Rossi Projects Cost of $100 For Six Monthly Refueling of Small E-Cats

Not surprisingly, many people who are following news and information about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat are interested in how much the technology is going to cost. If there are no savings over current energy sources then some of the excitement about a new source of energy will be muted. Rossi, as always, has been gracious enough to respond to questions from curious visitors to his website, and some of the latest exchanges have been over the costs of his technology:

Q: Do you know, approximately, how much will cost the recharge of the module after the 6 month of working ?

A: $100

Q:  You just said an e-cat recharge will cost 100$, is that all your clients will need to pay for using an e-cat for 6 month or are there any additional rental fee or purchase cost?
How much thermal power will this (100$) unit produce?
How much input energy will it require?
Will the end user be allowed to turn off the e-cat?
Will the charge last longer than 6 months if the e-cat doesn’t operate 24h a day?

A:  All the commercial issues will be set in November, after the start up of the Grecian 1 MW plant.
Of course the E-Cat can be turned off at any moment.
The 6 months duration is based on 24 hours/day operation.

Rossi repeatedly states that people are going to have to wait until November for any details relating to how his technology is to be commercialized, so there are a lot of unanswered questions here, but at least there is an approximate cost here. Using Rossi’s numbers, it would cost about $17 per month to fuel a 2.5 kW E-Cat  that is running continuously.

It is important to remember that the E-Cat produces thermal, not electrical output, so there will be conversion losses to take into consideration when calculating how much electricity it can produce. Heating and hot water could come directly from the E-Cat if one were installed in a home. Air conditioning also can be produced directly from steam if you use an absorption cooling system.

It’s much too early to get a firm idea of what an E-Cat powered world might look like, but Rossi provides a few snippets of information here and there to get you wondering!