MFMP Returns to India to test ECCO Reactor

Bob Greenyer and George Egely have returned to India to try to get to work with Suhas Ralkar and his ‘ECCO’ reactor. If you recall, the last time they were in India, Suhas’ reactor had been locked in a building by a bank because of some financial issues; however, Suhas has been allowed to return to the lab, and has subsequently removed his reactor so he can have unhindered access to it.

Now, however, the reactor is again out of reach because the person who it was given to for safekeeping has gone away on a trip, and has not returned when expected.

In the meantime, while waiting for access to the ECCO reactor, Bob and George have been doing work in the lab and have prepared the following video in which they give a tour of Suhas’ lab, show some of the equipment there and discuss some of the testing protocols they will be using when they are able to test the ECCO reactor.