137 Films’ Documentary The Believers to Include Information About Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Invention

Documentary production company 137 Films is preparing for the release of a documentary film entitled The Believers, which tells out the story of how cold fusion research has developed since  Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced to the world that they had discovered a cold fusion process which would solve the world’s energy problems.

The documentary will include interviews with many of the leading researchers and academics who have been involved in the field, including Fleischmann himself, Michael McKubre and Edmund Storms. Critics as well as supporters of the theory are  interviewed in the film.

137 Films says of the documentary, “A mixture of interviews, vérité footage, archival media, scientific animation, and reenactments will compliment interviews with scientists, journalists, politicians, and officials. Woven together, they paint a vivid, often contradicting account of what happened”

Directors of the film Clayton Brown and Monica Ross were recently interviewed on the blog Cold Fusion Now and were asked if they were going to include information in the film about Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat invention. They responded:

“Filming is still not completed, so we are in the midst of trying to integrate that development into the film. It is helpful in that it answers the question many film distributors and broadcasters have: “why this story, and why now?”

The Believers is slated for completion in the Summer of 2011.

The Believers Trailer from 137 Films on Vimeo.