Dick Smith Suggests Testing Protocol to Defkalion — Wants Rossi-Like Test.

Dick Smith has been making some more comments about testing protocols at Ecatnews. Apparently he does not want to get involved in days-long testing — he would like to see things kept short and see definitive results. Here is a comment he made he made about what he is proposing:

You heard it here first,. I have emailed the CEO of Defkalion extending the $1m offer providing a testing protocol can be agreed on.
I have stated I only require a six hour test period and I am suspicious of their proposed 96 hour period as no person can remain awake that long!
I have said I only require measurements of the input and output power and asked what COP they can achieve. I have also asked what their test input power would be.
Obviously the type of power output and gain must be similar to what Rossi claimed.- not low output that is not commercially viable.
I will be away from my office until Tuesday so finalization of an agreement will have to wait until then.
Interesting times!!
I have also asked the date they would like to do the test.

So we are seeing some of the conditions that Smith is laying down. He wants to see a test that will span a working day, and he wants to see output power that will show that this technology could be put to use and make a difference in the real world. It’s interesting that he cites Rossi’s claims. He challenged Rossi initially to replicate the test that was observed by professors Kullander and Essen in March of 2011 which impressed them enough to convince them both that some unknown nuclear reaction was taking place. It will be interesting to see if Defkalion can do a Rossi-like test.