Defkalion: Independent Testing Will Begin Feb 24th

A post on Defkalion Green Technologies’ forum addresses the Dick Smith offer to Andrea Rossi, and the beginning of third party testing of their Hyperion reactors.

So far we have not officially received (through a telephone, letter, fax or e-mail) any such offer published in different sites. If the offer and the “donor” are real, we will accept the challenge, performing a test under the protocol we have announced in our last Press Release (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=926&start=210).

In case this is a real proposal, we will accept an official letter and a proof of donated funds from a prime bank before any such testing.

Also note that our first independent official tests are starting on 24th of February 2012. No “donations” or any money where required or offered for these independent tests.


It is unclear if Dick Smith would extend his offer to DGT, and we should note that DGT are offering only to perform testing according the protocols they have laid forth for those invited to their labs to test. Smith’s motives in making the offer to Rossi seemed to be to expose him as a hoaxer/scammer, and he may not have the same opinion about Defkalion.

The starting of independent testing at Defkalion is very interesting, especially since they have said that the visitors will be at liberty to publish the results of their testing — something people have been waiting for for a long time.