Rossi: Already Started Production of Small E-Cats to Cost $100-150 per kW

This post from Andrea Rossi deserves its own thread.

Dear K. Dobrolecki:
We must make a distinction between the price of the industrial plants and the price of the domestic plants.
For the industrial plants ( the 1 MW plants) the price from 2012 will be around 1,500.00 US$/kW, moreless 10%.
The domestic E-Cats of 10 kW will be manufactured with a different technology and with a very good economy scale, due to the fact that we have started the production of 1 million pieces; such scale, obviously, will reduce by an order of magnitude the costs. If all goes as I hope and as I am working for, the 10 kW E-Cats will cost between 100 and 150 US$/kW. This fact will:
1- allow to everybody to buy an E-Cat
2- cancel the competition
The reverse engineering will be, I think, impossible, due to a system we invented for this purpose, but even if somebody will succeed to do it, it will anyway be impossible for him to compete economically. The 1 MW plants have a totally different technology and engineering.
Warm Regards,