Rossi Confirms Leonardo Corp. No Longer Working With National Instruments — New Supplier Involved

Understandably, Andrea Rossi says he has received many inquiries regarding the news that New Energy Times reported which quoted a National Instruments spokesperson as saying that Rossi was not currently a customer of NI. Today Rossi responded to this news with the following post.

Dear Lu Fong:
I have received many comments with the same questions regarding National Instruments, so I answer to you and the answers are valid also for the other Readers who have put the same questions.
We have worked very well with N.I., and we have learnt from them very much. We are very grateful to them for all what they have teached to us, training our technological people in a very useful way, for weeks.
As I said already, Leonardo Corporation is structurally changed in these last weeks, and the Trust to which now Leonardo Corporation belongs has chosen other suppliers. Also our Customer has chosen other suppliers. We will remain always grateful to NI for what they teached to our people and we will ask in future proposals also to them. Personally, I am convinced that sooner or later we will buy also their systems.
Said this, I want answer in the detail to your questions:
1- Our scheduling, obviously, will not be affected, the suppliers we have chosen are already respecting all the scheduled milestones.
2- 3- Yes, we have already the control systems set up in the 1 MW plant, which will be delivered to the Customer very soon. By the way, such systems have been chosen directly from the Customer, who preferred a supplier he was already working with.
I want to add that we have chosen other Customers not because better, but only because of their longstanding collaboration with our Partners and Customer. I personally think that NI is a very good company and, again, we will maintain them in our list of Suppliers, honoured of this.
The 1 MW plant is a magnificence, and the preparation of the robotized line to produce the E-Cats is in schedule to start the production within Autumn and the deliveries within the next Winter, with some luck; in the worst case, within 18 months we will deliver, and we will deliver at the prices we promised. The technology has been revolutionized, we are testing the new E-Cats and we are very satisfied. This very week we will start to use the new control system made by the new Supplier.
Let me do a last consideration: the fact that snakes and clowns have used this episode to create a mess is the demonstration that we have not to release the names of our Partner, Suppliers and Customers, to avoid the falsifications that the puppet snakes and the clowns make up and, over all, the disturbments that they bring up to all the entities working with us. We all need to work in peace. We have to work in our factories 16 hours per day (also today, Sunday) and we have not time at all to compete in the field of the chatters of snakes who are PAID by their puppeteers to try to create a mess from nothing.
Warm Regards,

Apparently then, the collaboration with NI is over, but being replaced by a different supplier. From what Rossi says here it appears that he no longer is the sole decision maker in the development and commercialization of the E-Cat — the ‘Trust to which Leonardo Corporation now belongs’ is making decisions which possibly may be overriding Rossi’s own ideas.

For those who are intensely curious about what is going on behind the scenes with the E-Cat, it is going to be frustrating to be faced with more secrecy about partners, customers and suppliers, but from Leonardo’s point of view it makes some sense to work in secret. The technology that they purport to have is obviously revolutionary in its nature, and at the prices they say the will offer — if people, companies, factories become public there would be many inquiries, visits, cameras, rumors, competitors etc. to deal with, and working ‘in peace’ would be difficult.

For those seeking third party confirmation of anything Rossi says, this information will not be satisfying, and no doubt distrust and skepticism will continue. Perhaps there will be more revelations in the near future, but so far Rossi and Leonardo have managed to keep secrets locked down pretty tightly. In many ways with this story the more things change, the more they stay the same — we are still going to need to wait for more substantial revelations about the E-Cat.