A Crowd Funding Approach to E-Cat Testing

Many people who have been following the E-Cat story have come to a point where they get frustrated or lose interest because to date there has been no definitive testing of the E-Cat that has taken place, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that Andrea Rossi has come up with a true cold fusion/LENR invention. Rossi’s reply to people who want to see more testing to prove the E-Cat’s validity has always been to say that the proof will be working products in the marketplace.

One idea that has been brought up on this site recently that might serve to break the deadlock is that interested people might purchase a 1 MW plant through a crowdfunding project, and then test the E-Cat plant themselves.

Yesterday I send this message to Rossi on his JONP site:

Dear Andrea,

There has been some discussion on my E-Cat World Site about the possibility of creating a consortium to receive donations from
people for the purchase of a 1 MW plant for the purpose of testing and evaluation.

Once the testing was complete the plant could be donated to a needy organization in need of heat — perhaps a hospital, desalination project, etc. (you could choose the final recipient)

Would this be something you would approve of and cooperate with?

Best regards,

Frank Acland

Rossi responded:

Dear Frank Acland:
A Customer who buys a plant has the right to make all the tests he wants, obviously.
Warm Regards,

So it appears that the door is open, from Rossi’s point of view, for a group purchase.

The question is, is there sufficient interest in an idea like this to make it work? It may be necessary to raise probably around $3 million in order to purchase the plant, transport it, house it and test it. You would have to have a very credible person or organization to spearhead a project like this since there would be obvious caution about donating to such a cause — and it may well be that the donor base would not be there to fund it. It would require 30,000 donations of $100, which is a vast undertaking. A project like this would need careful leadership and management and would probably require the creation of a corporation or non-profit carry it out.

I’m not advocating that such a project be started — but just throwing out the idea as something for people to think about, as one possible approach that could be taken for people who want to find out the real truth regarding E-Cat technology.Maybe there would be a groundswell of support for something like this from people around the world — or perhaps nothing will come of it. I will be interested to find out what readers think.