Rossi Determined, Defiant as 1 MW Plant Test Approaches: “Now LENR Goes to the Market”

Normally, when Andrea Rossi is asked specific questions on his blog he will respond with short, direct answers. But not always. In response to a question asking how long the 1 MW plant to be tested on October 28th, Andrea Rossi replied with a strong statement:

We will run also in self sustained mode, the periods will depend on many factors. In any case, the power output will be 6 times the power input. About the snakes: the time of the snakes is over. The start up of the 1 MW plant is the end of the mental masturbations of enviuos, wannabe theorists, lecturers of calorimetry and engineering. Now LENR goes to the market. The test will not be made by me, but by the Customers’ consultants. Time of chatters is over. Maybe the test will not be good, maybe: it will be the first time I will start up a plant of that dimension, but in this case the problem will be the Customer, not the bunch of imbeciles that instead of understanding that we actually made LENR a reality lose their time digging holes on the surface the water in the middle of the ocean to find the wine. And in the case this test will go not well, we will learn and remake another, and another, and another, but, be sure, we will arrive to the target. At any cost.

A few interesting points come from this comment:

1. Rossi will not be conducting the test — his customer’s consultants will.
2. This event is apparently a time for Rossi’s customer to check out the plant and see if it works as promised. For a long time he has said that he won’t accept payment unless the plant works. His guarantee has always been that the plant will provide six times more power out than in. My guess is that if Rossi delivers on that ratio, he gets paid.
3. Rossi has been paying attention to the chatter on the web. He seems fully aware of all the skeptical analysis that has been coming from some quarters and clearly views it with disdain.
4. He has not yet run this power plant. October 28th will be be the first time it will be started up and he seems prepared for things to go wrong — maybe it won’t work right on the first go. Whether his customer will accept an initial failure is not clear. Maybe they have an agreement that Rossi has a set period of time in which to get it running as promised.

It seems clear that in Rossi’s mind he is coming to a point where he will will vindicate himself, and demonstrate that the time for practical LENR to be available to the world.