Rossi says Robotized E-Cat Factory Becoming a Reality, Making New Inventions By the Day

Andrea Rossi is talking like a man with the wind in his sails. In another recent comment on his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog he reports that things are moving along nicely with his E-Cat project:

Every E-Cat will be supplied with 2 refill charges, one inside, one for spare: after 6 months the Customer will make easily the extraction of the used refill and put the new one, sending back to our local Agent the used refill; we will recycle it and give a new spare to the Customer, so that after the next 6 months he will repeat the operation. We are making inventions by the day on our E-Cat, and covering all by due patents. Meanwhile the factory with the robotized line is becoming a reality. We are making a big job, here in the USA.

With comments like this, and others he has made recently, we have to be at a point now where we must declare Rossi either to be a total fraud (or lunatic), or that he is really doing what he says. I don’t think there is room for a middle ground any more. You can’t make a case that he is simply mistaken in his measurements, or he as discovered a tiny, but unusable source of energy. Rossi is acting like a full-scale industrialist, a modern day Henry Ford, making power, not cars, for the people. He certainly has a ‘big job’ ahead of him, but he seems to be going at it with unquenchable energy and determination. If he can pull this off, he will be rightly referred to as a revolutionary.