Even if everyone is aware, there’s no harm in reiterating them.

        I wonder if this is why the research in LENR has been relegated to the older generation. You know, Like they their procreation days are behind them….

  • Ged

    Yes it is, but science is supposed to be exact, and that is one area where it isn’t as much as it should be. Never should have to say “depends on who you ask”.

  • Owen Geiger

    Just one clue: look into who owns and controls the mass media.

    • Michael W Wolf

      no, look into their political affiliation and you find them all.

      • Owen Geiger

        Can’t you see how they all parrot/support the desired agenda? Ex: cold fusion is a hoax, there is no cure for cancer, etc. etc.

        • Michael W Wolf

          Yes, all coming from the left. The banks that gave those bad mortgages, you know the ones who received the bailout? Yea, they were the rich but all reg democrat bank owners. The banks that were still solvent, reg republicans or independent.

  • Warthog

    The topic has been “out there” in the LENR community for years now. Read some of Jed Rothwell’s commentary. However, it is not, and has never been, necessary to “model” a device to determine safety. Operating experience “is” a reasonable substitute. On that score, Rossi is WAY out in front of everyone else, with on the order of 40 reactor-years (depending on how many of which sizes were run in the year-long test.

  • Adam

    I have a theory. Start here:
    Consider buying her book. I do not claim that these characters control the world or have an agenda. They are just individuals designed to perform a function and “keep the order”…
    Biological robots performing a “function” and keeping an “order”….
    Anything treating the status quo is regarded as a problem

    • the horror of Cold Fusion denial, like other scientific groupthink is not the work of sociopath.
      sociopath have problem to coordinate their action with others which in fact oppose the consensus and the groupthink.
      They are the solution, not the problem here.

      problem is good guys who like in Milgram experiment send electric shock to innocents, because the consensus pay them in feel-good.
      Milgram experiments says bandits just ask for more money to torture people, and priest do it for free.

  • Ophelia Rump

    People are frequently driven by fear.
    On the one hand you have institutionalized fear generation machines called media.

    On the other hand you have some harmless do gooder kooks on the internet jabbering about things the experts in the media tell you are impossible.

    I only have a BS in Psych.

    • GreenWin

      Excellent observation Ophelia. Parsing your two examples it seems fair to assume the ‘experts’ supported by fear generation machines (media) engage in a more occult agenda than ‘do-gooders.’ A point suggesting (my opinion) that institutionalized fear has long overstepped the bounds of constructive socialization.

      In the 2001 Pixar film “Monsters Inc.” our fictional heroes Sulley and Mike are employed by Monsters Inc., an industrial enterprise that mines and exploits human fear. Their motto is: “We Scare Because We Care.” Which is of course BS. Their overseers are a parasitic species who thrive on energy generated by human fear.

      Terrorism (sacrilegious tribes dedicated to annihilating your lifestyle) exploits human fear. And fear historically outweighs hope, faith, belief, abundance. That can and must change. Abundance eliminates vast reasons for fear. LENR is an express train to abundance. Those refusing to get onboard (you don’t need no ticket) wallow in a one-dimensional tunnel constructed by greed, pride and misanthropy.

      I am a student of the Arts. Under which resides the entire enterprise of science. IMO 🙂

      • Obvious

        GW, regarding your “Monsters Inc” example, you may find it a unique twist to know that in the abridged story book version for children learning to read, the monsters mine laughter.

        • GreenWin

          Thanks for that update. Teaching phonics (or other reading) to K-5 children without a disturbing theme would be more effective, given the population.

          But Docter’s original, cautionary tale is a far better pedagogical tool in the long run. Laughter elevates. Fear catalyzes primitive, flight or fight behavior.

          • Obvious

            I saw recently a show, can’t recall which, where they discussed the source of human laughter. They posited it developed as response to environmental surprises, followed by recognition that it was a non-dangerous surprise. Tied into the Fight-or-Flight reflex, as a check point before fully engaging the F-o-F response. So fear and laughter were joined to a degree, to discovery of the unknown.
            Academic and highly debatable stuff, but an interesting idea.

          • GreenWin

            Great observation. Laughter (which I suspect is the preferred language of higher realms) comes from diverse emotion. We laugh at misfortune at a distance – because it could be US – but it isn’t; a ‘non-dangerous’ surprise.’ Oddly, and to credit human nature – we also laugh in the face of abject danger. Perhaps to dissipate fear.

            Taken further. When we see a person laugh in the face of imminent demise, we embrace them. Laughing in the face of death subconsciously dissolves impermanence. It says, “Go ahead, make my day. You can’t hurt me. I’ll be back to haunt you from the other side.” Somewhere in there is a dollop of Buddhism, karma, reincarnation, resurrection and good old human rebellion.

            We laughed at Harold Lloyd hanging from the face of a clock tower. And we laugh at a human leg fed into a wood chipper. In the first case we ask, “How’s Harold gonna get outta this one?” In the second, because the disaffected look on the chipper’s face tells us, “So, it’s just a leg.” Go figure.

          • Obvious

            I guess there is joyful laughter, and then there is the danger-sort of laughter.
            And crazy laughter.. maybe some more types.
            It would be a shame to lump them all together.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Regarding your last sentence: Easy to say, but nonetheless a bit unfair. It is certainly true that the best artists in history (only the best ones) have often approached the near optimum of what is possible in their ‘realm’. In this regard, they have likely been more successful than scientists. But in art is much more possible than in science. Scientists are bound to the answers that nature provides. Getting these answers, and even more interpreting them, is an arduous and long-drawn-out task. And this task never ends, since every theory can be falsified by new observations. In contrast to that, you cannot ‘falsify’ an artistic masterpiece.
        A fantasy spaceship that travels easily to distant galaxies is appreciated, but acquiring the knowledge that is needed to build a real one is a different job which takes many centuries, if it can be done at all. So art might look superior to science if you simply compare the grade of perfection, but this kind of comparison doesn’t work. IMO 🙂

        • GreenWin

          Andreas, with respect, you are materially correct. I refer to terrestrially accepted language of international patent law. A patent – a universally accepted recognition of invention, must enable those skilled in the art to readily reproduce the process or invention.

          Thus, in language and law we have the criterion by which unique, original science is accepted. It must be reproducible by those skilled in art. What we will come to know via LENR, is the “art” of Fleischmann, Pons, Focardi, Piantelli, Celani, Rossi, Hagelstein, McKubre etc. is unencumbered by consensus science. It is not confined to the narrow restrictions of “consensus.” Which makes it art. And is reason patent law refers to those skilled in “the art.”

          Travel to distant galaxies is mitigated only by human acceptance of spacetime as immutable fact. Before P&F, Mills, Rossi, McKubre, Boss, Hagelstein etc. ‘science’ was convinced only fission, hot fusion and accelerators could produce energetic particles. Today we know that is the mindset of those unskilled in the “arts.”

          Science has much to learn from its progenitors. Its progenitors are those skilled in the uncertain, super-empiricle space we call the arts.

          • artefact
          • Axil Axil

            We can go back now and understand why Rossi had a secondary heater installed in the early versions of his reactor


            Three E-cats without insulation and one insulated. Text in blue indicates hydrogen inlet, main heater, auxiliary heater and water inlet. Foto: Giuseppe Levi

            Rossi said that it would be dangerous to operate his reactor with a secondary heater. That heater got the reaction temperature into the proper SPP infrared photon pumping zone to remove gamma radiation from the LENR reaction.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Without some more context I can’t tell what “auxiliary” means in this photo, is it auxiliary heater or auxiliary hydrogen line or something else.

          • Assuming that the bulge around the central pipe with its hydrogen connection was the actual reactor, then this must have been directly heated by the external band heater, with water flow through the central pipe. The position of the power leads to the supposed ‘auxiliary heater’ indicate that whatever they supplied was positioned centrally within the flow pipe, which wouldn’t seem to make much sense for a heater. Perhaps they were simply thermocouple leads, and a little ‘misdirection’ was being supplied.

            The alternative layout (which I believed at the time to be the case) was that the ‘auxiliary’ heater was in fact the main (and only) heater, supplying a central reactor capsule in a s/s casing, positioned at the axis of the apparatus. This would make the ‘bulge’ a cooling jacket, but would mean that the external band heater had no obvious function as it could only heat the coolant water. My theory at the time was that it (band heater) was actually used as an induction coil to deliver what Rossi later called ‘frequencies’ to kick start the LENR.

            However the position of the H2 connection wouldn’t have made sense in this case, and in any case later close-ups clearly showed significant thermal discolouration of the copper of the ‘bulge’, confirming temperatures that wouldn’t have occurred in a water jacket. The second possibility was therefore extremely unlikely to be the case.

          • Zephir

            AxilAxil speculates wildly as usually – there is only one power source of the reactor (two wires)

          • Axil Axil

            A thermal heater is required to pre-heat the reactor. The primary heater heats the fuel and that produces gamma at startup.

    • georgehants

      The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.
      Malcolm X
      Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/media.html
      These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

  • Navdrew

    Did Parkhomov use lead or tungsten in hi replication reactor?

    • Bob Greenyer

      He had 4 mm of iron pots and water and a steel hood in the water calorimeter

      Then he had steel hood and steel fuel container in the ‘in air’ test.

    • Axil Axil

      There is a deposition of rare earths welded onto Rossi’s fuel particle as seen in Lugano fuel analysis. I believe that the sintering operation in the fuel prep stage is using a tungsten electrode where rare earths are transmuted using tungsten (and thorium?) electrodes through arc discharge and those transmutation rare earth products help in the production of metalize hydrogen.

      • Obvious

        Rare earths are commonly added to tungsten welding electrodes to improve performance. Most cerium and lanthanum, even when “pure” are contaminated to some degree with the rest of the REEs, and more so in less critical items like consumable electrodes (and lighter “flint”). The more pure, the more expensive, and if it makes no difference, then the extra cost to get rid of small amounts of extra REEs is a waste of money.
        In other words, the REEs could have been there all along, but were added accidentally during some sort of arc processing operation.
        Lanthanum and Cerium are almost the garbage of the REE processing industry.

        • Axil Axil

          There are welding rods that use rare earths instead of thorium as follows:

          Rare-earth tungsten electrodes are non-radioactive and contain additives of “rare-earth” oxides or hybrid combinations of different oxides. Results include a stable arc in both AC and DC processes, greater longevity than thoriated tungsten, the ability to use a smaller-diameter electrode for the same job, use of a higher current for a similar-sized electrode, and less tungsten spitting.

          • Obvious

            Yes. Do you mean that those REEs are transmuted?
            I bet they are already mixed in with other REEs, but not on the labels. The 0.2% “other” in the nominal analyses.

          • Axil Axil

            Yes, They are a COTS replacement for the thorium to make the rods more conductive, They are healthier to use. They produce no radiation.

            Some transmutation might occur doing the arc production during Rossi fuel reprocessing.

            Now, I am very sure that Rossi is using REE welding rods in his fuel pre-processing.

          • Obvious

            If you can work out the relative proportions of the various REEs to each other, then compare to chondritic proportions, the REEs can fingerprint the source and/or processing type. If they are transmuted, probably that is impossible, but then again, it could be fingerprint nevertheless of transmutation.

          • Axil Axil

            I went through all the elements shown on the Lagano fuel particle and many of therm were extremely rare REEs. They must been either trace elements and/or produced by transmutation.

          • Obvious

            I boxes full of rocks that are chock full of “extremely rare” REEs.
            Almost none of the REEs are particularly rare, actually. Tm and Lu might qualify for rareness. What is rare is separating them from each other both cleanly and economically.

          • Axil Axil

            I did not express the thought properly. I saw REE used to dope laser crystals and optical fibers. You don’t see those elements used very much in industry.

          • Obvious

            Your suggestion that some sort of electrical arc processing occurred is reasonable, and that REEs could indeed have come from that processing. The strongest evidence of that idea would be lots of Ce and/or La compared to the rest of the REEs, in my opinion.
            We may agree to disagree how each of those remaining specific REEs got into the ash, or analyses of the ash.

            Edit: Ce is a good element for converting UV to visible light. I have experimented with it. Nice sickly green glow.

          • Axil Axil

            I just read somewhere in an early Rossi patent that ECCO found where a 100,000 dc volt arc was used in a early Rossi reactor. I don’t remember where I saw it.

          • Obvious

            keV and Volts represent two different things.
            I am sure you know that.

          • Axil Axil

            I misread that text. Rossi also says that neutrons are freed by that electric field. I don’t believe that Rossi believes in this neutron idea anymore.

            But I have made a mistake. So sorry please forgive me.

          • Obvious

            No problem. There has been a lot of things to try and absorb over the past couple of days.
            Actually, I think that in a vacuum, 100 kV should accelerate electrons to 100 keV so maybe you are almost right anyways.

      • damn_right _man

        Axil, You forgot to mention monopoles, dark energy, black holes, zero point fluctuations, 11th dimension by Sheldon Cooper and the spaghetti monster.

        Can You stop posting your stuff, perhaps completely?

        • Dods

          I will take Axil’s posts as a free thinker trying to understand a complex problem than someone like yourself flaming for censorship. (Maybe there’s a position at MIT that you can fill there looking for people like you).

        • Ted-X

          More speculations are always better than too few of them.
          A lot of fringe effects, seemingly impossible, have proved to be correct, and still more will prove to be correct in the future.

        • Kevmo

          Who are you to try to shut down another poster? I don’t see valuable insights coming from you. People who live in glass houses…

  • Michael W Wolf

    You mean brainwashed.

  • Michael W Wolf

    It is all politics. What happens to the global warming careers if lenr is the new energy source? What happens to the anti nuclear power careers? The left is in control of all of our institutions. What happens to the Quantum physics careers? fusion? Selindra?
    Just because the left has too many of you convinced the rich are evil, you lump all the good people in. But if you say the rich left, now you narrow it down to the guilty. I always say the only good democrat is the voter, because they actually believe these lying evil politicians that have destroyed the greatness of many nations. But one thing is for sure, ever since ponns and fleischmann, politics has kept lenr from the public. The politics of the left, and the spineless right have been neutered.

    • peacelovewoodstock

      If LENR actually brings us gobs of safe, cheap, green energy, it is going to be creative destruction (see Schumpeter) on the grandest of scales, the greatest economic and social disruption in the history of civilization.

      That makes the current state of play so interesting, with all the tantalizing claims by Rossi, and MFMP.

      If this stuff turns out to be real, no cabal of politicians, lawyers, corporate interests, or media is going to stop it, or even slow it down.

      • the great idea in LENR-Cites proposal is to be inclusive with those “losers” so that instead of destroying trillion of values, of competence, of assets, of lost battles against a ground wave, the incumbent helps and accelerate the transition.

        We need Koch Brothers, Areva, Shell, and even greenpeace on our side, even if at first sight they have much to lose.

  • Axil Axil

    One reason why Rossi might do fuel prep as a preliminary first step is that the fuel prep stage produces radiation since it is done at low temperatures.. After he gets the fuel prepared, he loads it in the operational reactor. Maybe Rossi does not want to see any radiation coming out of his reactor in its operational (thermal production) stage.

  • Axil Axil


    Evidence of electromagnetic radiation from Ni-H Systems

    This MFMP radiation observation is nothing new. It is just a first step that each generation must take on a long journey of rediscovery.

    • Bob Greenyer

      What we have shown in a Rossi analogue has not been shown by any other party to date, not even Rossi. Since it is data from Nature – failing exceptional other explanations that no-one has been able to offer or demonstrate since announcement – it is likely that in time, following our exact procedure as clearly detailed, the same kind of signature will be seen by others.

      More specifically, this work does not show any separation between high broad band transitory event prior to onset of ‘excess heat’ and lower band events during periods of and only in periods of ‘existing heat’. The combination of which explains both Celani’s hitherto unexplained experience in 2011 and the consistent claims of Rossi.

      What you are referencing is historical supporting evidence we are aware of that allows us more confidence in what we are seeing, but it is a very different experiment. I included charts from this paper in my 2013 blog post which we asked everyone to read before we progressed with rolling out our data, so it could be seen in context.

      We said

      “In order to fully appreciate the information you will receive, you will first need to deeply read and take on board the following post.”


  • Axil Axil

    The surface plasmon polariton (SPP) is first born out of concentrated infrared photons, but it gets to a stage where it can extract nuclear binding energy out of the nucleus. That energy is stored and downshifted through FANO resonance in a soliton until the SPP decays whereupon its EMF energy content now in the XUV and X-ray range is released to the far field.

    I have been saying for years now that a cold reactor will cause gamma radiation. IMHO, this is due to the failure to form a Bose condensate among many Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP)s. Lack of sufficient polariton pumping allows the SPP to initiate the LENR reaction, but not enough thermal pumping to create a bose condensate among the SPPs to spread the radiation around to thermalize or downshift gamma level radiation through super-absorption among many SPPs.

    Low temperature means many SPP are working alone thereby creating x-rays because no downshifting is possible.

    High temperatures means many SPPs working together in a BEC to share energy throughout the SPP ensemble through super-absorption.

    SPP pumping is similar to laser pumping


    Until the SPP pumping gets to an inversion condition, a SPP bose condensate cannot be formed.

    Weak pumping means no laser beam is produced.

    Usually, the x-xay stage lasts only a few seconds during startup on shutdown when the reactor is cold or is getting cold.

    • GreenWin

      Axil, does any of your theory help explain Mills’ work with Ni and H2? His experiments regularly produced soft x-ray down to UV – hence his naming the company “Blacklight Power.” Could his reactions generate spectra well below gamma? If so, why?

      • Michael W Wolf

        Mills is using silver now as far as I know. The PVs weren’t that efficient with the UV or blacklight. That is why they changed their name. I guess using silver changed the spectrum of light in the reaction chamber somehow.

        • R V

          Silver is not necessary for the Blacklight reaction, it is not the catalyst. The actual catalyst is the water molecule in isolated form, HOH. The silver is used to enhance the kinetics of the reaction. It both absorbs a lot of water in its molten state and provides the lowest resistance to a high current, low voltage jolt of energy which initiates the reaction at high intensity. The high current does several things. It breaks up some water to individual atoms, it allows HOH to be isolated from other molecules to act as a catalyst and it solves the space charge limiting problems previously experienced where the ionized catalysts greatly slowed the reaction kinetics.

          The Silver also does help to convert the UV and EUV radiation to the visible spectrum.

          In principle, the silver is completely recycled inside the vessel which itself will function as a blackbody radiator to the concentrated photovoltaic cells at an intensity of around 1000 suns or higher.

          I hope this helps.

          • Toussaint françois


            Do you if another demo is planned ?

          • R V

            I’m not associated with Mills’ company nor do I have any insider information. I do not know if or when another demo is planned. I hope the next demo is of a fully functional SunCell but that was supposed to be what would happen at the forth demo which was the last one.

          • Michael W Wolf

            Well there have completely abandoned the magnito hydro system they were working on. Stands the reason, when you think of the weight and impractical commercialization.

          • Michael W Wolf

            He said when they feel they have something to show, they may have one or two more before they get the prototype worked out with the contractors.

          • Michael W Wolf

            Yea, I also remember him saying that silver doesn’t oxidize and is best conductor. But I don’t get where the nickel would be? I don’t remember him talking of anything but hydrogen, water and silver. Cause the original question was about the nickel in his reactor.

          • R V

            There is no nickel.

            Mills has generated hydrino’s with a number of different catalysts and in a number of different ways. Nickel has been used in some previous reactions but is not used in this incarnation. The original question may have been about a previous method Mills used.

      • Axil Axil

        The whispering gallery wave is what the SPP soliton forms.


        Its wavelength that Mills claims to be coming from hydrinos in 10 nn. that wave length is compatible with a SPP soliton with a diameter of 3 nn. That 10 nn wave will fit into a EMF bubble of 10 nn is circumference. In sonoluminescence. a XUV 10 nn light comes from a bubble that is pure water with no Mills catalysts present. DGT said that the same blue light came from the exploding bubbles that the were seeing in their reactor.

        Mills is assuming that black light (10 nn) is coming from an electron orbit that is below ground state because he has seen it in his experiments. He just assumes that the XUV can only be produced by chemical based electron behavior.

        That XUV is actually coming from nano black holes or dark mode SPPs.

        Furthermore, in the Suncell, Mills is producing the same thing that Holmlid is producing. If fact, they are both getting about the same results. Mills is producing Rydberg matter just like Holmlid is. Holmlid would be well served to use the came catalyst that Mills is using.

        I am not a follower of all Mills experiments, but I will expect that all of them can be explained by SPP theory in one way or another, even the ones showing very low energy.

        The same mechanism is true for polariton solitons. As the solitons gain in photon energy, the wavelengths of the photons inclosed withing the whispering gallery wave is decreased from infrared to visible then to XUV and finally to x-ray frequencies.


        In order to fit the photon wave inside the whispering gallery wave, the photon wavelength is reduced in integer increments because of the nature of waves.

        Mills is confusing the behavior of a quasiparticle with that of an electron with a subunity angular momentum.

        Such quasiparticles with less than unity charge are produced by magnetism in the fractional quantum hall effect.

        • R V

          Mills is not confused. Twelve different analytical tests confirm the hydrino reaction and products. Besides, Mills has generated the reaction in several completely different ways. Mills does not ‘just assume’ anything.

          • Axil Axil

            Do tou have a direct link to info documenting those tests.

          • R V

            I’ve read all his papers, published and on his site. I’ve read his book. I’ve followed his discussions and demos for over 15 years.
            His work has nothing to do with your soliton theory.

            His book and many of his papers as well as discussions of his experiments as freely available at his company website.


      • R V

        No. It’s hydrino’s all the way…

  • many skeptical people are simply people trusting motivated deniers, like many consensus believers are people trusting motivated believers.

    people having documented opinion seldom exist, and most have no influence on others.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I think that dream took a step closer to reality

  • Ged

    But communication requires precision, and quantum effects, which define if a photon is absorbed by your skin, or DNA, or bones, are not gradual, so there somewhat sharp cutoff for the effects of light at certain wavelengths. It may be a window, but it isn’t several 100 keV in size. That isn’t an x+0.1 problem, Bashcode.

  • bachcole

    The important thing about the x-rays/gamma rays is not the name but whether these frequencies are proof positive of nuclear reactions or not.

    AND, are these frequencies going to be a problem for safety and certification?

    • Bob Greenyer

      We have said that was one reason why he would have problem getting the domestic ones certified.

  • Obvious

    eV are electron volts, and are unit of energy. It is the amount of energy gained by an electron when in a 1 Volt potential.
    1 eV is a short form for 1.60218e-19 Joules.

    Volts (V) are units of electromotive force.
    1 V = 1 Joule / 1 Coulomb
    1 V = 1 Watt / 1 Amp
    1 Coulomb = 1 Amp for 1 second

    One negative Coulomb is equal to the total charge of 6.242×10^18 electrons.

    So, electron Volts are energy units, and Volts are force units.

    The instance where individual electrons are being accelerated by a Voltage of some level, [you can’t change the electron’s charge, or mass (in an E=mC^2 sort of way you do)], so they gain velocity and therefore momentum to carry the energy. The charge of the electron determines the direction it will go compared to the voltage applied. The electron’s charge in the equations cancel in such a way that Axil was essentially right, and 100kV will accelerate an electron to 100 keV, if done in perfect conditions.

    I don’t know how that is done with stuff besides electrons in the way between the electrodes, like nickel, shorting out that much potential.

    If I didn’t screw that up too badly somewhere, that should be about right.

  • Zephir

    He is actually troll: his info can be also considered as an intentional misinformation of LENR community often. He never distinguishes between his private speculations and well verified facts. Believe or not, such a people exist at the LENR forums too, not just pathoskeptics.

    • Jas

      A Troll, Really? Harsh words against a fellow with a common belief. I don’t believe his intention is to decieve us or to divide us. He speaks his mind and if you chose not to listen or believe then its entirely up to you.
      Axil presents us with a possibility that may or may not be true.
      It all adds to the overall discussion.

      • Zephir

        I’m not interested about belief, as I’m not member of any religious sect. Is it really so difficult to honestly say, “In my opinion “?