Anonymous Source Confirms Anonymous Source on Defkalion

Just in case you missed it in the comments section of the previous thread, another anonymous source has essentially confirmed what the poster who goes by the name of ‘Woomera’ is saying about the state of play at Defkalion Green Technolgies.

The new source goes by the handle ‘AnonymousObserver’ and writes:

I confirm the info of this anonymous report, i know people that has been there many times to defkalion offices and to the R&D facility, i can say for sure that a big USA (i know the name but i will not reveal it)went there at least 2 times for a 4-5 hours test of the reactor (last time the first days of march 2012 and previously in january), they were impressed and surprised for the amount of information on how it works revealed to them, i’ve saw a printed copy of the report of the test but i can’t say more for obvious reasons. I think that during the second part of this year defkalion will finally have a 100% working and stable reactor and big announcements will hit the media.

Of course we need treat such comments with all the caution that anonymous sources deserve, but in an information vacuum there is not too much else to go on. It’s a shame we don’t have more solid sources of information, but in the current climate where potentially trillions of dollars are at stake, and Andrea Rossi is promising to launch legal action against competitors who he thinks have copied his technology, it is understandable why DGT are not being more forthcoming.

The fact that both these anonymous sources say that a US Government agency has been to Greece (first one says Nasa, this one declines to name it) is very intriguing. We know that a NASA team visited Rossi, but it seems that the two parties couldn’t come to an agreement to cooperate. Perhaps they think they could have better luck with DGT.

It’s also interesting that in this snippet the poster indicates that DGT does not yet have a fully stable reactor, while in the previous report, DGT were apparently saying that they will launch product in July of this year.