A Case for Believing Rossi

I have created E-Cat World with the intention of providing useful and interesting information related to Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer invention. I’m happy to allow people with divergent viewpoints to discuss and comment on articles and news posted here, and I don’t have any intention of suppressing skeptical comments so long as people are civil and use common courtesy.

That being said, I am fully convinced that Rossi has the technology he claims. To me there is no other way to explain the results he has shown on numerous occasions, and which have been witnessed and reported by people who I consider credible. Apart from anything else, the ability for a self-sustaining reaction to continue to heat water at a constant temperature for hours shows he has discovered something new, unusual, and potentially very useful.

I think Rossi’s problem in convincing the general public is that he has to maintain secrets to stay in business and cannot explain or show everything he knows — and I can see how the secrecy involved leaves him open to accusations from skeptics — and in many ways it is hard to make a defense that will change the skeptical mind. Rossi has decided to bring this technology to the world through the commercial realm, and in doing so is maintaining trade secrets and customer confidentiality — standard operating procedure in business. This can make things frustrating to observers who want to know everything about this technology to be sure of its validity.

At the moment, people who believe in the reality of his claims have to put some trust in the man — and who we choose to trust is a personal matter. Speaking for myself, in addition to the test results that have been published, I think Andrea Rossi has shown is a man of courage and determination with a strong capacity for work, traits which I find admirable. I’m also impressed by the qualified people who are close to him who are also supportive –Stremmenos, Focardi, Essen, Levi, and others seem to be satisfied with everything they have seen so far, and the fact that two Universitis, Bologna and Uppsala, are willing to do research and development on the E-Cat technology says a lot.

Whether the success that Rossi has had in the invention and development phase of this technology can be translated into success in the business realm remains to be seen, but it seems that he in now fixing his considerable powers of attention to commercialization which may be harder than the already difficult path he has taken so far.

I encourage people of all persuasions to join the conversation here, and over time we should have a clearer picture of what is going on — we certainly have a fascinating and potentially world-changing subject of discussion.

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