Interviews with Andrea Rossi and Alexandros Xanthoulis of Defkalion

Following Defkalion’s recent press conference Andrea Rossi and Alexandros Xanthoulis of Defkalion were interviewed by representatives from the Italian engineering company Phizero. Rossi’s interview is rather short, but he discusses his contract with the University of Bologna. Xanthoulis answers questions about Defkalion’s operations. You can see the video here.

Some of the points that Xanthoulis makes are:

  • Defkalion will not sell it’s products for military use.
  • Defkalion is in negotiations to sell products to the United States (right now Ampenergo has exclusive rights to the US market).
  • Defkalion is currently preparing industrial E-Cats and is currently designing a 3.4 MW plant for industrial use.Home based E-Cats will also be produced at lower power levels.
  • A separate distribution network will be required to install and service E-Cats — Defkalion will be only producing the E-Cats.
  • They have 12 levels of security built in, and they will try to protect the trade secrets, but Xanthoulis is expecting that people will copy the technology. They are selling it cheaply to provide a disincentive for piracy (as well as because they have “social ideas”.