NASA Exploring LENR Based on Piantelli-Focardi Research

Steven Krivit, publisher of New Energy Times is reporting that Dr Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA’s Langley research center is working on trying to replicate a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) based on research done by Francesco Piantelli and Sergio Focardi both retired professors from the universities of Siena and Bologna respectively.

Focardi and Piantelli had been exploring the the possibilities of a nickel-hydrogen reaction before Andrea Rossi started collaborating with Focardi on development of the E-Cat. Piantelli’s research dates back to 1989. Here is an outline of the history Piantelli-Focardi research from New Energy Times.

NASA’s Bushnell wrote to Krivit that, “we are trying to core down on the theory, as well as utilize it for system optimization. We are not trying to do a net energy demo at all, we are simply trying to make sure there is a valid theoretical understanding . . . We do not have enough details, by far, to even start to think of a replication of Rossi.”

It may be a time that we see an acceleration of LENR research. News is beginning to circulate regarding Rossi, and no one has yet been able to convincingly refute his claims. If he delivers his commercial products as he predicts, there will certainly be an upsurge in interest and we would likely see much more time, attention and money spent by research institutions trying to understand the physics behind these reactions. If a new understanding of nuclear reactions result from such research it could well lead to important technological advancements. Rossi’s discovery may become a very important catalyzer in and of itself!