Announcing the E-Cat World Forum

We’ve just added a forum to this site which is designed to be a place for people to engage in free-ranging discussions on topics related to the E-Cat. Once you are a registered user you can post comments and engage in dialogue with other users. There are various categories set up in there at the moment — if you have suggestions for different sections please let me know.

This is a bit of an experiment to begin with. I have seen many forums that have been set up on the web which have had little to no traffic, and if this one proves to be like that it might not last too long — you really need a critical mass of users for a web community to be successful, so we’ll see keep an eye on things. Also, I’m well aware of controversies surrounding E-Cat technology and don’t expect everyone to agree on everything, but we want people to respectful and use common courtesy in their discussion — so we’ll be moderating.

So let’s see how this goes. Hope to chat with some of you over on the forum!