Andrea Rossi Gives Firm Date for First Public E-Cat Test and Results

We’re  just a few short days away from October  2011 — a month that E-Cat followers have been awaiting with eager anticipation. According to Andrea Rossi, things are progressing smoothly in regards to the scheduled public testing of his E-Cats and the delivery of the first 1 MW plant to the as-yet-unknown customer. Rossi has started to provide some idea of what to expect in October regarding his power plant:

“By half October we will explain exactly what follows:
1- where the 1 MW plant will be tested
2- all the (not confidential) characteristics of the 1MW plant (the complementary part is more reactors, of a new type that in the meantime we have developed)
3- possibly, who is the Customer, if the Customer will allow us to communicate his name.”

He has also provided information about the testing of a single E-Cat unit that will start shortly at the University of Bologna in Italy. He says that selected scientists from various countries have been invited to attend this testing, along with selected scientific journalists (but doesn’t mention who has accepted invitations).

Rossi stated, “On the 7th you should find in the net the report and video of the test of October 6th regarding one cluster of the modules of the 1 MW plant.”

It appears that this test on October 6th is an important part of the unveiling of the E-Cat. It might actually be a more useful demonstration of his invention than the 1 MW plant testing, since those involved in the test will be able to focus their attention on one unit, rather than a multi E-Cat power plant. At any rate, we now have a date to circle on our calendars, and we should soon find out if this event has been worth the wait!

Frank Acland