Ecatreport: Defkalion GT and Ampenergo to Meet with NASA to Discuss E-Cat Development

Ecatreport recently met with Andrea Rossi and conducted an interview regarding about his E-Cat technology and the upcoming launch of his technology. Rossi brings up many interesting details which explain how he, along with his commercial partners Defkalion and Ampenergo are positioning themselves to rapidly introduce E-Cat technology.

While Defkalion and Ampenergo have exclusive rights for the sales of E-Cat technologies in different parts of the world, Rossi explains that they be cooperating, and if desirable, will work out agreements so they can operate in each others regions if one has a unique product the other does not have.

Among many other topics covered in this interview, one of the most intriguing is the fact that on July 14th 2011 representatives of Defkalion GT and Ampenergo will be meeting with NASA “for an important discussion regarding the research and business development around the E-Cat”

There are two sections to this interview: Part 1 ; Part 2.