Rossi: “Big Companies” Backing E-Cat

Andrea Rossi made an interesting remark today in response to a comment from a reader who said, “I believe that the technology is real, but I doubt that will be available to the public. Large corporations do not have this interest becomes real . . . much will be done to prevent it.

Rossi’s response: “There are enlightened big Companies which are backing us. In October we will start up the 1 MW plant in the USA, you bet.”

This kind of remark certainly gets people thinking — who would be considered ‘enlightened’, how big is ‘big’? Are we talking about a household name, or just something a bit larger than a small business?

Rossi could have said nothing, but he seems to like to make hints without spilling the beans — like yesterday. when he said that if he disclosed where the October demo was going to take place, people would immediately know who the partner was.

He certainly keeps things interesting.