Rossi: First E-Cats Will Now Cost $50 per kW

Andrea Rossi is full of surprises. He recently announced that he would never be undersold by his competitors and said that a domestic E-Cat delivering 10-20 kW of power would cost between $1000-1500 USD. Today he has slashed that price by up to two thirds. In a comment on his JONP site he writes:

The big science, after trying to ridiculize us, now has understood that the E-Cat works, so now they are trying to copy and make patents to overcome us, discourage us and trying with this sophysticated way to stop us under a disguise of an indirect vindication. Is a smart move, but they are underevaluating us. I will never stop, within one year we will start the delivery of million pieces at 50 $/kW, with a totally new concept, at that point the game will be over. This technology must be popular, must cost a very low price, must be a real revoluton, not a bunch of theoretical (wrong) chatters.

At $50 per kW, a 10 kW E-Cat would now cost $500 USD — which puts the E-Cat in the same price range as a domestic appliance like a refrigerator, washing machine or even a television or computer. In other words, almost anyone will be able to afford one, and this is Rossi’s stated intention. He really is going for the revolutionary impact, and if all this turns out as he predicts, the impact of such a breakthrough can hardly be overstated.

Who would not purchase a device that would slash their home heating an air conditioning costs by 80 per cent or more? And when the E-Cat is able to provide electrical power, it is hard to imagine that any household without an unit. At this cost there is barely any thought of the purchase of an E-Cat being an investment — this is the same price as many disposable items. If he can deliver, Rossi’s biggest challenge will be keeping up with demand. 1 million E-Cats would be a drop in the ocean, when the world wide demand for these devices would be in the range of billions.