Turbines Turn Out to be Troublesome For Andrea Rossi — Issues an Appeal for Help

The E-Cat is a boiler which produces hot water and/or steam, and it sounds like Andrea Rossi has mastered the technique of how to do this with his technology. He can apparently produce heat with very high efficiency and very cheaply. Where he seems to be having problems is in the conversion of heat to electricity, and he has recently made an appeal for help in this area.

A number of readers on Rossi’s website have suggested turbines for Rossi to look into that could be coupled with his E-Cat, and yesterday he made a response regarding those suggestions:

I really need help on this issue: I have contacted all the exotic turbines manufacturer I have been made aware of, but always found very, very “green” ( meaning not mature) technologies, not ready to fight in the battlefield of the market. Should I find a turbine fit for my E-Cats I would immediately buy one to test it, and if it goes I could buy thousands of pieces.
We are working with some manufacturer, but I didn,t still found a solution to sell to our Customers.
I need real proposals, not enlighting ideas.
Thank you for real proposals coming: I am a customer ready to buy, preferably from the USA, where our reactors are manufactured.

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It is rather unusual for an inventor and manufacturer of an advanced technology to be appealing to the public for help in the development of his products, but this is Rossi’s style. He admits that he is not an expert in turbine engineering, and again shows humility and openness about a problem he is trying to solve.

So there may well be a solution out there, and perhaps someone will be made aware of his plight and to put him in touch with a turbine that will meet his needs.