Sergio Focardi Speaks About the Energy Catalyzer

Andrea Rossi’s research partner, Sergio Focardi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Bologna recently conducted an interview with Italian non-profit research organization Energy Lab in which he answered questions about E-Cat technology. An English Google-translation can be found here.

  • Focardi covers a number of topics, many of which have been discussed before, but there are a few interesting highlights in this interview:
  • The nuclear reaction inside the energy catalyzer takes place once the reaction chamber is heated to 60-70 degrees C. Once this heat has been achieved, and the reaction has begun, the heat source can be removed and the reaction will be self-perpetuating.
  • The purpose of the special (secret) catalyst is to break down the hydrogen from the molecular state into individual atoms which then penetrate the crystal lattice of the nickel, and enter the nucleus of the nickel, becoming copper by capturing a proton.
  • They are sure of the transmutation of nickel to copper because this was confirmed by Secondary Ions Mass Spectrometry analysis carried out in Padua, Italy.
  • Focardi believes that the 1 MW plant that Rossi is building in Florida will be taken first to Bologna for demonstrations before being permanently located in Xanthi, Greece. (Note: Rossi has not confirmed this)

Professor Focardi always seems eager to talk about his knowledge of the energy catalyzer, an apparently was an invaluable partner for Andrea Rossi when it came to the experimental phase of Rossi’s research. It may be that his name will become well known in the annals of the history of science for his role in the development of a new form of energy.