MFMP Returns to India to test ECCO Reactor

Bob Greenyer and George Egely have returned to India to try to get to work with Suhas Ralkar and his ‘ECCO’ reactor. If you recall, the last time they were in India, Suhas’ reactor had been locked in a building by a bank because of some financial issues; however, Suhas has been allowed to return to the lab, and has subsequently removed his reactor so he can have unhindered access to it.

Now, however, the reactor is again out of reach because the person who it was given to for safekeeping has gone away on a trip, and has not returned when expected.

In the meantime, while waiting for access to the ECCO reactor, Bob and George have been doing work in the lab and have prepared the following video in which they give a tour of Suhas’ lab, show some of the equipment there and discuss some of the testing protocols they will be using when they are able to test the ECCO reactor.

  • nietsnie

    How unfortunate for you that whenever MFMP travels a great distance to witness LENR in action – there is some misunderstanding that prevents it from being demonstrated. Expensive as well.

  • Rene

    🙁 How unfortunate.

  • georgehants

    Morning Bob, sorry to hear of the problems, hope they soon sort themselves out.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We had to do everything we possibly could. Thanks

  • Dods

    For those here with a sense of humour, that’s a bloody expensive curry.

    Hope it turns out alright.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Even then, it would never guarantee a firm stool.

  • georgehants

    Should we bring up the slight problems and 70 year delay the Hot Fusion guys have had with their trillion dollar budget.

    • Sowrabh Behl

      point made.

  • Gerard McEk

    Sorry to say this, but I believe that MFMP is being manipulated by Suhas. Already the first time I had a bad feeling, now I am convinced. What happens there is unbelievable.

    • Bob Greenyer

      It is India, there is little way one can rationalise it.

      • Gerard McEk

        I will be the first to apologize if things turn out differently, Bob, Mr Suhas, but please see our point of view also.
        Mr Suhas, please show that I was wrong and that you really have something the world must know!

    • G Whit Thomp

      I concurr

    • Buck

      Sadly, I agree . . .

  • David_Kaiser_39

    This is too much! What kind of person is doing this? What does it mean out of reach? No phones? Did he went to Siberia? What the heck!!!

    • Bob Greenyer

      This is India, and from living and employing here for over a decade, this kind of thing is perfectly ordinary. A religious festival can usurp all other things – India teaches westerners patience and you either come to terms with it, or go bonkers. Often you will be told what you want to hear without there being the slightest intention to make good on the commitment. This guy storing the device said 100% we would have the reactor by Friday and yet, here we are waiting, and there is no decency to call to tell you that the original time was inconvenient and that they will do it when they are ready. Applying logic is futile.

      • Frank Acland

        Is Suhas around, if so, could he find a way to get back his reactor?

      • psi2u2

        Wow. What an experience for you guys. A lesson of karmic patience.

  • sam

    Hi Bob
    If you get the Reactor how long will
    testing take?Could Suhas send the ECCO to you?

    • Bob Greenyer

      The reactor is apparently under 30kg, it has 4 bare wires we will need wire via our 3 Phase power meter and into the mains supply. It will have the feed water coming via the SENSUS that will give the input and output temperatures and the bucket, optris, thermometers and measuring jug will confirm the output temperature and volume of water heated.

      Should take an hour to get set up and every 40 litres a maximum of 10 mins if the COP is around 8. We should have an answer with a high degree of confidence inside a few hours if the COP is over 3.

      • sam

        So are you leaving India or staying if you get funds?
        Can Suhas do the testing?

        • Bob Greenyer

          We will be here for a few more days, we were assured that the guy would come back from his home town and bring the reactor before our original planned leaving time, but that didn’t happen. We have to be comfortable in ourselves that we did everything conceivably possible to make this happen.

          Whether we test the reactor is completely down to Suhas and the circumstance he finds himself in. We said we would be here in first week in September, we are and even with extremely difficult circumstances, we prepared everything for a plausible test.

          We have done some good experiments already and Suhas has put a lot of his time aside along with his staff to do them and we thank him greatly for doing so. Despite the terrible heat and crowded commute and literally near 120db of noise outside our hotel room ( we are staying near the police station ) – we have learned a lot and have a huge amount to share.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Would people believe a test a claimant did themselves?

          • sam

            I hope you and George get to do the test Bob then they
            would be believable.
            Just thought of Suhas as a last resort if you had to leave
            before the reactor is back.
            I am so curious to get some
            kind of test done and see the
            reactor working.
            I guess I should donate some more to MFMP to help
            make it happen.

          • Bob Greenyer

            That is kind however, we have enough now to see this trip out thanks to the support from followers old and new.

            I think the most important thing is to appeal to Suhas to find a way to get the reactor to the lab by tomorrow.

            And, maybe, to pray.

          • sam
      • psi2u2

        Sounds good, Bob. Looking forward to the results.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks to you and others Nick, we got the funds together – thanks everyone – of course, George and my wifes are not happy and my son is saying I am a ‘naughty boy and should be at home’. This place it hellishly sweaty at the moment and the daily commute on one of Western Rails moving sardine cans is a real experience no claustrophobic would countenance.

  • Bob Greenyer

    No deliberate delay, just India. We have done some good experiments anyhow.

  • Husky

    I have to say thx to Suhas for sharing all the info so far and i will do whatever i can to help you guys!!!!

    • Bob Greenyer

      Yes – thanks is certainly due – especially given the difficult circumstances.

  • nietsnie

    Well… airlines, local travel, accommodations and meals for both themselves and their families in a foreign country for over a week. It’s got to add up.

    I mean, if you and your family flew to Mumbai to vacation for over a week – that would be an expensive vacation (at least it would be for me…) and most particularly during festival when the hotels fill up.

    Fortunately, Ganesh Chaturthi ended on the 5th (with Anant Chaturdashi). As it is now the 9th, and in as much as the festival was physically held in Mumbai, even if they walked home on their hands the friend of a friend will surely be home shortly.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We are here sharing a single room and taking public transport for one reason only, to test ECCO.

      • nietsnie

        Not casting aspersions at you, Bob. You – I believe. I do wonder about your host and his friends friend though. For him to allow this to happen *a second time* to you – most especially considering the great expense and trouble you have gone through to verify HIS invention, is unconscionable. The longer it has been since the end of festival – the less reasonable the, already flimsy, excuse, and the more intentional it looks. You have to consider that there may be nothing there to verify, and all the rest is cover for that fact. The question I am asking myself is, “What does Ralkar stand to gain by keeping you in suspense”?

        • Bob Greenyer

          When every opportunity has been given, the truth emerges from the confusion. Delaying judgement does not make a belief true – only cold, hard facts do, having said that, let’s see what happens tomorrow.

          As my father always used to say ‘you can lead a thirsty horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’

          • nietsnie

            Well… five days and counting since the end of festival. Any news from the person that purportedly knew that you were counting on him but went to festival instead and hasn’t been back to his own home yet in spite of having been in the same city the entire time?

            My father never said this, but it seems apropos and folksy: “That dog don’t hunt”. Something is wrong there.

            Still – you have the feel of the wheel. Good luck.

  • Nick Sunchild

    We love you all, have you seen the Video from Sam?

    Think about it.

    • Bob Greenyer

      like it

  • Memphis

    As far as I know, ME356 and Suhas have both confirmed transmutation from ash. This is real evidence. So there is no doubt about LENR and their work. Maybe ME356 don’t wanna to meet with MFMP after previous fiasco.Well, it seems that Bob is really not strong on planning. I can’t get why they don’t plan first, instead they fly over the world and then checking — what the hell??? This happened for few times in India and also with Me.Same scenario again and again.Why you simply can’t arrive after Suhas will confirm that all is in place and available for testing?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Because we said we would come in first week in September as this was the last possible time we could come this year and Suhas was in a critical financial situation. Coming later was not an option at all, moreover would would have to abandon other planned work.

      We had to be here when we said we would to do a pre-test as Ryan would have to leave before 8th to meet his other commitments. Sometimes you have to go with what is possible than what is ideal. The situation with the guy on festival is typical. In fact, here in India, you can literally make the best plan in the universe and it will be thwarted.

      In addition, as bad as a situation is, it can get worse and so sometimes, right or wrong, you have to just try.

      I am very happy with what has been achieved on this trip and I hope that in time, others will see why.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I can’t get the time back, I missed my sons first day at school and George missed his family holiday, however, we said we would try and we need to keep our word.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks – actually, we have done some great experiments this week. Suhas’ staff really rallied around to help make things happen and we really enjoyed the first half of the week – some of the employees kept taking selfies with George and I – anyhow, it was nice to see them enjoying their work.

  • Bob Greenyer

    You are a special person Nick – thanks!

  • Bob Greenyer

    I expect many more comments along these lines – these do immense harm but hopefully when you see the things we did this trip and the insights I have had as a result of it and will share, you may re-evaluate your thinking.

    • psi2u2

      I hope so too.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Sparks… Point Break

    I have uploaded a whole group of other videos from one of the ‘sparks’ experiments.

    Why did the area affected most in the sparks experiment, subsequently fall apart and apparently continue to change?

    Only SEM / EDX will help us answer these questions.

    • Axil Axil


      What are the links to more info on this subject?

    • David Davis

      SEM for sure. Are you going to post the SEM results? I’d really like to see that…..

  • Bob Greenyer

    The last sentence we have made clear on many, many occasions.

  • Bob Greenyer

    From the bank, and actually it was a sensible plan since just 30 mins after we arrived in Suhas office, the bank manager walked in and served notice with a 1 week stay.

  • suhas R

    Dear Sir
    I am proud to be Indian.Sometimes I may be ashamed too ………
    You may have had some very very bad experiences with Indian people but that is a person and not community,
    All I know and is proud of that with MY meagre resources I have been able to do what people
    with millions of dollars of research funds are not able to do.and I was open to it sharing
    Bob and now Dr Egley perhaps know that.
    So please save your money for better purpose or old age.
    I never asked for,it or begged for it
    Thanks for your advice to community where many feel otherway
    R. Suhas

    • sam

      Good to hear from you Suhas.
      You should be proud of your achievement.If the tests are positive you will be a Rock Star.

    • TomR

      Thank you Suhas for all you have done and all you are doing.

  • Bob Greenyer

    To let people know, before our first trip to India, in 5 days this wonderful community pledged around $350,000 on a bridging finance basis to categorically ensure that the ECCO technology was not lost to humanity by banker ignorance and that a further $800,000 or so was offered to help ensure open commercialisation should that be needed.

    In addition, 11 people signed up to purchase either an ECCO SOLO or OCTO research reactors and 12 people signed up to have the first commercial units produced.

    All contingent on a successful and credible test. Of course, Dr. Egely and I had to try everything within our ability to see this trough. Let’s hope we can tomorrow.

    We are a stronger community than one might think.

    • georgehants

      Morning Bob, MFMP is showing just how many Wonderful, generous, caring people there are in this World, if only they where in positions of leadership instead of the corrupt, greedy, selfish pathetic leaders that we have to endure.

      • LilyLover

        About time, that needs to get fixed, isn’t it?

    • Adam Lepczak

      If it works and there is a clear, repeatable LENR signal securing community financing wont be a problem. Good luck Bob

  • Bob Greenyer


    Spirals and spiders are amongst the wide array of structures created by this ultrasonic system designed by Suhas Ralkar.

    Youtube encoding discards much of the quality of the fine details so we have uploaded the raw videos to this drive.

    In the case of the metal bands there was a 100V/cm field applied and the magnet is a low intensity ferrite based one.

    Here is a pdf of some structures

  • Bob Greenyer

    As I understand it the first several things had occurred over the last several months.

    The lock out was illegal when we came last time, on several counts as the lawyer explained to us.

    This time there is no legal or illegal lock out.

    • Adam Lepczak

      Is it possible that the entire operation – incl bank is a sham?

      • Bob Greenyer

        The transmutation data for foil and fuel were completely unexpected and could not be faked.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Brilliant Light Shower

    What was going on during these flash events? Was it really just HHO explosion? Why no sodium colour?

    Gif animations can be downloaded from here:

  • AdrianAshfield

    Would you please tell us what is going on in the image

  • Andy Kumar


    What happened to your own reactors? You have been at it for a long time.
    If I remember correctly, similar thing happened with one of the Russian guys inviting visitors to witness his reactor and then his wife got sick, so he could not do the experiment. It is always the same story with LENR. Ever wonder why?

    • Omega Z

      Your thinking of Me356. His reactor shorted out during test. Another test is in the works

      Suhas ECCO reactor was locked up by the bank, but they are now trying to retrieve the reactor. Regardless, Suhas Agrees To Help MFMP Replicate in Europe if necessary.

      The Russian(s) plural are doing fine with excess heat and element mutations. Based on Rossi’s dogbone

      Songsheng Jiang, the researcher at Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy has COP ranging between 1.2 and 2.7 based on Rossi patent..

      Japan’s Mitsubishi R&D also has mutations and has been replicated by Toyota.

      It’s looking as fuel preparation has a lot to do with results.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Me356 wants to take as much time as is needed to prepare for next test.

        One cannot underestimate the challenges caused by greed and stupidity.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Dr. Parkhomov, even though his wife was ill and did host Dr. Samensenko and I for an experiment, media from which was shared widely. Since then there has been a very regular and productive sharing of data and we have analysed some samples in recent months supplied to us by him from a number of excess heat experiments, with more samples to analyse. The samples that were analysed showed a transmutation that supported a dismissed observation in the data from Lugano – that of the production of Gallium, something that I predicted using Piantelli theory.

  • Bob Greenyer

    There is not a single doubt in my mind that LENR exists and I will lay out the case in the coming weeks.

    Suhas shared ash and this lead to ‘CAB Story’

    Suhas shared samples of foil and fuel with me earlier in the year without expecting to see much more than foil attributes and fuel morphology – the elemental and isotopic results were a complete surprise showing massive and localised transmutation. Comparing this to other LENR work, one can ONLY conclude LENR is a fact.

    Of course, in a few hours, we will know if Suhas gives himself the opportunity to be the one to prove excess heat at the level of utility.

  • Bob Greenyer

    You can lead a thirsty horse to water, but you can’t make it drink

    Dr. George Egely and Bob Greenyer go over their September 11th encounter with Suhas Ralkar, the inventor of ECCO.

    • Frost*

      This is just like the Starlite saga all over again. You did your very best but it’s time to move on to better things. Long live the MFMP and thanks to Dr Egely for your tenacity.

    • LION

      Hi BOB and George,
      HUGE RESPECT to both of you for a massive effort.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks LION, I think you may like what we did in the lab when we can pull all the media together!

        • LION

          Hi BOB, I was reading Alan on LENR FORUM, is it true that you and George are not returning till Saturday, if so I will send you an email to keep you amused.

    • sam

      Good to see Bob and George can still laugh after missing out on testing the Reactor.
      I hope Suhas keeps working with
      them.He won’t find any better to work with.

    • Monty

      Wow. What a turn of events.
      That implies to me he doesn’t have anything. A shame but also good to know and time to move on I guess…

      • Bob Greenyer

        The test of his ash matched predictions of a reaction told to us by Piantelli in early 2015 that was never made public for safety reasons. This was explained in ‘CAB Story’. He did have a device that produced steam, that he claimed was LENR based and this analysis suggests it was. Sadly, with the current state of affairs, we cannot prove that it is producing excess heat – though we have left him with the equipment to do it at his convenience and on his terms. Perhaps he did not want to have a failure so public, what me356 did was really ballsy.

        We learnt a lot, as you will see, from the things that at first seamed had no value – the road ahead is clear now.

        • Monty

          If you learnt a lot then the money you spent is not wasted…
          I hope it is just a “misunderstanding” that brought Suhas to the conclusion to have his reactor not tested. Since the Indian culture is unique I think that can happen quite easily.

        • Ged

          Ah, life’s twist and turns! Thanks son much for your effort guys. We will see what the next adventure brings.

    • interstellar hobo

      Thank you both for trying. You did your best to work with him. If he’s so thin skinned that a comment on a blog causes him to reject working with colleagues reaching out from half a world away, there is nothing that can be done.

      I hope that your next travels do not involve walls of cow manure.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks. Sometimes things work in strange ways.

    • Stephen

      I hope that maybe someday we return to that water pool only find that horse has returned with its whole herd (and family).

      I respect the strong concerns and support of a good family and also the inevitable diversity of minds in a community.

      For now l hope that Suhas you George and others can continue to share and exchange what knowledge, findings and data you can. The development in knowledge you have already gained has shown the strength of that team. We all as a community really need that I think.

      I think it’s remarkable that you are putting pieces together from so many different places. Maybe in some ways that broad basis can give the knowledge gained added strength agains adversity. The evolution of this story of transmutation caught me totally by surprise.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Of course, you know our work will be shared. We explained a LOT to Suhas this past week – we will share all that and more in coming period, so much work to do though.

        • Stephen

          I’m intrigued. And looking forward to see what you have found.

          Did you also measure the temperature of the sparking rod?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Yes – but that was not the real test.

    • I think the guy that plays Dr. Watson is going to play Bob in the movie.

      So far, it’s a comedy. Hoping it morphs into a triumph-against-all-odds movie.

      • Stephen

        Haha yes I guess you mean Martin Freeman?

        • Bob Greenyer

          Given the choice of teaching someone else to be me or doing it myself and saving the time for research, I’d do the latter.

    • Anon2012_2014

      Great — Suhas is the Indian Rossi — another bait and switch.

      Sorry Bob. Appreciate the effort.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Annoying, but in time, I think you will agree that the trips were worth it – it is what Suhas didn’t know he had replicated that is most important.

        • Anon2012_2014

          Bob I hope your right. I know your intention is in the right place — I feel they diverted you. The rest of what happened is disturbing to me. Good luck with the other validations.

          • Bob Greenyer

            We live in an imperfect world, lies abound and trust is fragile, should one listen to ones family over reason and fact? Can one think that people will not act as people often do in a given situation? Who’s time is more valuable, those that think they have found something, or the people that make that thing real for all?

            Often Steve Jobs was criticised for copying the ideas and inventions of others, just yesterday the IPhone X was announced using technology that was bought from a swiss company – that technology previously allowed facial animation using structured light which I was using in my business and caused me great hardship when the supplier was banned by apple from allowing the software licence renewal. Even still, I recognise that Apple has taken technology and packaged it in a way that masses of people can easily enjoy.

            An invention is worth nothing if it does not get realised, too many times in history has paranoia or the ego of an inventor prevented successful delivery – Dr. Egely has studied this so much (follow his series in Infinite Energy) that he was keen to help Suhas not become another similar story. We both hope he is a success despite the repeated lessons of history.

            We got significant findings out of each endeavour despite the lack of the big win – we take solace in that.

  • Jas

    Perhaps you should appologise to Mr Suhas? MFMP are right. Suhas cant do it alone. He needs the community to help. He has put his whole heart and soul into his project and so have Bob and George. Suhas:
    Everyone wants your Project to succeed. Ignore this man and his generalising. Put your trust in the MFMP. Please.

  • Frenzy

    I dont know what Suhas could feel but I think that he is clever enough and has good reasons for this decision.
    All normal people will not give away all the life work with no assurance that this step will work. But for sure all other mainstream, well financed companies will parasite on this and earn heavy money from it. Suhas will get very likely nothing from making it open.If person is doing something, he is doing it maybe for his family. I doubt Suhas can feed his family from this “pleasure”.
    If one can see how bad can people be on this planet there is no doubt that he dont want to give this miracle to them.
    They dont want to eat, they dont want to live, they want wars.
    So I totally understand him.

    You are too naive about how world is working. If he can bring heat at least to his family then I think it will be good enough.

  • The answer:
    No, that is not the world’s smallest nuclear fusion device!

    If you check out for example this old prototype you can see there is much smaller nuclear fusion reactors.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks Nick!

  • Monty

    maybe this is all speculation…

  • georgehants

    Morning Bob, sad but that’s life in this crazy World, you have all clearly done your best.
    What are your plans now, what can you do with the information that you have etc.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I have a sample to perform EDX/SEM on from one of the ‘hot rod’ tests. There was a specific test that I proposed and the data may have far reaching implications however, I have a LOT of work to package a coherent message as it brings so much that is thus far unexplained in the field into sharp focus.

      Suhas learned a LOT, George and I gave a lot this past 10 days. The full explanation will be every bodies.

      • georgehants

        Bob, look forward to that, please keep putting up your reports on these pages as I think many look forward to all your updates.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Ok – the SEM/EDX session looks like it may happen Monday.

  • Ged

    They successfully replicated Celani’s original work, actually. You should go back and look at all that data at the end. It is just the Celani reactor was rather low power, a COP of 1.4 (still good but academic instead of revolutionary). The secret was using borosilicate glass that had lithium impurities, was the final discovery with that.

    But they put a Ton of work across two continents for years into Celani! Now they are chasing the designs with the best output claims (easiest to verify it disprove thay way) that also agree with what they have discovered so far.

  • Ged

    Take no prisoners!

  • Jas

    You didnt mention Suhas by name but he took your post the wrong way which put him off allowing the MFMP test his device.
    Appologising to Suhas would be a kind thing to do.

    • Bob Greenyer

      In retrospect, this comment by Suhas was not the real reason, the real reason, as told to us on Monday, was that he had decided to not allow us to test based on the comments of his son.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Vicky, don’t feel sad, Suhas is determined to deliver the technology his way and he has the right to do that, if he does, then you surely can feel proud of his achievement.

    For us it was sad that he did not have the courage to go through with the test, we said to him there was no obligation for him to work with us if the test was positive, we were there as volunteers to test the claim and give credence to it if the data proved thus. We committed to being there in the first week of September and ensured tickets were purchased in a timely fashion, these tickets were cheap so non-refundable and there would be no other opportunities this year. As an organisation we must try to do what we say we will to maintain credibility.

    Since everything was ready, it made little sense to us that he did not test it since by his own words the reactor has been working for 18-24 months now. Perhaps he was worried that it would not deliver a positive result. We left the test setup with him to do steam and straight hot water testing, a crowd member (Shinichi – thankyou) has provided further details about how best to use the power-monitor to ensure high accuracy which we will forward to Suhas. We even left some lab thermometers. This way he can test in his own time.

    Regardless of if he meant to or not, the unexpected data from the EDX tests that have been funded by the crowd, whilst not unique in the field of LENR, have brought and will bring both certainty and insight to the field.

    Additionally, he allowed us to do some testing with the mild steel rods based on a hypothesis I had and in the coming days I will share the findings – the implications may be profound.

    In the end, he was unprepared to allow open testing that bore no obligation, that is his choice. We wish him success.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Both claimants have achieved transmutation. me356, as we said at the time, should be lauded for his courage to have a test done, it is a shame that circumstance did not permit him to put his best foot forward.

    Our realised/attempted tests we believe will spur on these researchers and hopefully inspire others to seek data they themselves can believe in.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Of course we threw out many options including doing the tests and walking away (since we went out expecting nothing in return), at one point Suhas said whilst laughing “and what should I ask for the first reactor, 1 million, a billion USD” which is a fair point, however, premature without the confirmation it works.

    Whilst the crowd had both stepped up and provided assurances of both bridge financing and research/production financing, nothing could progress without credible data.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Most every patent application in this field is negated by prior art or publication, much of which is ignored.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Only that which works has value, the rest is perhaps illusion.

    I disagree on the main things of value got out of our relationship with Suhas thus far, these things were unexpected – the foil and fuel elemental analysis were a complete shock to Suhas (he thought he was handing over some Nickel foil and some powder that he wanted to know the morphology of) and are of profound importance to LENR truth. The ash tests also led, along with data from me356 ash, to confirmation of what Piantelli warned us about (that was never published due to ‘pandoras box’ safety concerns) in early 2015 – again, since this was never public, the varacity of ‘CAB Story’ is maintained.

    Perhaps in weighing up demands of family, ego, humanity, pride, Suhas made a choice that he will regret, but I suspect that now he has made it, he will be more determined than ever to deliver or face utter humiliation, of course, he is very vulnerable now to ‘help’ from those that have less altruistic intentions – Suhas said his son said that no one was there to help him – I can honestly promise that both I and Dr. Egely were and I believe the community was to, it is a shame that this hand was rejected – as my father always used to say, “good opportunities rarely present themselves – don’t miss them when they do.”

  • Bob Greenyer

    It was, according to Suhas, a decision made after discussion with his son who convinced him we were not there to help him. I did ask to speak to Suhas’ son but the offer was stonewalled.

  • Bob Greenyer

    You are right, however, we cannot detect Lithium in EDX.

  • Bob Greenyer

    If so, it was a con that, through just trying to see, we observed very important ( and completely unexpected by Suhas) transmutations that opens up good understanding of how LENR works.

    • LookMoo

      I which you good luck. Your work is of importance. I sincerely hope I’m wrong and you are right.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I would love to do that. I can’t go back to India this year – I did offer that he comes with reactor and it gets tested in Europe – that offer still stands, but we cannot, as you say, keep doing the same thing each time. These were exhausting unpaid volunteer expeditions – and in the case of Suhas, there is no reason to do another in the same way.

    Suhas reads here, he can lay out what he wants publicly or privately, seeing the technology realised is the most important thing to me.

  • R101

    Well looky here.
    Bob and Russ having fun at 7.23 🙂

    • Bob Greenyer

      Hehe – that was a good evening, 6 hours of waiting and still the main course was a no-show and as I was driving, I could not have a drop of the unlimited wine on offer! Grrrr.

      Also, who is that looking on in the background 😉

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thank you Greg, though I have to say that none of this would have been possible without the courage of the claimants, the support of the crowd and the tolerance of my beloved. I have to thank them, it is an honour to have this opportunity to play this role.

    I hope that the data I will present in the coming weeks and months will remove all doubt from the minds of those that choose to look. I would like all to see this for real with the clarity I have been blessed with. As a contingency, multiple people, including unpredictable persons, have been told, so there is no risk of this knowledge being lost.

  • interstellar hobo

    There were a lot of backyard inventors working on heavier than air flight in the late 19th century/early 20th century. Who knows, maybe one of them even had his barn door locked by the bank. The Wright Brothers were ahead of everyone but ultimately fell far behind from being lost in endless lawsuits. Meanwhile European inventors were collaborating and building success after success.

    If the world is on the verge of a new energy technology, the time for puttering about alone is just about over unless it is as a hobby. I don’t know, but I suspect Suhas had his change and just let it slip by. That is sad.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Is your son the potential beneficiary of such technology? One may claim to be altruistic, but nepotism and the desire to be respected by those close to a person can easily cause a change of mind.

    Suhas first claimed his decision was made due to offence, he then subsequently said it was made, prior to blaming the commenters, due to his sons opinion – this is what he said. In both cases, give our reason to be there it is ridiculous, but as my father used to say, “you can’t help someone that does not want to be helped” – could it really be about pride?

    I learnt many years ago that you get far more done if you don’t try to do it all yourself – that is the principal behind Live Open Science – ‘many heads better than one’.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Sparks – Close up, reverse angle

    Showing the steel bar appears to change colour in less than 2 seconds before being removed.

    • artefact

      Bob, are you of the oppinion that the bright spark changed the state of the rod?
      What was the state of the rod afterwards?
      Regarding the steem: can it be, that there was not much steem because the rod became structured on a nano scale (water beading) and additionaly was very hot that the Leidenfrost effect occured?

  • Bob Greenyer

    I lived with it for ten years. Once, when the chief of police in Kerala refused to give us our exit permits without a bribe (we never bribed), and threatened to throw us in jail if we reported it. We went to the equivalent of the vice president for the state, who phoned the chief of police and ordered him to ‘return to station and give these good men their permits or I’ll personally come over and kick you in the balls’.

    When, after most of the day he had avoided us, he did return to the central police office, we had an audience with him, the special investigaor and super intendant were present. I then had to stand in front of these three like a naughty school boy and for over one hour choose careful phrasing that made them not loose face and get the permit approved.

    I still did not pay a bribe.

    The situation caused my business partner to have a mental breakdown.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • MK

      Fascinating. The plasma and reverse voltage with generation of electrical energy look as this could be (one) of the effects which are used at the quarkX.

      • Bob Greenyer

        This approach, as highlighted by Dr. Egely, is not new.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks, we have all worked extremely hard and the crowd have been fantastic this year also.

    Adam, you make some reasonable points given the history – however, as difficult as it has been, we have learned a lot from each claimant visited or worked with. Our visit to Piantelli continues to prove valuable – as you will see when I can edit my Asti presentation – and this relates to Rossi.

    The things that claimants did not think had value have turned out to be the most valuable. Piantelli, me356 and Suhas combined without prior knowledge to lead to ‘CAB Story’

    Organising, preparing for and doing these trips have been exhausting and taken a toll on the business and personal lives of all involved, however, I do not regret the effort even the slightest little bit.

    I must thank my partner though who is extremely understanding, if I was doing what I used to do, we would be quite rich and very comfortable, but she knows that I must do this and for that I am incredibly grateful.

    George, Ryan, Brian and Alan have been a real pleasure to work with this year.

    In line with your advice and observations, George and his colleague will be travelling to me with not 1 but 2 NOVA reactors to test them here and at the university, planned now for the last week of the month.

    • Adam Lepczak

      Thanks for the update Bob.
      I hope that your “bag full of calorimetry tricks” will continue to serve as an effective weed out tool and each trip will contribute something interesting.
      Sending a solid hand shake to you and the rest of the team.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks Adam. Suhas ash suggests that he was creating the same reaction (which he could not know) that yielded Piantelli/Focardi their highest published yield – it boggles my mind why Mr. Ralkar decided to not have his device tested. If it did or did not work he would clearly benefit one way or another – it simply makes no sense.

  • Bob Greenyer

    At the moment, he says that his son persuaded him to not let us test it.

    If he is willing to bring it to EU, then we can test it here.

    We have enough of his fuel to consider an attempted replication, but this will take a lot to organise.

    • Daniel G. Zavela

      It would be interesting to understand his son’s logic; however, emotional and legal issues often dominate human decisions. If Suhas is willing to consult with you on a replication of his work, that would take time, but be a great way to go. You would have truly independent verification of the required setup. You have the key critical ingredient, the fuel. And the documentation is “Open Source” at this point. So, a KickStarter or Indigogo funding effort is a real possibility. And there would be no risk to Suhas or his family.

      • Bob Greenyer

        All options should be considered. As of now, I have a LOT of material to publish – including a very important test that we did in India.

        Also, next week, we plan to run not 1, but 2 NOVA reactors with back to back fuel/ash testing.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Using the webcam based ‘Cosmic Ray Finder’ to look for muons