Infinite Energy Magazine Covers Rossi and Industrial Heat Case and Future of LENR (Updated)

There’s a long article in the latest issue of Infinite Energy Magazine written by Marianne Macy which covers the Rossi/Industrial heat controversy in quite a unique way. She has spent a lot of time with Andrea Rossi in the years before he came on the public scene in 2011 when he was privately discussing his LENR work with US government agencies. She has also met with Industrial Heat personnel in North Carolina.

She give some very personal details about her associations with Rossi (he had stayed in her home, she had met his wife and mother-in-law), and describes him as very bright, driven, tenacious funny and fun to be around. She describes early demonstration experiments which seemed to produce kilowatts of excess energy but she says there was no absolutely conclusive test done that proved the point.

She also gives a profile of Industrial Heat based on what she has learned from others and her own experience with them, and states that she doesn’t think it is likely Tom Darden would lie, steal and defraud Rossi.

I won’t attempt to summarize the article too much (it is very long), but I think it is very well worth reading. The lawsuit has clearly had an emotional impact on Macy (she seems to be impressed by both sides) and she talks about the shock she felt when she heard about it, calling it the “worst-case-scenario”. However she concludes that whatever happens in the Rossi-IH case, that LENR won’t be stopped because of all the work going on around the world. She concludes with a list of various research initiatives that are continuing around the world and writes:

There are people working all over the world, now with major support, although more support is needed . . . A commercial breakthrough of technology will happen, sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the science progresses steadily. Whatever happens in the Rossi / Industrial Heat lawsuit, the best resolution is ongoing work. You can’t turn back the tide.

The article can be read here:

UPDATE: In a related article in Infinite Energy, Canadian patent attorney David French who is interviewed by Marianne Macy.

French examines some of the key issues that are involved in the lawsuit, but states that he does not want to pre-judge the case before the defendants (IH et al.) have made a response, and the plaintiff (Rossi) has responded, but he does give some interesting comments about how we might expect the court case to proceed. He thinks that there is at least a 50 per cent chance that the parties will settle before the case goes to trial.

The article is here:

  • Geeze, this article is so meandering and disorganized. I could really use a summary.

    • Ciaranjay

      Perhaps that is because the whole LENR field is meandering and disorganized. She is trying to do an article with the Rossi/IH issue but also a potted history of cold fusion research to try to give context. But well worth reading.

      • As you say, she doesn’t shed much light on the court case, although she does quote verbatim a post by Brian Scanlan on ‘a LENR bulletin board’ which is favourable towards Darden and very unfavourable towards Rossi.

        I haven’t been able to find the particular quote on Google to verify its context and to see if there is any more information in his post.

        • Andreas Moraitis
        • Omega Z

          Most or much of the 10+ million paid to Rossi was Darden’s own money. Don’t forget, there were 14 entities listed as Industrial heat investors in that SEC filing.

          Dennis Letts or anyone else funded by Darden are going to be biased. With Rossi at odds with Darden, there is more cash available to the others.

          Due to Bias, with similar statements obtain different perspectives.

          Rossi is such a charming fellow. Yes, He was able to con everyone.
          Darden is such a charming fellow. Yes, He is so caring and giving.

    • Rossi Fan

      In synopsis so the layman can understand: If it is a scam then Rossi is haggling over how much money he needs to be paid to shut up. If IH and Rossi settles then it’s bye-bye e-catworld because Rossi will have to keep silent under the terms of the agreement. Other than Rossi what’s left? Not much to LENR other than the claims of a now rich old man on a fishing boat in the bay of Miami sucking on a Mai-Tai.

      • roseland67

        Another Rossi NDA?

      • I like the choice of ‘handle’. Very ironic.

        • Warthog

          Indeed, that latter section is the best part of the article, and fits exactly with a point I have made on other fora….despite appearances, it is NOT “all about Rossi”

          There are many excellent researchers at well-known science organizations who have worked and ARE working to understand and tame LENR.

    • sam

      Her interview with David French
      is informative.

  • Ciaranjay

    One of the best articles I have read on LENR, if a bit meandering and of course the ambiguity around Rossi remains.
    A couple of things I took away. I think she shines a light on Rossi, and on Darden.
    How driven and focussed Rossi is.
    The fact Darden “took a leap” and backed Rossi with $10 million of his personal money, not investors money, was very interesting. I take that as he was not confident enough to put his investors money forward at that point but still wanted to back Rossi.

    The other thing that has become evident to me is that LENR is a very fractured area of research. We have a few academic researchers trying to advance the field and develope a theoretical understanding. And we have engineers like Rossi, working independently to build devices.
    They operate alone or in small groups with limited resources and often in secret.
    This is a poor way to advance any technology.
    But in the last year or so big things have started happening. The noise levels have gone way up. LENR is being mentioned on more mainstream sites like and Aeon and others (but not yet Sciam, they will catch up in a year or two).
    People like Darden, Google, and Bill Gates are taking notice.
    We are finally getting movers and shakers into this area who can provide resources and bring together the different parties. It is very exciting.
    As for conspiracy theories about big oil or big coal stoppin LENR. No chance now. Too much momentum. The only thing that will limit LENR are the laws of physics, we just need to figure out what they are.

    • kdk

      They can delay it from happening in the States with a lawsuit over patents like this one.

      Also, too many countries have needed this for too long already. Ask yourself why people would be building bunkers, or engineering crop strains to be alumina resistant, if they wanted free energy, which many of them have known about, to replace fossil fuels. Frankly, people don’t factor into their equations unless it’s about how to deal with, steal from, or use them.

      • Ciaranjay

        Yes true. Lawyers can indeed slow things down. But if that happens then some countries such as China will just do what they need to do. Japan is desperate for a new energy technology.
        Plus we have the open source approach of MFMP, so there is no stopping it. The only caveat is how long will it be till a commercial product is available?

        • kdk

          They can blackmail all sorts of people across nations, and have. Also, throwing back the progress in our country is not beneath them to keeping and making lots and lots of money. They have known about cold fusion, and even better technology, for a very long time… probably the late 1940’s at the latest. Roswell and such.;-)

          • Ciaranjay

            True but I would be interested to see how some party would try to bribe or blackmail Google or Gill Gates. How much money would that take I wonder. 😉

    • sam

      Macy: How are the allegations of fraud presented in the Complaint?

      French: In the Complaint under the title—COUNT VI: FRAUD AND DECEIT (IH,IpH, CHEROKEE, DARDEN & VAUGHN)—paragraphs 111 to 117 assert essentially that the Defendants never really intended to pay the full amount, totalling over $100 million.

    • HS61AF91

      laws of physics, yes, I pray man’s inhumanity to man does not get in the way. I chose to believe LENR will progress because it is so beneficial for all. Specifically because LENR provides almost free energy, a reality anathema to greed and control, it is both a godsend and a paradigm shift. May momentum overcome all obstacles.

  • kdk


  • Engineer48

    A patent lawyer speaks:


    • Ciaranjay

      Again very interesting.
      “… probably it is at least 50% likely they will settle. It could be as high
      as 80%; the majority of cases filed in Courts are settled. One of the
      reasons people may file a lawsuit in Court is that they want to explain
      there has been a falling-out and then use the court case as a free
      billboard to say the other person has been bad.”

      On some of Rossi’s allegations regarding fraud;
      “These allegations are so ill-conceived that it’s almost an embarrassment to criticize them.”

      On Industrial Heat’s first patent;
      “… this first Industrial Heat patent application has a very serious flaw.”
      Basically it does not specify the catylist needed and so the process is not complete.

      IMHO the best solution would be an early settlement between the parties, but we shall see.

      • Michael W Wolf

        Argh! IH has until June to respond.

  • Gerard McEk

    So if IH would be so honest, why would they file a patent, based on AR’s technology? Didn’t they trust AR?
    The Lugano experiment was set-up and build by IH? AR fuelled it, put it in operation, took samples. Why didn’t IH do this?
    I have mixed feeling with this story (as probably many others).

  • Karl Venter

    After reading the very informative article of somebody quite close to the coal face I am getting more and more sceptical about rossi says

    I think its Shakespeare who said ” I believe he protests too much “

    • sam

      If a A.R thinks I.H. are being
      shady he should protest.

  • Gerard McEk

    The coming months the Rossi saga will reach its apotheosis. Both AR and IH will have to prove their trustworthiness to the court. My feeling is that AR may have more difficulties in proving that his process really works than IH. The reason is that AR has often/always used only collaborators to prove his E-cat, whereas an independent company or entity would have been much more convincing. AR now believes (I guess) that there has been sufficient public proving that it works and that now massive production and satisfaction of all the customers will prove he is right. But, would you, an industrialist, invest a million in an E-cat plant, which has been insufficiently proven? The run on his plants may not be as vast as AR thinks. But some CEO’s/directors might, just out of curiosity. I hope that one these directors (e.g. A greenhouse owner) allow us, Rossi followers, to witness and evaluate the plant with them. I, a pensioned chartered electrical engineer, am voluntairing to put some time in this. I can assure you that I will do that thoroughly and will take your suggestions of how to, seriously. Any more volunteers?

    • For unproven technologies still under development, only a leasing or lease-to-buy options with free upgrades would be attractive to business (and to most private buyers for that matter).

      Rossi would need a considerable heap of money to draw on until rent payments amounted to much, but that would be a smaller problem for IH – assuming they actually have anything that works. Of course, the latter caveat also applies to Rossi.

    • Thomas Kaminski

      I, too, am willing to volunteer to work on the problem. I am a retired Electrical Engineer and have taught automation and controls for a Technical College in Madison for over 15 years. As part of my teaching duties, I taught a project course where students got to exercise their skills by participating in a project of their choosing, or assigned to them. In 2007, the class was recruited to build a test system to test a solar thermal collector. We collaborated with the University of Wisconsin, Madison Solar Lab who identified the test procedures and analyzed the data. My students built the test system and conducted the tests. Here is a link to an IEEE talk I gave on the testing process:

      I have always felt that, except for the fuel mixture, my students had all the skills to build and test Rossi’s early devices. I think it would be interesting to have them test a small portion of the 1MW array if it is feasible to do so. I would love to put together a student group to do the testing in collaboration with a University who could affirm the results.

      • Gerard McEk

        I would love to join forces with you Thomas and involving students would really be perfect, really my thing too. Let us hope some company invites us!

    • Anon2012_2014

      Maybe Rossi is right in mercado veritas. But he is going to lose big his $89 lawsuit if he does not produce incontrovertible proof. The lawsuit is side show I believe.

  • sam

    This part of Macy interview with David French
    is interesting.
    is confusing is that Rossi is saying, “They are in trouble for using my IP. They have to stop. And they also have to pay.” I find that very contradictory. Does my confusion make sense?

    French: Yes, your confusion is understandable. He still wants his $89 million dollars but he’s also asking for an Order that Industrial Heat not make use of the information that he has provided to them. This is inconsistent. If they pay, then they are entitled to have the full benefit of all his Know-how. In fact Industrial Heat may have acquired the right to use all this know-how when they paid the $10,000,000.

    Macy: How could that be?

    French: Paragraph 3.2 of the License Agreement provides as follows:

    (b) … On the date the Escrow Agent pays $10,000,000 to Leonardo, the License will commence and Leonardo and Rossi will immediately transfer … to the Company all E-Cat IP…

    The Complaint acknowledges that the $10,000,000 has been paid. Therefore, it is unclear how the Complaint can object that the defendants are improperly using the “intellectual property” that they have paid for previously. Their failure to pay the further $89,000,000 simply looks like a collection issue.

    • Omega Z

      This was not a good contract for Rossi.
      However, A good lawyer could point out the additional 1 year test as evidence that the agreement was not completed and IP access by IH would/should be limited.

      A good lawyer could point out that Darden with his years of business experience with contracts took advantage of Rossi’s inexperience. This tactic has prevailed often when combined with a jury trial…

      NOTE: Common Law still has standing in the U.S.. Where a Judge has to follow the rule of Law, A jury can apply common sense or logic. In essence, a Jury has a huge amount of discretion on how they rule. Even should a judge instruct them otherwise.

      • Brent Buckner

        You wrote: “A good lawyer could point out that Darden with his years of business experience with contracts took advantage of Rossi’s inexperience. This tactic has prevailed often when combined with a jury trial…”

        OTOH, paragraph 40 of Rossi’s complaint makes that tactic more difficult, as he had legal counsel in negotiating the terms of the License Agreement.

        • Anon2012_2014

          Rossi’s wife is a lawyer. This is at least the 5th business contract Rossi has negotiated.

  • Sanjeev

    There are some interesting details in there like TD paid $10M from his own pocket for the ECat-IP and that Rossi refused to take Edmund Storms as ERV and preferred Penon. Storms would have been 1000 times better than Penon and is much respected, given his background. It could have answered the question, whether the ECat works, conclusively. But probably Rossi sees him as a competitor and trusts his old ERV more. Apparently, he totally ignores the risk that Penon might also join any other company or may start his own venture into Lenr any time if he wishes to.
    French’s interview is an eye opener for those who don’t want to read the license agreement etc for whatever reasons, there are many big holes in the complaints, which might be just a legal trick to pile up accusations to intimidate the defenders, but I don’t see any way Rossi will win, unless he proves that the recipe was transferred completely and totally and he is holding nothing at all. The proof may come in any form, but in the end it will be good for all, because the truth will be out in public. It may take years….sit back and relax.

    • Warthog

      “Apparently, he totally ignores the risk that Penon might also join any
      other company or may start his own venture into Lenr any time if he
      wishes to.”

      Highly unlikely. Non-disclosure agreements more often than not also have “non-use, non-competition” clauses as well as simple “don’t tell anybody else…until….or at all” language.

      • Sanjeev

        Storms would have signed the same NDA. And its highly unlikely that Storms would have stolen any IP. If Storms can, Penon can.
        Strangely he allowed Lewan to examine the ECat in early days with no NDAs etc, I don’t see any reason to not to trust Storms as a test requires no disclosure of secrets.

        • Warthog

          Rossi is notional. If he takes a liking to you, you are “good”. By the same token, if he doesn’t, you are out of luck. Not really rational, I know, but…………

    • Omega Z

      Sanjeev, That was a different proposed test in 2011 that did not involve Darden.

      Rossi considers Ed Storms or anyone else that studies LENR as a competitor or potential competitor.

      • Sanjeev

        Thanks Omega, I read it again and you are right, it has nothing to do with IH and Darden.
        Still not allowing Storms to test it was unfortunate. ECat can be tested as a black box, no need to reveal the secret sauce.

    • Frank Acland

      Hi Sanjeev — the meeting described in the article where Storms was suggested as an independent testing party was June 2011, before Tom Darden came on the scene. So this was a different proposal, unconnected with the latest E-Cat plant test.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, thanks, OZ pointed that out below and I added a note to clear up my comment.
        My point being, Ed testing the ECat would have been beneficial to Rossi as well as LENR in general.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Wouldn’t Storms have a credibility issue among the sceptical folks because he’s a LENR researcher?

      • Omega Z

        Rules of the sceptical folks-

        If you are 5 foot tall or taller, You can not ride this ride.
        If you are 5 foot tall or shorter, You can not ride this ride.

      • Sanjeev

        Skeptics will reject everyone by default.
        Lenr researchers have an advantage because they already know how the system can be set up by various means to get false positives intentionally and what unintentional errors can cause false positives.

    • Pweet

      I think Tom Darden said quite early on that most of the 11 million came from his own funds plus a small amount from a few others. Macy confirms that, but then she probably got that info from Darden so still only one scource. But at least it’s consistent.

  • Frank Acland

    I think he was referring to the patent that IH filed in that part of the interview.

  • jousterusa

    This was an extraordinary review and survey of the current state of the science, although I was disappointed to read her brief and rather blithe dismissal of the IH/AR tests of the past year. She asseses this test not on any hard evidence but on purely subjective observations respecting circumstances with which she was personally unfamiliar. To that extent, a piece of outstanding journa!lism was fatallhy marred, because much of the ensuing reportage was deepllyI finluenced by those unfounded and subjecctive conclusons.

  • Zeddicus23

    It’s rather strange that the quote attributed to Celani at the end of Macy’s article, e.g.:

    “Today I was able to get excess heat again with COP near 2, then reactor failed due to a bad sealing that started to melt. Reactor was much bigger than previous time thus produced energy was in range of 1 kW. This time I was able to trigger excess heat…”

    is identical to the first 2 1/2 sentences in the posting by me356 on forum on April 16, e.g.:

    “Today I was able to get excess heat again with COP near 2, then reactor failed due to a bad sealing that started to melt. Reactor was much bigger than previous time thus produced energy was in range of 1kW. This time I was able to trigger excess heat from 350°C external, then temperature increased to ~700°C external just in 4 seconds. Internal temperature was higher. …..”

    See (see

    On the same forum Celani also indicates that he is making progress and is in touch with me356. Does this mean that Celani and me356 are actually the same person, or did Macy make an error by quoting the wrong person?

    Another comment. It’s good to see that a number of those quoted in Macy’s article, including Takahashi (can’t disclose IP), Celani, Storms, are making significant progress. Also, the recent excitation mechanism discussed in Rossi’s patent application (high-voltage discharge thru nickel and/or thru fuel mixture) is very similar to the approach of Brillouin Energy, which has supposedly made good progress as well. It’s interesting that many of the approaches which are successful seem to be inspired by Rossi’s Ni + LiAlH approach.

    • Stephen Taylor

      I noticed that too. Very strange. Beyond that, real COP near 2 looks good now. Macy’s article was powerful stuff, eh? Tragic drama goes on and we wait for the breakthrough.

    • Sanjeev

      Its an error obviously. Bob (mfmp) has met me356 and would have noticed that he looks like Celani 😀

      • US_Citizen71

        That doesn’t mean that Bob G knows but is keeping the secret at Celani’s request.

        • Zeddicus23

          Exactly. By the same token, Celani’s public request to me356 on the forum to contact him via e-mail could simply be a way to dissuade those who might think that me356 (who wants to remain secret) is actually Celani.

          However, it would seem more likely that Macy has misattributed the quote.

          In any case, it appears from reading the forum that both me356 and Celani are pursuing similar research directions.

      • artefact


        “The #LENR #ECAT Saga: Mr. Weaver goes Ballistic and Reveals Important Information after Question about Hack Probability.”

        • artefact

          Now on JONP:

          “Andrea Rossi April 24, 2016 at 10:40 AM
          Andy Stokes:
          Yes, you are correct: the ERV gave to IH one year of time, during the
          test, to get all the information they wanted about all his
          instrumentation; the men of IH, who attended the test every day for one
          year, has all the possibiliries to get all the data they wanted related
          to any instrument, flowmeter included.
          Nobody of IH, ever, had anything negative to say of the flowmeter ( that
          was sealed: I remember perfectly the opera ballet dancers of IH chant
          that all the instrumentation was of the ERV, made their investors of
          Woodford notice that the flowmeter was sealed, when Woodford’s
          specialists came to the plant ). When the ERV disassembled the
          instrumentation all the guys of IH were around, getting photos and any
          possible information; the ERV told us that he was getting back his
          instrumentation to certify with the manufacturers that their margin of
          error had not been modified during the year test, AT THE SAME CONDITIONS
          Obviously, evidence of all this will be requested in due time, in due
          place. The report is a short resume necessarily reduced: the 12 600 000
          data taken by the ERV cannot be printed: 66 000 pages could be
          PARTY FROM THE ERV !!!
          Warm Regards, A.R.”

          • wpj

            Interesting to see that Woodford also sent in “specialists” before donating $50m to IH’s coffers. Clearly they were as blind/duped as the rest of the people. Mass hypnotism?

        • SG

          Is it just me, or do Mr. Weaver, Mr. Wright, and Mr Krivit all seem to have a similar mannerism?

          • Omega Z

            Different people, Same Playbook, Same Payroll…

          • SG

            LENR safe. LENR+ must be stopped at all costs.

          • Omega Z

            They don’t want to stop it. Just delayed about 15 years. Per Al Gore, it will arrive in about 15 years… Most people are concerned of Big Oil. That is not it at all.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Celani has asked me356 to contact him privately. So it seems that they are two different persons:

      Maybe Celani cited me356 in his reply to Mrs. Macy and she took it as an original statement.

      • Anon2012_2014

        I think that maybe me356 is quoting the 10 page pdf of Celani.

        Someone is quoting the other (Celani me356, or me356 Celani) and its is almost a certainly a typographical error where the quotes were not included.

    • Argon

      Good spot! IMO Macys post and interview of attorney, is just part of bigger script, where they are planning to smash Rossi on and after June hearings (they are implying they have Photos that prove what Rossi was up to in 350 day tests)..
      In this bigger picture Macy wrote this, actually nicelly written piece, to prevent people loose believing LENR even they make Rossi to go away from arena that big boys want to take.
      Worth keep digging similar anomalies from it.

      • wpj

        Rossi said a long time before the court case that there was going to be something important in June (said in relation to Mat’s one year meeting, now canceled). Maybe this is it.

    • Alan Smith

      Re Takahashi. A lovely guy who I have met a few times. His dream was that ‘Green Planet’ the government-funded collaboration project he heads up would be a much more open organisation than it actually is. This is because it is now under the oversight of the Japanese Atomic Energy Authority – and those boys do love a secret. A great shame- but they have plenty of money and some amazing talent.

  • Stephen

    That’s a great and interesting read and great informative journalism. Especially needed in these times. Thanks Marianne Macy

  • Hank Mills

    Andrea Rossi is in a league of his own, beyond the rest of the LENR
    field, due to the triumph of the E-Cat technology. His recipe of
    carbonyl nickel, lithium aluminum hydride, and elemental lithium
    produces results far beyond the wildest dreams of other researchers.
    Everyone in the minor leagues should have realized this when, early on
    in this saga, Dr. Levi operated an E-Cat for EIGHTEEN HOURS primarily in
    self sustain mode. Repeatedly, he has conducted tests showing the
    massive excess heat his technology can produce. A one time assistant,
    who went by the handle Cures on the Cobraf forum, described in posts
    (some of which have been removed) countless early hot cats melting down.
    They would run away and reach temperatures that could melt ceramic.
    Hydrogen from a tank or from a chemical source — the massive excess
    heat was the same. He went so far as to report that the excess heat
    could be triggered by strait DC, pulsed DC, or AC input. Beyond Cures,
    we have third parties that have witnessed massive excess heat
    production. Some of these reports are still confidential, but others
    have been reported on. We also have replicators who have witnessed
    massive excess heat from the mixture of Ni and LiAlH4. Parkhomov
    achieved excess heat and at least one short period of self sustain,
    Songsheng achieved THREE HOURS of self sustaining excess heat at
    temperatures around 1300C in addition to other periods, N. Stepanov
    measured excess heat production by water flow calorimetry along with
    witnessing meltdowns, and there have been other replications as well.

    The E-Cat technology doesn’t just represent a hit that could get LENR
    onto first base, in the hopes of eventually scoring a run in the form of
    a commercial product. In fact, a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN doesn’t do the
    E-Cat justice, metaphorically speaking. The “problem” some people refer
    to isn’t the E-Cat technology itself or Rossi’s less than mellow
    personality. Jealousy is at work. That’s right, the sin of COVETOUSNESS.

    Every LENR researcher wishes THEIR PRODUCT matched up or even came close
    to the performance of the E-Cat. So there is naturally a decent amount
    of resentment in the field against Rossi. After many years of work —
    although not with the same tireless work ethic of Rossi’s — they have
    been able to, at best, generate very modest levels of COP at fairly low
    temperatures. Then all of a sudden there is a guy who shows off a string
    of reactor designs (for a while it seemed like there was a new
    demonstration every few weeks) with a LENR fuel capable of producing at
    least a KILOWATT PER GRAM at INFINITE COP (self sustain mode). Then a
    little while later, he ratchets up the temperature to levels which would
    allow easy-as-cake conversion to electricity using ordinary off the
    shelf steam turbines. The situation is like having a stranger move into
    your cul-de-sac, him having an estranged great aunt pass away leaving
    him an inheritance that pays off his house, and then win the jackpot
    lottery, all in the same month!

    Even a regular church attending, Bible reading, soup kitchen volunteer
    that mows his elderly neighbors grass (for free) out of the goodness of
    his heart would feel at least a small pang of jealousy! Anyone would!

    If LENR insiders are moving away from Rossi, the reason isn’t because he
    is a scammer. The opposite is true. They would simply feel more
    comfortable without their super lucky neighbor hanging around. A mansion
    in Beverly Hills, a luxurious condo in Trump Tower, a luxurious mansion
    on a private island: he can live anywhere but the suburbs of LENR land!

    Now let’s get back to reality. The E-Cat works. Anyone who has followed
    this whole affair from the start MUST see that. And I am absolutely
    certain beyond any doubt that Thomas Darden of Cherokee is convinced the
    E-Cat works — including the one megawatt plant. Combining the huge
    amount of evidence for gigantic exothermic releases of energy with the
    setup of the 350 day test there is NO WAY a COP of 6 could be mistaken
    for a COP of 50. There were too many knowledgeable people there, too
    many sets of measurement equipment, and the test was too long for such a
    mistake to go unnoticed. In addition, the customer had THREE THINGS
    that would indicate if the plant was functioning at high COP: the WATER
    every month if even ONE of these were significantly off it would have
    been an OBVIOUS SIGN something was wrong. If the water bill was LOW that
    would mean the plant wasn’t producing the correct amount of steam and
    their production rate of nickel sponge would have dropped or halted. To
    be blunt, Johnson Matthey’s engineers have the experience to know if a
    megawatt of steam — what was needed for the production at the plant —
    was being produced or not. If the electric bill was not dropping
    dramatically from before the plant was installed that would tell them
    that the COP was obviously low. From what we have been told by Mats
    Lewan, from one of his sources, the electric bill dropped dramatically!
    Also, if the plant wasn’t producing the amount of heat required the
    manufacturing process would have slowed or stopped. And, of course,
    since the plant could only pull 300kW at maximum from the grid, if there
    was no significant excess heat produced, the plant could NOT HAVE

    The 1MW plant worked and it worked wonderfully. For some reason we do
    not yet understand, Industrial Heat is denying this fact and trying to
    avoid paying Andrea Rossi. I really and sincerely hope the reason for
    their false assertions is that they just don’t have the money. Being
    unable to pay due to not having the money in the bank wouldn’t make up
    for what they’ve done. But at least it would be a less than totally
    nefarious answer to why they refused to pay and are being dishonest
    (trying to be diplomatic here because I don’t like calling people liars)
    about the performance of the plant.

    In a far worse scenario, Leonardo Corporation could be correct in their
    assertion: once Industrial Heat acquired Rossi’s intellectual property
    they had no intention of paying him another red cent. Why could this be?
    I’ll give a possibility that may or may not be correct, but it makes
    sense in my mind according to the knowledge I’ve accumulated by
    following this saga since the start.

    Thomas Darden knows the E-Cat holds the potential to rapidly decimate
    all other sources of energy — including his precious renewable such as
    solar and wind. The E-Cat is simply an ideal technology that is far
    beyond what hot fusion scientists think may be possible in another
    thirty or forty years! Small, portable, energy dense, high temperature,
    clean, non-polluting, safe, and the closest thing to “free energy”
    mankind will ever figure out: the Energy Catalyzer holds too much
    disruptive potential. If accepted by the mainstream media and scientific
    community as real, the E-Cat wouldn’t just “rock the boat” but could
    send every solar panel company, every wind energy company, and every
    conventional alternative energy company into BANKRUPTCY!

    No government is going to give funding, grants, or tax breaks to solar, wind, tidal, or biofuel companies when the E-Cat exists.

    No private institution is going to provide investment dollars or even loans to these companies.

    No legislature, congress, or executive order from a sitting president will be able to save them.

    I don’t think Thomas Darden wants this to happen. And I think the same
    is true for the individuals that compose the circles of influence and
    power he communicates with. They want the status quo to be maintained
    and upheld. For this to happen, the hardest working, most intuitive, and
    luckiest man on the planet — Andrea Rossi — has to be stopped from

    So they decide not to pay — possibly thinking they could re-negotiate
    with Rossi to drag things out for another extended period of time.

    But Rossi has been back-stabbed, cheated, swindled, lied to, and
    attacked ruthlessly repeatedly in his life — yet he has survived to
    this day because he LEARNED from each of the encounters. As things were
    leading up to the completion of the test, he saw the writing on the
    wall, the signs that were obvious to see, and listened carefully to what
    was being said. He’s a great observer, and he knew something wasn’t
    right. Instead of begging and pleading to try and convince Industrial
    Heat his technology worked — when they already had the absolute proof
    — he came out swinging his white hot nickel plated, alpha particle
    emitting sword to defend himself.

    The whole situation IS a headache for all of us. I agree with that. And
    the lawsuit has done damage to the LENR community. I agree with that as
    well. I’d even go so far that to outsiders or those individuals who have
    only casually kept up with this saga, the field looks like a “fusion”
    between an episode of MacGuyver and Breaking Bad. However, in this case,
    the damage to the image and reputation of the LENR field is not Rossi’s
    fault. In my humble opinion, it lies squarely on Industrial Heat.

    I’m not perfect. I could be wrong about several aspects of this
    analysis. My hope is that the issue is really *only* about Industrial
    Heat’s lack of ability to round up the dough. But that just doesn’t seem
    to make sense to me. What I know I’m not wrong about is the reality of
    the E-Cat. There is zero doubt whatsoever in my mind that it represents
    an energy breakthrough that rivals the warp cores and Mr. Fusion’s of
    science fiction.

    If anything, our community shouldn’t distance ourselves from Rossi.
    Conversely, we need to push forward to perform additional replications
    of the E-Cat technology and support his efforts to commercialize the
    E-Cat Quark X. Whom I think, according to my understanding of the
    situation, that we should distance ourselves from is Industrial Heat.

    • Ciaranjay

      Well, strong words indeed!

      “Infinite COP” well then I guess Darden must owe Rossi an infinite amount of money.

      Interesting to hear confirmation of Johnson Matthey as the company.

      Other than that I guess we shall have to wait for the court case.

      It is too early even to say the jury is still out as the jury has not yet even entered the building and been introduced to the judge.

      • Anon2012_2014

        Do we have confirmation of Johnson Matthey as the end user, and if so, could you please provide the reference source? (I only see JM Products Corp. which is a shell.)


        • No we don’t.

        • US_Citizen71

          JM Chemical Products, Inc is a shell company, what is inside that shell is anyone’s guess. The name of the company using the shell likely doesn’t use the initials JM or JMC in other business matters. Naming your shell company close to your actual company name would run contrary to most reasons for using a shell company to begin with. I’ve said before it could be a laundry for all we can prove.

          • wpj

            JM Chemical products was on the submitted court documents; the name then got changed to JM Products and this was the company renting the unit. Without those documents, we would have been none the wiser as to what they were doing.

            It was just the UK connection and the product which it is claimed they were making which lead to the summation of 2 and 2 to give Johnson Matthey.

          • US_Citizen71

            I dug out JM Chemical products over a year ago from the Florida Corporation registration website including the address of the business, none of that changes the fact that it is a shell company and the company hiding in the shell could be anything from Aunt Bee’s commercial laundry to Manchester United. The purpose of a shell company is to hide ownership.

          • wpj

            Yes, we noticed your earlier post when the court documents came out.

            I was the one who first speculated on Johnson Matthey (being a chemist myself) due to the UK connection and Mats’ contacts stating what the product was (assuming that there was any product at all).

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Just a crazy thought. Lonnie Johnson funded his research with the profits from his Super Soaker.
            Rossi should make something that moves. Maybe he could have
            a toy division that makes E-Cat X powered electric motor R/C airplanes.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Yes, it would be a toy but it would essentially be a drone
            with unlimited range. Regardless of what we may think about drones it would be taken seriously.

          • Omega Z

            Lonnie Johnson and His JTEC. Johnson Thermal Electric Converter similar to a fuel cell with the potential of 70% or more of the Carnot limit.. It’s Solid State. Zero moving parts.

            Venture Capital PARC
            Practicing open innovation, PARC, a Xerox company, provides custom R&D services, technology, expertise, and IP to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies,

            Lonnie Johnson knows very well the position Rossi finds himself in today. Johnson says it’s been a constant battle with PARC trying to farm out his research while trying to lay claim to all of his IP with every turn.

      • Hank Mills

        I’m convinced Johnson Matthey is indeed the customer. There is no other “Sponge Nickel” manufacturer based in the UK that fits with all the additional clues we have. With a Johnson Matthey plant straight up an interstate highway (I-95), a nearby Johnson Matthey chemical factory located near the Georgia coast could have shipped the manufacturing components down to Florida without any problem.

      • Mike Rion

        Court case is irrelevant.

    • Eyedoc

      Hank, nice summary . I concur…….I am hoping that Woodford is not deeply involved also ( I trusted him enough to invest)

    • Anon2012_2014


      First, thank you for your detailed reply. It was well thought out.

      I have one issue though:

      “Now let’s get back to reality. The E-Cat works. Anyone who has followed this whole affair from the start MUST see that.”

      I have followed E-Cat/Rossi/LENR for the past 5 years. I am not certain that E-Cat works. I believe it probably works. I hope it works. But I do not have proof as an outsider. It is also possible that the E-Cat does not work. I am waiting for what I consider incontrovertible proof to be published. I am waiting for replications based upon published instructions.

      • Hank Mills

        There is already enough evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt the technology works — producing copious excess heat. I understand the desire to see additional replications based upon published instructions. That is something I am pushing for! For some reason, successfully replicating the Ni-LiAlH4 (sometimes with added elemental Li) is hit or miss. People get great results or fairly puny ones if any at all. My hope is that before long we will figure out the critical variables involved and a new wave of replications will begin. I could see hundreds of replications turning into thousands as a media sensation starts covering the emergence of the E-Cat on every news network almost 24/7.

      • Mike Rion

        Proof will come when they started cranking out E-Cats for commercial use.

      • Michael W Wolf

        I don’t think there is any possibility that the ecat does not work. It may not work as claimed. But for it not to work at all is impossible to me. All the people that would have to be involved in the scam is just untenable. I am 100% sure we have a new energy source on earth. So many times skeptics have been proven less than accurate. I have failed to find such deception with LENR researchers. We are so anxious to see the technology available, we forget the bigger picture of the LENR reality. LENR is here, let that feed our impatience until it arrives.

    • Mike Rion

      Hank, thanks for putting into words exactly what I was thinking for a while now.

    • Michael W Wolf

      Magnificent perspective Hank. Almost exactly how I feel. You just say it so much better and have a deeper understanding of events.

    • sam

      There is the possibility that T.D made decisions about the Ecat based on
      incorrect information he received
      from his people or other sources.

    • Robert Dorr

      I don’t think that I.H. gives a damn about giving or not giving Rossi the 89 million dollars. I think that their only concern is denying that the 1 MW plant works and the only way they can say that, is by not paying Rossi. i think they know quite well that the plant works but I think they are being pushed by people (Government) to discredit Rossi and everything that he has done. They realized too late that Rossi’s invention works and works well and since the cat is out of the bag the only thing they can hope to do is slow it’s progress down. This technology is so disruptive that they are concerned about the chaos it is about to create. They were told for so long and by so many esteemed scientists that it was impossible and by the time they realized that it wasn’t impossible but a very real invention it was way past too late to put the genie back in the bottle and now it’s damage control time, and that means that Rossi must be sacrificed.

  • Sanjeev
    In June there will be an extremely important meeting with due persons with a closed doors official test.

    • Mats002

      Is it official or closed doors? It can’t be both at the same time in my world.

      • US_Citizen71

        Depends what he means by “closed doors”, he might be intending to say hands off. Needs clarification before jumping to any conclusions.

      • Sanjeev

        Lost in translation, may be.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        I guess he means that an official organisation will participate. Difficult to say who they might be, but since he has later confirmed that there is a connection to certification it seems possible that there will be some safety inspector on site.

  • SG

    As much as I respect Infinite Energy, and the very high quality reporting that they have generated for a very long time for the LENR community, I must say, Marianne Macy’s most recent article falls short in my book. The best part of the article is in the beginning, where she shares her own background and decisions that led her to become a journalist. That part sparkled and I really thought I was in for a treat. But the article quickly got bogged down. Her descriptions of Mr. Rossi, while seemingly genuine, also had the taint of suspicion–that his charm and intelligence are perhaps the reason he was able to swindle so many. She doesn’t outright say this, but the implication lingers in her writing, and the quotes from others who are more explicit in their criticism. I get the feeling that Ms. Macy is in the LENR camp, but not the LENR+ camp.

    • Axil Axil

      One of the fun things about this Rossi affair is the complex plot of the story were intrigue with intrigue is stacked in countless layers.

      We cannot take anything at face value at this current juncture. So take what I say now with a grain of salt.

      Michael Melich was feared by the old LENR hands as a government minion. He was thought to report to CIA on LENR progress.

      Melich actions and that of his wife could be a reflection of the current action profile that the govenment has in place with regards to Rossi.

      There are so many potential generators of propaganda, it is impossible to understand who is supporting LENR and who wants to suppress it.

      But there is one thing that is for sure, the game is on.

      • psi2u2

        It is quite true that Melich has strong ties to the intelligence community, and indeed it was the presence of his name on JONP as an affiliate of the publication that once contributed to my strong belief in Rossi. So I was interested to read Ms. Macy’s article from that point of view.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yeah, and I can’t help but think of the attacks on John Bockris (at Texas A&M) when I read this.
        From page 49 of Frank Close’s 1991 book Too Hot to Handle.

        “…Tritium is an essential fuel in thermonuclear weapons; it is also a product of dd fusion – the very process that the Utah chemists claimed to be able to make happen inexpensively in a test tube. The US military were already spending vast sums on making tritium for warheads and the reactors that were used for this process had been closed, pending repairs, in 1988 as a result of nervousness about reactor safety following the Chernobyl accident. The repair and building new reactors would cost billions of dollars, so when
        test-tube fusion entered the scene the military took note at once, recognizing the potential of test-tube fusion as a source of much-needed tritium. This sort of application of test-tube fusion also impressed Indian Government scientists who decided that western nations would soon classify test-tube fusion as a secret; thus India mounted an immediate test-tube fusion research effort so as
        to ‘get in on the ground floor’….”

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Frank Acland April 23, 2016 at 11:41 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    You wrote: “In June there will be an extremely important meeting with due persons with a closed doors official test.”
    1. Is this going to be an extended test over days?
    2. Will it be in connection with a) product sales, or b) certification?
    Many thanks, Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi April 23, 2016 at 1:52 PM
    Frank Acland:
    1- yes
    2- both (F8)
    Warm Regards, A.R. “

    • artefact

      On JONP:

      “Luis Navarro April 23, 2016 at 2:47 PM
      Dear Andrea,
      Interesting news on Sifferkoll attack,!
      Even better news your announcement of meeting in June!!!! Great!!!!
      All the very best

    • Karl Venter

      I wonder why a closed door test?
      How advantageous would it not be to have a SGS or TUV there to say they got excess heat – would nail IH in any court case that kind of info.?

    • artefact

      On JONP:

      “O.B. April 23, 2016 at 8:04 PM
      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
      The new QuarkX is clerly something substantially different from what we know about the E-Cat described so far. Please accept two questions:
      1- do the electronics make the difference?
      AR: yes
      2- do electronic or electric engineers of the team that worked with you during the 1 year test participate to this R&D ?
      AR: no
      Cheers, O.B.”

      • wpj

        Interesting as Flavio F of IH was doing the electronics for the ecat plant.

      • Axil Axil

        From the

        Rossi’s missing secret or E-CatX description or both?

        “All replicators should pay attention to Rossi’s provisional US-patent 61/999,582, filing-date: August 01, 2014. Provisional patents are not published at USPTO but another site published a copy of this patent which contains the following description:

        “In a reactor are put nickel powders, hydrides at a pressure of 3-6 bars an a temperature of 400-600 Celsius, AND AT ONE SIDE OF THE REACTOR IS PUT AN ANODE, AT THE OPPOSITE A CATHODE, so that electrons are accelerated up to 100 keV, …”

        At the ends of the reactor are an anode and a cathode!!!

        “4 – a generator of direct current connected with a cathode and an anode to accelerate the electrons”

        So Rossi is using DC to initiate (and maybe control) the reaction. (And possibly uses the anode and cathode for direct extraction of electric energy after the reaction occured – ECatX.)”

        Electrical power creation is basically how the Papp engine worked. The engine was powered through the creation of a feedback current that was extracted from the plasma using a set of electrodes called buckets. That feedback current was used to power the next engine cycle.

        The Quark reactor could be the second coming of the Papp engine.

        The key to efficiently gathering this feedback current in the Papp engine was the use of radioactive alpha emitters(thorium, and radium) to positively ionize the electrodes.

        The use of radiation in the quark reactor cannot be done under Rossi’s ground rules because of safety certification requirements. The electronics connected to the electrodes that gather the feedback current must positively ionize the feedback electrons so that the newly created electrons are attracted to feedback circuit.

        • radvar

          Thanks for the very useful observation on the anode/cathode arrangement. That helps connect the “secret inner workings” with actual power output. Bridging that conceptual gap removes some of my doubts about the reality of the X.

        • wpj

          Bob G mentioned this in some of his video presentations as being the key to high COP (can’t remember which one).

        • Ted-Z

          And the walls of the reactor are most likely made out of QUARTZ, for the emission of light. So the LENR reaction might be really in the gas phase.

          • So, possibly a sealed lithium-hydrogen plasma reactor with transparent walls, in which the electrostatic field across one anode/cathode pair somehow induces an electrical potential across the second pair? Bleed off some of this potential as electricity and the light dims, giving a choice of light or power. This would certainly be consistent with the various clues, and with the patent.

          • Owen Geiger

            According to this line of thought, what would the reactor look like in your opinion?

          • OK, as you invite it – pure speculation mode:

            Reactor body quartz (per Ted-Z) or alumina, tubular (“At the ends of the reactor…”) with (tungsten?) internal electrodes at each side and at each end, per the patent wording. Hydrogen filled under pressure. Size unknown but probably quite small so that electrodes are fairly close together. The electrodes connected to a high voltage DC source, capable of modulation and possibly switching, at unknown frequencies.

            The tube oriented horizontally with the ‘fuel’ powder lying loose between the side electrodes but not touching them. Reactor energised by applying HVDC across one pair (end = -ve, side = +ve) resulting in internal arcing, internal temperature rising to 2-400C, lithium and hydrogen fully ionised. Once up to temp, self sustaining LENR on nickel powder surfaces maintains temperature and ionisation without further input. Power collected from remaining electrode pair if required.

            Alt 1: All 4 electrodes energised in a switching pattern designed to separate the electron cloud from the ionised nuclei and harvested during ‘off’ cycles (pulsed DC).

            Alt 2: Powder not loose but packed into reactor, with current (not necessarily HV) flowing directly through it, with arcing between particles providing initial ionisation and heating. Light would then be available only from plasma located close to the envelope.

            Speculation mode off.

          • Zephir

            Hardly so, quartz would react with lithium vapor readily

          • Unfortunately alumina seems to be ‘out’ too, according to this document:
  , although some ‘replicators’ seem to have got away with using silica envelopes.

            However the same document does say, “high-purity molten lithium may be held in quartz containers up to 285°C”, so perhaps there is a let-out if the temperature of the quartz doesn’t exceed this limit.

  • Mats002

    Agree. Open experiments is the best way to get to the truth. The GS5.3 show a COP of 1.1 and some radiation, data is still being analyzed. To vindicate Rossi we need at least COP > 3 (my estimation) and to get there – if possible – a kick of EM at the right time has to be part of the recipe I think.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Agreed about EM

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Gene April 24, 2016 at 1:10 AM
    Dr Andrea Rossi,
    In past you already had written in this blog that you were working to
    make a massive production factory. It was more than three years ago.
    Cheers, Gene

    Andrea Rossi April 24, 2016 at 7:52 AM
    True. Then talks with Cherokee began in spring 2012, they were very
    serious and I changed strategy, because at those times I was convinced
    that Cherokee was really intentioned to make a bif production concern,
    not a financial speculation. I was wrong.
    Warm Regards, A.R.”

    • Axil Axil

      Over the past century, a dozen LENR systems or more have been created and forgotten. What always stopped LENR progress was lack of commercialization. There usually was financial speculation involved to enrich a few but LENR never penetrated into the marketplace. Will this be the case on this go-round with LENR and Cherokee?

      • Omega Z

        ->”Over the past century, a dozen LENR systems or more have been created and forgotten.”

        Nothing was ever brought to fruition. However, the cause of this is likely that energy was relatively inexpensive in the past. It took a long time for demand to cause a serious surge in price.

        Once upon a time, Rockafellas dumped gasoline into the water ways as a waste product. And from this, the stories of rivers a fire.

  • clovis ray

    nope, not correct. he has every little detail all worked out, he’s a man with a plan, if people will just stay out of his way he will deliver to the world it desires, for energy, and when he is finished he will go on developing more spectacular thing in the future, can’t wait for his next invention, wonder what it will be, because he has many fruitful years to bring us his genuine and wonderful innovation.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Ah yes, the “invisible hand” vs. the invisible finger of the market place.

  • TPaign

    Is there any possibility that the Rossi & IH feud is just a carefully orchestrated ruse to get LENR/Cold fusion into a federal court? If Rossi wins, and the technology is verified in the court proceedings, then this will greatly enhance the quality of their IP and the defensibility of their IP claims in future disputes.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      In that scenario, why did IH ask for prolongation with answering until June 12, instead of getting into court as soon as possible.

      • Hi all

        APCO worldwide.


        October Surprise.

        Kind Regards walker

        • Pekka Janhunen

          No comprendo.

          • Ian likes to provide riddles. A few more clues might be needed in this case, Ian.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Maybe we’ll see Brillouin COP 3 test before the elections, then. But what if someone has a higher cop and he Trumps it.

          • 🙂 At least Rossi would now know who to approach for further backing!

        • US_Citizen71

          This could be an October Surprise in the making, but which side is involved? Trump had dealings with Cherokee in the past, so I would not automatically say it is the Clinton camp.

        • Alain Samoun


          • Hi all

            APCO worldwide are the Clinton family PR firm.

            APCO worldwide are involved with IH.

            US elections are coming up.

            October is the preferred month to release information to ensure maximum impact on election day, a whole bunch of statisticians marketeers sat down and analysed this for the political parties several decades ago.

            Slowing down the release of the ERV and starting a court case to fight over the E-Cat before everyone sits down and does a deal is very good CHEAP publicity.

            It is a possible scenario, that IH may have as a backstop.

            Kind Regards walker

  • wpj

    Ooops. Wrong first name. Should have checked, but sounded Italian enough. It was said somewhere that he did the control software.

  • Barney Holmes

    So “big money” controls everything ? Big money controls the strength of gravity on mars ?

  • Warthog

    Don’t disagree with you on Rossi, but do disagree that he is the only one pushing high outputs. Brillouin and Lenuco are claiming levels in the kilowatt range, while Jet Energy, though doing small devices, is well above the possible errors in their calorimetry, and claiming reliable starts/stops and output control. I suspect there are more flying under the radar.

  • Omega Z

    Retired from SRI in March 2016. Went home to New Zealand. Is a Technical Adviser of Brillouin Energy.

  • artefact


    “#LENR #ECAT saga: Weaver goes Schizofrenic about Penon and Reveals a Goldmine of #Cryptodenialism to Study!”

  • Bob

    It is so refreshing to read something of substance and not out of the blue wishful thinking!
    David French’s article was very insightful and I learned much. I have appreciated his past posts about Patent law and proceedings and this interview about the Rossi / IH lawsuit was very eye opening..
    I hoped that we might see a fast resolution to this case, but it appears it will not happen. Rossi filed amendments which pushed the date that IH has to reply back to June 12th. IH will probably not be in any hurry, so they will use that time to build up their counter arguments.
    The Mr. French made the following quote :
    “This Complaint is so flawed that we might see Court Motions to have it clarified before the defendants file their Answers.”
    I understand his statement as meaning that the lawsuit language and content is very flawed and that IH’s legal team will pick it apart asking for clarification, point by point. All before providing their response. Again, pushing back the time of the IH response.
    Other pieces of information that I found very informative and might disappoint some.
    Documents, examinations and cross examinations will not be public most likely. So probably we will not find out what the real outcome was. I am sure when asked, both sides will say “NDA!” as with everything in this saga.
    IH / Darden will not be able to sue for liable from the court documents. However, I imagine they might from postings on JONP if they so chose. (This is my understanding, not Mr. French’s words.) Of course, if Rossi wins, then there probably would be little chance of this as well.
    Rossi is asking for triple damages. Could this be $89 million x 3 ? $270 million !
    French guesses there is a 50% chance, if not higher, this will be settled out of court. My opinion is that if it is, we will not learn much of anything.

    • LuFong

      Yes, finally got around to reading the French interview. Extremely informative and we are fortunate to have his interpretation of the civil suit. Definitely recommended reading.

      David French of course is very cautious and so am I but thus far for me, this basically supports my contention that Rossi is using this to stall and hopefully provide him with an opportunity to either reacquire his IP (such as it is) or to wiggle out of his (possible) failure. It does look like it will take a lot of time, many lawyers, and will probably be settled out of court. I hope at least the Answer is filed before all of this happens because I would like to see IH’s side of this issue.