LENR is Occuring in SAFIRE (Axil Axil)

Thanks to Axil for posting the following in this thread earlier today. The SAFIRE project (Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment) is exploring the “electric sun” hypothesis.

The SAFIRE project got kicked in the teeth with LENR. These professional scientists really don’t know what is going on. Just like in the SunCell, tungsten vaporizes in nanoseconds. Like the Hutchison effect, tungsten turns into powder. This video is long but if you are interested in LENR, it is worth the time.

The LENR stuff starts at 33:00, but if you don’t know what SAFIRE is, watch it from the beginning. If you are interested in the weird stuff that MFMP is finding, you will find more of it in this video. At 1:03:18, there is a large power discharge that the presenter did not want to talk about, but in past presentations, the output form these energy bursts was up to 20,000,000 watts and He3 was found, I have a felling that the SAFIRE project is in the process of patenting this new fusion effect. The researchers may be going dark on this process. SAFIRE has opened the door to a new way to do plasma fusion without radiation and neutrons.


  • Carl Wilson

    “This video is long but if you are interested in LENR, it is worth the time.”
    “Worth the time” is an understatement. From time to time in LENR circles one hears the statement that establishment physicists try to apply “known” plasma physics to events happening inside solid materials. In this project how much that is unknown about plasmas begins to appear.

  • psi2u2

    Fascinating video. Having followed for some years now the progress of electric universe theory, it is great to see this kind of new experimental data and realize the possible connections to LENR.

  • Buck

    Excellent video; well worth watching. I chuckled at how the scientists dryly presented what they knew to be astounding results. They even took a few swings at the misguided Hot Fusion funding.

    I wonder what Rossi would say about the group at SAFIRE who clearly declared the presence of LENR type transmutations as well as dramatic energy discharges.

    • Vinney

      It is one thing to have an ‘un-expected’ burst of energy, but another to engineer control and capture of this energy, and there is no better example than Randell Mill’s long development of the suncell and previous other appliances.

      • Buck

        I don’t see it the way you do.

  • Buck

    March 16, 2018 at 1:53 PM

    Good Day Andrea:

    I hope you find all going well.

    An interesting topic arose at ECatWorld. Do you see a resonance between your work and the work described in the SAFIRE project described in the associated video? FYI, the first 30 minutes is background. The LENR related topic begins at the 33 minute mark. And, there is an interesting 20MW energy discharge at 1:03:18.
    LINK>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=keJAQIWEyzY
    LINK>> http://e-catworld.com/2018/03/16/lenr-is-occuring-in-safire-axil-axil/

    Again, my best to all

    Andrea Rossi
    March 16, 2018 at 8:10 PM

    Warm Regards,

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is a watershed moment for LENR when a well publicised and supported project such as SAFIRE has to reference LENR research to explain their anomalous findings. This reminds me of when CERN invited Francesco Celani to explain the pits they found in the walls of the LHC that caused it to be shut down for 6 months shortly after first turn on – the people that invited him recognised the form of the pitting from LENR research papers they had, presumably, read in one of their more adventurous moments.

    Can anyone else see the flower of life in the image on page 64 here:


    The best images for analysis is in the video – from first glance it gets interesting at the boundary between the ‘tungsten’ and alumina sheath

    • georgehants

      Morning Bob, the Truth will always show, (if allowed) irony is the word that fits I think.
      Is it possible that establishment science will learn anything from this and grow-up a little.
      There is no subject that should not be treated competently and sensibly by science and yes I mean such subjects as UFO’s etc.
      Time for science to become respectable for once in it’s history.

    • Buck

      Just finished reading the 2017 SAFIRE Project Report . . . Wow.

      I am not a scientist/physicist, but to my view this SAFIRE team is on its way to establishing an understanding of LENR as well as all the other objectives presented. Also, the existing ITER project is vaporized like the tungsten probe in the video.

  • georgehants

    By the few comments on page it seems that many people must be overwhelmed by this report, interesting as it looks like confirming many officially debunked areas.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Could the Boscovich unified field theory be coming into play



  • Bob Greenyer


  • Bob Greenyer

    There are several tells on the SAFIRE images of the effect, though the photography needs to be better in most cases for proper analysis.

    The one that is very obvious is this one which very obviously looks like the periodic ‘spheres’ as observed in the LION 2 quartz ‘crack’ or the ECCO Fuel 2 – overall it looks like the Hutchison sample 18 with the ‘spheres’ next to the white crystals (example attached)



    • Stephen

      It fascinating seeing how these different approaches are converging in their essential underlying signatures.

      I can’t help wondering about planetary formation now too. We tend to consider particle collisions under gravity and fluid dynamics and limited electrical characteristics associcated with particle bonding.

      But if we consider the planetary formation occurred in a very hot fluid environment most likely plasma conditions. I suppose the magneto hydrodynamic conditions were a very significant factor. Maybe the condensation of planetary the spheres was also strongly influenced by this.

      If gas giants form and condense from electromagnetic field interaction in a dense dusty plasma it would be interesting.

      It’s interesting too that the vortexes in Jupiter atmosphere reach down to depths where the hydrogen can be liquid of metallic. Which effectively results in magneto hydrodynamic vortexes at this depth and generating associated magnetic fields. If LENR and Transmutarions require these particular localized conditions could the heavier elements have been generated in these regions?

      The supernova theory for production of heavy elements has never satisfied me some how. Also It’s always been curious to me why we have surface localization of particular metals especially very heavy ones in particular regions on earth.

      I know Gennadiy Taressenko who often posts on the LENR Forum is very into the Geopyhsics side of things. I wonder if this all ties together some how?


      • Bob Greenyer

        Well done Stephen.

        “If LENR and Transmutarions require these particular localized
        conditions could the heavier elements have been generated in these


        the “supernova theory for production of heavy elements” is another attempt at perpetuating the myth of ‘explosion’ technology – this is implosion technology.

        “Also It’s always been curious to me why we have surface localization of
        particular metals especially very heavy ones in particular regions on

        This was the first great puzzle of my life having read a volume of the “Encyclopedia Britannica” when I was 5 years old. I now know.

        Gennadiy Taressenko is right about the signatures – shame really as he is a great guy that is often ignored at LENR conferences. Whilst I am not sure about all of his ideas – I think his work will soon become important and I want to spend time with him (with a translator!).

  • Bob Greenyer

    Page 75 of their presentation…

    Harold Puthoff PhD on the science review team – and – Hathaway Consulting Services.

    like – where does that guy NOT turn up!

    • Gerard McEk

      I saw that Bob, Thanks for putting the slides also here!

  • Steve Savage

    Seems you may have copied this comment from below and called it you’re own. Why would you bother to do such stupidity?

  • georgehants

    The Rise and Fall of Cold Fusion
    March 23, 1989: Dr. B. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleischmann announce
    room-temperature fusion reaction, promising cheap energy production.
    April 10, 1989: Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology say
    they have duplicated key part of experiment, bolstering claim. April 13,
    1989: Georgia researchers retract report, saying their work was
    seriously flawed. April 28, 1989: Scientists at the Brookhaven National
    Laboratory and Yale University announce that their experiments have
    failed to confirm the findings. May 1, 1989: At a meeting of American
    Physical Society, scientists from five major institutions announce they
    have failed to validate claim. May 9, 1989: Dr. Pons and Dr. Fleischmann
    assert at another science meeting that they have new evidence for
    bursts of energy. May 23, 1989: Scientists at first Federal conference
    on cold fusion report they have failed to find key byproducts
    characteristic of fusion reactions. June 29, 1989: The General Electric
    Company announces agreement to cooperate with University of Utah on cold
    fusion research. July 12, 1989: A Federal panel says prospects of
    producing energy with cold fusion are so remote that no new Government
    laboratories should be built to study it.

  • Thomas Baccei


    Additional Safire information posted 2 days ago (I think.) They use a hollow metal anode in some experiments, with pressurized hydrogen. The hydrogen goes through the metal lattice anode producing monatomic hydrogen which creates a proton, electron plasma. Huge energies are segregated into the various double layers of plasma. Containment of such energetic particles is a mystery. This work cannot long go unnoticed by mainstream science, and seems to create the very conditions we have all extrapolated as being necessary for LENR in a very controlled environment in which disciplined experiments can (and are) untangling the comlexities surrounding this entire field. Awesome beyond anything else I have seen in LENR research for the past ten year! Thanks, Axil.

    • Stephen Taylor

      Hi Thomas, the PDF you linked is extremely important to fully appreciate the importance of the Safire project. There’s a lot of information that’s not in the video. Totally agree this is a huge development. The PDF was linked previously by Axil or Bob, not sure? Anyway it bears repeating the slide presentation in there is hugely significant.

      • Bob Greenyer

        To me, the most significant image is the ‘tufts’ that look exactly like flower of life intersection points and that they have, in their video and photographic evidence, clearly replicated effects created by Hutchison nearly 40 years ago but are mis-reading them when even people in their own EU community already have some of the answer.

        These glowing without heat, ‘vaporisation’/material disruption, transmutation and ‘spheres’ that we have seen in ECCO, NOVA, Hutchison and LION over the past year do not need a big plasma box to create – but electrons are, of course very important to the creation of these effects.

        • georgehants

          Morning Bob,
          Science & Environment
          Japanese basket pattern inspires new material
          Researchers have produced a metal with exotic electrical properties by mimicking a pattern from Japanese basket-weaving.
          Kagome baskets are characterised by a symmetrical pattern of interlaced,
          corner-sharing triangles; the pattern has preoccupied physicists for
          Metals resembling a kagome pattern on the atomic scale should exhibit peculiar electrical characteristics.
          The team behind the first kagome metal has published details in Nature.
          Read more

          • Bob Greenyer

            Very interesting George – thanks for sharing.

  • Axil Axil

    The SAFIRE LENR “reaction” really gives the LENR theorist something to think about.

    The fusion meme in cracks must be discarded. Even EVOs are not the root cause of LENR. Of these and many other branches off the LENR theory tree should now be viewed as derivative and subordinate to the fundamental root cause of LENR.

    There is another force in nature that is stronger than the coulomb barrier. SAFIRE shows that positive and negative charge can be kept apart by another more fundamental function of nature, a more powerful factor, a corner stone of the universe. In this factor, sub atomic particles can be torn apart and reassembled, the strongest metal can be turned into dust and any matter can be made to flow and merge into new mixtures. A miles wide atom smasher in the terawatt power range is no longer needed to break matter into pieces.

    • georgehants

      Axil, best of luck with that.
      We heard it first here.

      • Vinney

        I prefer to wait to read accredited third-party reporting of this project before taking it seriously. Perhaps some notable science journals announcement and commentary.
        Them writing, ‘unanticipated excess heat remains a problem’ raises alarm bells.
        I mean, what were they anticipating, ‘fairies’.

        • Buck

          They were clear . . . they were investigating the unknown and that is what they found. To deride them for sharing their own sense of surprise at what they found is a bit silly and childish . . . just like ‘fairies’

        • georgehants

          Vinney, totally agree but all theories, etc. are open-mindedly welcome and should be applauded.
          Now we wait for any conformation from further Research etc.
          No harm in wishing a person good luck with their efforts.

  • Jas

    They are discussing SAFIRE over on the Society for Classical Physics pages.
    Typically Randel Mills quips in with a” Old News. We did that work 10 years ago”

  • Warthog

    Hmmmm. I wonder what the effect of using a hollow nickel sphere anode pressurized with hydrogen in a Farnsworth-Fusor geometry would be??? Or a palladium sphere pressurized with deuterium???

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