National Instruments to Make Instrumentation for E-Cat Plants

PESWiki is reporting that Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation has signed an agreement with National Instruments of Austin, Texas for NI to provide all the instrumentation for the E-Cat plants that Leonardo Corp will be manufacturing. Sterling D. Allan of PESN reports that he learned of the agreement during a conference call with Rossi, and that NI’s Director of Physics, Stefano Concezzi confirmed to him (Allan) that Rossi was a customer.

National Intstruments is a leading provider of advanced hardware and software that is used in industrial and scientific applications around the world, and should be able to provide Leonardo Corporation with instrumentation of much higher quality and far more advanced capabilities than Rossi has been using so far with the E-Cat devices he has built. During recent testing Rossi himself has been the manual controller during the self-sustaining periods of all the demonstrations of the E-Cat done to date, but he has said that in mass produced E-Cats, the control of the E-Cat reactors would need to be done automatically.

It would seem that NI would be the kind of company who would have the skills and experience to design the automated control systems that will be needed to ensure E-Cats run stably and safety.

The quality of NI instrumentation should also make it much easier to get accurate measurements of such things as water flow rates, temperature levels and steam quality that have been difficult to hard to ascertain from the public demonstrations that have been carried out to date. Many analysts have been dissatisfied with the measurement instruments that Rossi has been using, and the methodology that has been employed in the testing.

With hardware, software and expert advice from National Instruments, there could be rapid improvements of the E-Cats coming soon.

UPDATE: Not only is there no denial about this story from National Instruments, at the foot of the PESWiki piece is this note from Sterling Allan:

On November 10, 2011 4:39 PM [MST], regarding the above story, I received the following from Trisha McDonell | Corporate PR Manager | National Instruments.

Subject: Re: final Re: contact info for E-Cat / NI contract

Thank you Sterling for allowing us to review. We approve the text, especially the National Instruments portion of the story that includes Stefano’s quote and information.

Best regards

Daniele Passerini, of the 22Passi Blog says the National Instruments relationship had been know to him for some time. He writes:

I promised not to disclose confidential information, and I keep my word, now I pesni scoop delivered me from the bond of secrecy about this news. I know of many other “secrets”, but wait patiently, one after another fall.