Rossi: $30 Million for an Infinite COP Plant Producing 7.5 MW Electrical Power

Andrea Rossi commented further on the 45 MW plant he has been talking about recently:

Dear Dr Joseph Fine:
1- In a 45 MW plant, if Siemens gives us 30% of efficiency, the COP is not 6, is infinite: the energy to drive the resistances will be made by the E-Cat: if we make 45 thermal MWh/h, 15 electric MWh/h will be made, of which 7.5 will be consumed by the plant, 7.5 will be sold, together with30 thermal MWh/h.
2- The price of a 45 MW plant will be in the order of 30 millions.
3- the price of the energy made by our industrial plants will be made by the owners and by the market.
Warm Regards,

$30 million of course is no small investment, but if the cost of fuel after the plant is built is negligible, the plant may pay for itself quite swiftly. These sized plants could be used for local power in industrial, commercial or residential settings — or to feed into the grid. There would be plenty of excess heat also, that might be able to be reclaimed, partially at least.

It seems that Rossi’s design is dependent upon the size of the Sieman turbine — he has said repeatedly that he is not interested in working around technologies that are in the theoretical or prototypical stage. It’s possible that a scaled down version of this turbine could be built, but it looks like Rossi is going to build around what is available right now.