Interview with Sergio Focardi — says E-Cat “Is the Greatest Scientific Discovery of All Human History”

The Italian website Panorama has just published an interview with Sergio Focardi, University of Bologna professor and colleague of Andrea Rossi who collaborated on the development of the E-Cat.  In the interview he stresses that the experimental data that has been collected is more important than any scientific theory stating why this reaction should not happen. He cites fellow Italian Galileo who said that there is no theory of physics that could contradict an experimental fact.

He states that while the recent public demonstration showed that the E-Cat was able to produce 31 times more energy than was input, in some experiments he and Rossi were able to achieve a gain of 200 times more energy out than in.

He concludes by saying,  “though I should not be the one to say, this is the greatest scientific discovery of all human history”

The original interview was conducted of course in Italian — a Google translation into English is available here