Rossi: No Degradation of E-Cat Fuel After Six Months

Andrea Rossi made an interesting comment regarding the degradation of the E-Cat “fuel” inside his reactor. For a long time Rossi has been talking about changing his reactors after six months of operation to ensure no degradation in performance.

A questioner on his site recently asked:

” Have you ever done experiments to see just how long you can make a given fuel mass last? It seems you’ve gone to six months, but do you change it just for the sake of it, or is it really depleated at that time?

Like if you have 50 grams of Nickel and just see how long it goes before it runs out? Will it last A year or two?”

Rossi’s answer:

“1-We did not try more than 6 mo for a charge, because every 6 mo I wanted to check.
2- The charge was not depleted at that time, but so far I prefer to avoid risks and change. In time we will test longer periods.”
3-4: I do not know.

So it appears that the six month recharge is rather an arbritary time period chosen by Rossi as a precautionary measure. It is of course, time consuming to test the time limits of the reaction, but it could turn out that the E-Cat is even more efficient than Rossi is estimating. The longer the charge, the cheaper the energy will be, so it will be very interesting to eventually find out how long an E-Cat can run for.