Rossi’s E-Cat: Has Anything Really Changed Since the Defkalion Split?

Since Andrea Rossi announced that he was no longer in partnership with Defkalion GT, from comments posted here and elsewhere, there seems to have been a distinct souring of opinion towards Rossi from some observers — and more pessimism regarding the prospects for the E-Cat.

As I look at the situation, however, I can’t really see what has changed as far as the E-Cat technology is concerned. Here are a few observations:

1. There has been no change in the launch date — just the location.

2. There has been no change in story from anyone who has been involved in testing of the E-Cat. Neither Focardi, Levi, Essen, Kullander, or even Stremmenos (a Defkalion Vice President) have come forward to cast any doubt on Rossi’s veracity, or the potential of the E-Cat.

3. Even Defkalion GT, the jilted party, who is being sued by Rossi, has continued to praise him and stand by the E-Cat technology — they haven’t really disputed Rossi’s version of events (in public, at least).

4. Rossi continues to communicate to the world through his blog and answer questions as normal and his expectations and projections are consistent with what he has said previously. He hasn’t shut up shop and gone silent.

5. It’s nothing new that Rossi has been pursuing an American E-Cat commercial strategy. He has been discussing this for months.

Granted, it is theoretically feasible that Rossi and all those associated with him in this E-Cat endeavor have been deceiving the public all along, and are involved in a brazen conspiracy (we can’t know for sure until at least October), but my point is that nothing, except a business relationship has changed.

We don’t have many details regarding the reason for Rossi’s split with Defkalion, and perhaps we will never know much more, but the ending of a business relationship, while not always pretty, is not uncommon, and from all that has publicly been stated, the path to the E-Cat launch remains on schedule.