Steorn Showing Livestream of Orbo Discharge/Recharge Test

There’s a live test being streamed by Steorn of an Orbo test system being tested.

Watch live video from orboteam on

UPDATE: The live stream is now showing here:

Here’s an explanation from the Orbo Facebook page:

This video stream shows an Orbo power cell in long term reliability testing.

The test system comprises of an Orbo power cell that is being shorted through a relay at an approximate frequency of 50Hz (50 times a second). The trace on the scope is the Orbo power cell voltage.

The cell is being shorted and is recharging approximately 4.3 million times per day. Prior to the live stream of this power cell commencing on 12th May 2016 the cell shown had been shorted and recharged in excess of 350 million times.

On the stream there’s also this comment:

“We have added a small test motor to the live stream, this is a prototype and has only been in lab test for a week or so. Hence there may be a few teething problems, all of which you will get to see live on this channel!”

I’m assuming that this testing is being done prior to any more Orbo products being shipped. I’m not sure how long it will take before they are satisfied that the products are ready. I’ll try and find out more information.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    From where do we know that there is relevant discharging in the ‘rectangle’ setup? If the cell has a high inner resistance or if there is an effective short-circuit protection the discharge phases will be negligible. They would have to show voltage and current, at least.

    • Let’s assume there is a reasonable inherent resistance in the Orbo power cell and the output pins are being short-circuited 50 times a second. Also, assume no short circuit protection. How much power is coming out? 1) When the relay is open: no current => no power out. 2) When the relay is closed: no voltage => no power out. – Where is the power going to in case 2 if there is still some current present? Answer: Back to the Orbo power cell – to heat the cell or to be harvested. This is just a strange test with no apparent purpose, certainly not demonstrating power output.

  • georgehants

    Time for all you lab test guys to put on your white coats and start work again, he he.

    • Sanjeev

      Reliability testing probably involves shorting?
      Hopefully there be energy measurements too. I think we should ask them to do something like we did here, live on the net.

      • Sanjeev

        I just noticed there is the other orbo which is connected to a motor. (The first is connected to a relay).
        Its a load on the orbo, which is a good thing. However needs to be quantified.

        • DFarwell

          I would love to see the specifications on that motor. I believe that type of motor of that size with no load on it could run for weeks if not months on a battery of that size. Your thoughts?

          • Sanjeev

            Yes it will and it will do so with a self charging capacitor too.

    • DFarwell

      Mark while the Orbo pack did start showing some behavior that Shaun had mentioned, it is a bit misleading to not also mention that it does not operate as intended nor does it show proof of Orbo Effect. Some of the anomalies that Frank is seeing that Shaun has mentioned could just be anomalies of the current configuration not necessarily indicative of the Orbo Effect. I just figured that should probably be clarified as Bob is looking for the state of where we are with Orbo. From my view of all the information, I only see a few strange anomalies that could be easily explained via numerous very simple methods.

      • gdaigle

        Several SKDB members replicated and tested components and concepts that were key to Steorn’s demonstrations, such as near-zero friction magnetic bearings and the cancellation of counter-electromotive force in a rotor configuration. By doing so, those members proved the veracity of some of Steorn’s claims. These successful replications kept the membership actively trying to replicate the full “Orbo-effect” employing the Orbo-tech of the moment (mechanical, electromechanical, solid state) despite never having been given an explicit set of plans and materials lists.

        We often wondered if this was due to fears of their IP getting into the wild, or if we were actually a cross-check of how easy/difficult it would be for others to replicate their IP successfully if not given the full recipe. Both suggest that they believe they had something to protect.

        Several attempts came much closer to the break-even point of COP then members (including experienced electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists, etc.) would have thought possible, yet we never were able to prove wrong any claims by Steorn. But, to my knowledge, up to the end of the SKDB no full >1 COP replications were every successfully claimed by SKDB members of any of the above mentioned iterations of Orbo-tech. Frustrating, but not a rejection of their claims.

        As for this electret iteration of Orbo-tech, it feels the same as before. We get hints of what it does, but not exactly how it does it. Demonstrations alone are not proof, but proof is actually not what we should be looking for. Falsifiability is the cornerstone of modern science. Quoting Karl Popper, “It is easy to obtain confirmations, or verifications, for nearly every theory — if we look for confirmations.” Popper states that testability is falsifiability. Only through testing can we prove something false. Until then we have to assume the “black swan” technologies that occasionally arise and break inductive reasoning are always possible.

        I am a designer. As a designer I may employ abductive reasoning, where incomplete information can lead to “most likely” explanations in the absence of other indications. I think it is mostly likely that the claims of Steorn are true, but it will require additional exploration to be confirmed.

        • Suresh

          Can you do simulation for electric field intensities of electret by using a software ?

        • Paul

          The battery is dead is dead.

  • DFarwell

    I have so many problems with this demo. First of all as I would have guessed, the test is being done on a random wood table surface allowing numerous different charging methods via the table surface or simple inductive charging under the table or within the wood top. This could be avoided so simply by putting the devices on a raised glass or plexiglass stand a foot or so above a table or NOT table….Shaun must have guessed people would question the table immediately, which is quite telling. Next we have the fact that a motor that size (most likely extremely low power draw with no load) could easily run for months on a battery pack of that size without a charge. It’s obvious to me why they picked that style of motor. Then we have the absolutely odd and meaningless test of 50hz relay based charge and short sequence. I could go on and on with rudimentary problems with this “demo”. Unfortunately, this is just a new carrot tied on an old stick…..

  • enantiomer2000

    There is probably a reason you were banned for asking such an innocuous question. You may have hit the bulls-eye.

    • DFarwell

      I am quite sure that is the case here enantiomer. I believe I asked a very valid question in a very respectful manner, yet I was PERMANENTLY banned from the channel for asking it. If this does not scream scam I do not know what does……

      • Sanjeev

        I recall faintly that we had a long discussion on this matter. This is now well above such cheap tricks and kids games like hiding magnets below the table. Once you take money from customers, the results will be either a working product or a full refund to all or jail time for steorn guys. If they go on delaying then sooner or later someone will sue them. There is no escape.
        I guess this demo is not meant for proving anything (it can’t be done on a live video, there will always be doubts), its just to keep those who are interested updated. The proof is in product and we are all waiting for it. Too early to jump to conclusions.

        • DFarwell

          Sanjeev would you not admit that a permanent ban from the channel for a respectful valid question causes an intelligent person to question motive? Would you not also agree the question itself is not only completely valid, but would immediately clear up question and skepticism? As a serious skeptic of Orbo I can tell this would go a million miles for me, The fact that a motor that size would run on a battery that size for a month is an issue too, but still the former point would be HUGE to us. I have a feeling other critical thinking skeptics would agree. This is just a bit offensive to an intelligent mind to not have the devices up off the table especially since we know they use alot of plexiglass and lexan in other experiments within Steorn.

          • Sanjeev

            Its not a sign of intelligence to assume that putting those black bricks on glass table will be an “undeniable proof” of it.
            If there is a battery in there, it will perform just as good on a wooden table or a glass table. (Do I really need to say that ;))
            What about wireless transmission of power to it? What about other million ways a video can be faked? Will a video satisfy any intelligent person? The answer is – only a product will do that, no amount of video or demos will help. You went ahead and asked for “proof”, even if politely, but I guess they are tired of this game. Let them release a product, and if it works there is your proof, else it joins the heap of failed techs.

          • DFarwell

            Sanjeev…no one is talking about undeniable proof by any means…I am just simply talking about a couple steps that even a 9yr old child just learning electronics would point out. Get the devices off the table…looks too fishy and use a recognizable motor or load that is sized to be able to be discharged in a reasonable amount of time to actually show us anything. I am still deeply baffled by the 50hz test as it is such an odd unconventional test that provides proof of absolutely nothing. I know I have beaten this horse at this point, but if Steorn is going to invite the public to an online streaming demo to show off long term testing, I think it is VERY advantageous to at least eliminate a couple variables that would take but a few minutes that would actually show us at least something of substance. What I see currently is nothing but yet another calculated delay.

          • Zephir

            I guess yes, because Steorn’s electret is black and supercapacitors are also formed with graphite. If we charge it, the the tiny barriers between graphite platelets could serve like the tunneling diode rectifying thermal voltage noise formed with quantum fluctuations within the material (search from “captret” or “crystal cells” for to find similar devices)

  • Yeah, it was respectful, but they still didn’t seem to like it. I’m the same way, a lot of the time. I think that they were just putting out a demo for anyone who wanted to see it. I don’t think that they’re trying to convince anyone with demos, at this point. I don’t think that they think that most will be convinced with a demo, and, besides, if they do get a working product in the market, then that will be all that matters for them.

    • DFarwell

      I can understand that perspective Mark, but it just makes no sense to not only allow such an obvious demo problem as having it on a wood table that could be resolved in about 2 minutes, but to then permanently ban a question regarding it. We are talking about engineers at Steorn who have dealt with over 10 years of skepticism. Would you not at least agree this makes very little sense and screams “shady”?

  • DFarwell

    Fair enough, especially on the bad attitude lol, I am just so worn out by Shaun over so many years. Would you not at least concede that it will look bad if Shaun does not take 2 minutes to put them up on clear stands now that it has been mentioned and will most likely become a huge issue going forward for most people? Also curious what are your thoughts on that size/type motor running with no load on that size black box potentially housing a high capacity battery? I suspect it could run for weeks maybe months. Very strange choice of motor..especially watching how it spins, it almost looks like its a super thin rotor without precision. Odd.

    • Whether or not it will look bad is going to depend on a lot of things. I don’t really care much, myself. I just want one of the game controllers. I don’t know what to think about the motor. The thing that I agree with is being burned out on all of this, and having a problem with the incompetence of the dudes working at Steorn, missing deadlines and not delivering and stuff.

  • Frank Acland

    I wonder if we have any readers in the Dublin area. There was invitation on the chat that said “This stream is live from Steorn’s office in the Docklands Innovation Park, Eastwall Road, Dublin, Ireland. If you would like to see these systems live please drop by during normal office hours.”

  • DFarwell

    What are everyone’s thoughts on the motor/Orbo setup we are looking at? Here are a few thoughts I have. A motor that size and type could easily run for weeks if not months on a high cap battery the size of the Orbo device as it has no load. I find it strange to use such an odd unrecognized probably custom motor to demonstrate the Orbo cell. When you watch the rotor top of the motor, it almost looks like it is a super light or thin cylinder spinning that would aid to energy conservation, this potential tactic has been used with other “over unity” devices before. This just doesn’t feel right to me….tell me if I am off base here.

    • SG

      My thoughts are that it is useless to speculate on what is going on in the live stream. We need more physical hardware to play with. They’ve promised to provide Frank with just that in due course. Then we can explore this enigma some more.

      • DFarwell

        I would agree with you if we were not deeply in a situation of “boy who cried wolf” for so many years with Steorn. I think it is very interesting to look at the details of what Steorn puts forth in efforts like this as they scream volumes in my opinion. As they say, the devil is in the details……

      • DrD

        I agree.

        • gdaigle

          My guess is that it is approaching a plateau where it will stabilize at a constant voltage. Don’t assume that the drop represents a linear function. We can check in another 3 days, which will give us 2 points on a line. At least 3 points are required for non-linear functions, so has anyone grabbed screenshots over the past 3 days?

      • Matt

        They are testing. Nobody really knows exactly what, but they are testing. And the motor is spinning. Nobody really knows why, but it is spinning.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It’s a shame they could not find a practical use for the technology.

    • gdaigle

      Those of us in the SKDB tried for months to develop ideas for desktop toys employing the electromechanical version of the Orbo. We even developed some ideas for the mechanical version, but none of these were realized by Steorn. In a private group visited by Steorn I did suggest a design for a simple homopolar motor using the Orbo material, but I believe their focus for the past year has been on practical uses.

  • Suresh

    I gave the similar Idea of An Innovative Method of Electric Current Generation (2004), i presented that idea of using electret in International conference also , but there was no good response .
    The electrostatic force is more suitable to use as inherent property source. In this paper a new method of electric current by using constant electrostatics field has been discussed and a mathematical relation between the potential difference and electrostatic charge has been developed.
    This method can be divided into three steps:
    1) Fundamental
    2) Equivalent circuit
    3) How it can be used as a potential source of electricity
    When a metal rod is placed in the electric field of a point negative charge then the electrons inside the metal rod, will be repelled by a repulsion force as shown by arrow direction. The electric field can be cut from a particular direction by an earthed metal plate. When four negative charges are placed near the corner of metal frame and they shield the electric field from a particular direction as shown in fig.1,the acting force on the electron which is inside the metal will be as shown by arrow and these will make a closed loop . The force acting on the electron will be continuous and constant. The electric current, which flows in the opposite direction of the electron movement, will be induced in the metal frame.

    • enantiomer2000

      Yeah, it’ll have a hiccup, then suddenly the voltage shoots back up. Don’t like it? Banned!

  • Sanjeev

    I also noticed the somewhat strange readings on the scope. It should be a few volts (>2V?). If its in mV, it may not be a finished component for charging a phone (then why is it in the form of a black resin brick?)
    The frequency measurement says <10Hz, so that is also puzzling. Somewhere there is a factor of 10 missing.

  • Xavier Pitz

    It doesn’t only drops. It fluctuates. But it has a dropping trend for the moment.
    See the following “timelapse” :

    • DrD

      It’s just that it isn’t synced. Thats what the horizontal junder is. No idea why they would chose not to sync it.

  • Webscience

    Why don’t they put all the stuff on a transparent (e.g. glass) table? Now a simple rotating magnet under the table can cause the spin. All this mystery and sloppiness…brrr

  • Dave

    Time to recharge that battery. Can I borrow your Orbo?

    • Suresh

      Again Die at 28-May-2016 at 4:17

  • Bob Tavis
  • Matt

    The OPhone seems to be on sale again.

    • Ciaranjay

      So McCarthy claimed he would develop and sell a mysterious, marvellous, free energy device.
      There were always three possible motives behind this.
      1. It is true. McCarthy has indeed stumbled onto a miracle that runs counter to scientific laws.
      2. It is false. McCarthy isdeluded or crazy.
      3. It is false. McCarthy knows exactly what he is doing and is a conman.
      Each had its camp of supporters depending on your interpretation of events.

      At the start, even though history tells us that many have previously claimed but then failed to produce such a device, I was open minded, heck why not!
      But after the fiasco in London in 2007 I became more sceptical.
      Then we had the independent scientific jury, which again was a bust.
      So now after more grand promises end in failure in 2016 surely we are at the end now.

      So what can we conclude based on the actions and results?
      McCarthy can tell a good story (what the Irish call blarney).
      As far as science is concerned, no genuine evidence has been demonstrated of a free energy process.
      As far as product is concerned. No working product has been produced.
      The only thing that has demonstrably happened is that a lot of money has been taken from investors with nothing given in return.

      So why are so many taking the view that Steorn was a failure?
      Sure if the motive was to sell a fee energy device then it was a failure.
      But if the motive was to fleece gullible investors then the whole venture has been a great success.

  • Bob Tavis

    They have found a practical use: getting money from investors.

  • gdaigle

    An absolutely brutally honest article, yet at the end the writer surprisingly states, “At this point, I’m not closed to the possibility that they have something that works, or produces some unusual effect.” I, along with other former members of the SKDB, wonder where go from here? Despite Steorn spin-off HephaHeat apparently developing tech that not only works but is aligned with Sony (with celebrity endorsements!), the Steorn mothership is looking shaky. They need an infusion of third party validation, something that the SKDB could not give them due to Steorn holding back critical information. I say, give us kits, remove the black goop and let the members of ECW see what they can discover about the veracity of Steorn’s claims.

    • gdaigle

      As long as Frank isn’t violating any terms with Steorn, I would agree. Tear it down. I think that tests should begin by replicating what is currently shown on the Cell Test Stream site, and then performing tests that would give insight as to the nature of the effect. Is it acting more like a super capacitor or a battery? Is it acting like a topological insulator? Other suggestions?

      • gdaigle

        Finally, the stream is OFFLINE. That took a long time to die.

    • gdaigle
  • Guy Mann

    That’s enough for me. I’m out!