Dick Smith to Work With Defkalion to Arrange Testing of the Hyperion Reactor

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith has indicated on Ecatnews that he is willing work out a testing procedure with Defkalion Green Technologies. DGT had said recently that they would be willing to accept the challenge to successfully demonstrate LENR in return for $1 million from Smith — an offer that Andrea Rossi turned down.

Smith is insisting that respected members of the scientific community be involved in any testing, and states openly that he does not expect DGT to meet his testing requirements. He says, “unfortunately I am convinced that the offer will end up like my offer to Rossi. They will find some excuse to delay or back out . I have seen it all before!”

With Defkalion willing to step up the plate now there will likely be a flurry of activity and negotiation between them and Smith. DGT have said that testing is to commence on Feb 24, and Dick Smith may want to be one of the first to take a look at their Hyperion reactors in action, and publish the results. Smith is even talking about having the whole event televised live.