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The purpose of the site is to provide a place for news, information, analysis and discussion of all things pertaining to Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer invention which holds the promise of providing a much cheaper, cleaner and more efficient means of power production than we have ever seen.

We see daily the need for a source of energy that comes without all the problems associated with fossil and nuclear fuels. Costs are rising, supplies are shrinking, demand is growing and environmental issues are abounding. There are promising alternative energy sources out there, but things like wind, solar and tidal power don’t seem ready to take the place of fossil and nuclear fuels anytime soon.

In this environment, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi enters the scene with an energy producing invention that is at first glance hard to take seriously. He says that with a few pipes, some nickel powder, hydrogen, a little electricity and a special catalyst, he can create a low-level nuclear reaction which makes enough heat to provide the energy needed to power a home  for six months without refueling. His cost for this electricity is 1 cent per kWh — a fraction of the cost that most people pay. This invention is the “energy catalyzer”, or e-cat.

Rossi’s plan is not to install an e-cat in every home — at least to begin with. He sees problems with government regulation if he tried to go that route. He believes it is safer and faster to create e-cat power stations, where multiple modules are linked together to create high levels of power. He sees no problem hooking up thousands of e-cats to ramp up power output.

The first plant will be built in Xanthi, Greece and is scheduled to open in October of this year. This plant will power a factory run by Defkalion Green Technologies in which more e-cats will be built to serve the Greek and Balkan markets. Rossi has said that no commercialization of this technology will take place until this first factory is up and running. But once the Greek plant is operational, he has said that a “commercial attack” will be “unleashed” as his technology will be made available to the world through licensing agreements.

Already, a major “contract of tremendous importance“: (Rossi’s own words) has been signed with a partner in the USA, where Rossi’s own Leonardo Corporation is headquartered. He has said it will be months before the name of the partner, or the details of the contract will be released.

While we are waiting for the commercial release, Rossi and his colleague Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna in Italy have been conducting demonstrations of their technology and inviting scientists to examine the technology. Two reports have been released, one from Italian professor Giuseppe Levi, and another from Swedish Physicists Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen. In both these reports the testers say that the only way the can account for the amount of energy produced is through some kind of nuclear reaction taking place.

On Andrea Rossi’s website, The Journal of Nuclear Physics, someone recently asked Rossi, “So, if you could express a wish about this, what would you like us “witnesses” of this situation, as citizens of our Countries, would do to help the transition ?”

That’s a question that I think is on a lot of people’s mind. It appears from the chatter on various Internet sites that there are an increasing number of people who are paying attention to the e-cat and plenty of them seem to think that it could be a revolutionary technology that could play an important role in solving the many energy-related problems we face today.

Rossi’s answer to the question was, “The only thing that counts now is to make the 1 MW plant. All the rest will arrive after.”

If the plant in Greece is successful, the technology will doubtless receive a huge amount of attention. But between now and then I still think that attention will increase and that there will be a growing amount of “pre-game” discussion.

Already it is clear from the inquires that Rossi is getting on his site that there are many people who are interested in establish commercial and business relationships with Rossi. His standard answer to such inquiries is “contact me in November.” No doubt he is preparing for a flood of contacts at that time, assuming all goes well at the Greek pilot plant.

So why start a site like this at this time? To be a venue for pre-game chatter. To be a place where curious minds can learn more, and participate in discussion and analysis. We have a forum set up here where  people can register and discuss anything  related to the e-cat.

Another purpose that the site might is to help spread awareness of Rossi’s technology.  Andrea Rossi is far from being a well-known person — and relatively few people have heard about the e-cat and what it is supposed to do. If Mr. Rossi really does have a practical solution to many of our energy problems, it would seem smart that people get prepared for change. We will be publishing the latest news relating to the e-cat (right now you won’t learn much from the mainstream media).

Thanks for visiting — we hope you find this site useful. Please feel free to post in the discussion forum or in the comments section. This could be quite an interesting adventure!