Rossi Meets With “Extremely High Level” NASA Scientists, Will “Work Together” on E-Cat Technology

An article in Ecatreport recently revealed that there was a meeting between representatives of NASA, Ampenergo and Defkalion GT on July 14th. Andrea Rossi was asked if he could provide information about this meeting on his site and today provided the following response:

I am not authorized to give this information.
I can only say that there is really to learn.
I met extremely high level scientists. I have been really surprised and honoured to discover that they have got indipendently throughly information about this technology. All I can say, so far, is that we will work together.

It’s not surprising that he is keeping the nature of the meeting confidential, but even in revealing nothing about the meeting, there is significance in this response:

A: The meeting took place
B: It was with top scientists at NASA
C: The NASA scientists had already been exploring this technology thoroughly prior to the meeting. A previous article on this site reported that NASA’s Dennis Bushnell had been looking at nickel-hydrogen nuclear reaction research by Francesco Piantelli and Sergio Focardi, and that he was aware of Rossi’s work.
D: Rossi (and presumably Ampenergo and Defkalion) will be “working together” with NASA in some way.

This meeting and the collaboration that will follow provides an indication of the respect that this technology is beginning to be held in by respected scientist. We already have the Universties of Bologna and Uppsala involved, and now NASA. I believe it’s another sign that something very significant is taking place.